Central Park Guillaume Musso




Guillaume Musso was born in 6 june 1974 at Antibes and it is a French writter. Guillaume begin writting at the age of 19 years old. He is fascineted by USA and he live in New York some months. At 1999 to 2003 he becomes professor of Economic and Social Sciences, in Phalsbourg.

In may 2001 his first novel was published, this is Skidamarink , a trhiller. After a serious accident, he imagine in 2004 a story of a children who is come back of the death. This is a big succes. Guillaume Musso is a first French novelist most read and his book are translated into several languages.

The book Central Park was published in 27 march 2014, this is a detective novel.

Central Park:

New York at 8 o’clock ! A young woman Alice is a policeman of Paris and Gabriel is a jazzman pianist american and they wake up handcuffed, on a bench of Central Park. They don’t know each other and they don’t have a memory of their evenig. Alice make a party with her friend in Paris and Gabriel was doing concert in Dublin. Alice and Gabriel ask many questions of this situation? But Alice remark a task of blood in his skirt and she has a one ball less in his pistol. So ALice and Gabriel will have to work together, for discover the thruth.They will cross a many steps for understand waht is happened. At the end we are going discover the thruth and we can know the past of Alice upsetting and we can suprised by the story and the end change the story of character.

If you like an enigme we can learn this book and there are very suspense !

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