Doglands – Tim Willocks

Tim Willocks, what a man. This writter is not only a writter, he’s also a doctor and a profesionnal martial art, and we can see it truought his books. We find a part of his personnality in each one of his charaters, wich I admet, is intresting to discover. He worked with Steven Spielberg, and his firts novel has been adapted in a movie. But we are here talking about Doglands, a novel that brought him « la Pépite du Roman » in Europe for the teen section in 2012.

Doglands is his first novel for the children and teens, he wrote it in 2011 and it was published in 2012 by Syros in France. This books talks about a dog that is supposed to run for his masters. But he’s not the right breed so, he have to run away and abandon his mother. He brings his sister and his brother with him, and the story is basically about his travel to find the « doglands », a place where every dog is happy, a sort of heaven if you want. Poetic right ?

But the intresting thing about this book is the way the writter… write. Let me explain : the way the story is related, it seems that the dog speak. We see everything like this dog and we understand like him, everything is explain as if it was a dog that explain it to us. Get it ? That’s quite twisted, but to understand clearly, the only thing I have to say is : read it, as always. And as always, the end is cute, I wasn’t expecting that, could be better, but well, the whole book is plaisant so, we forgive the end.

Just, read it.

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