L’enfant sauvage or The Wild Child – T.C Boyle

French title ? I know, weird for an american witer, that’s what I thought when I read it for the first time. I studed it for my first second year in high school. First I wasn’t exited about reading that kind of book, the story wasn’t intresting in my opinion, but I was glad that it’s a small book, so I studed it with more or less enthusiasm. I understood why the title was in french, the story takes place in France actualy, but then we learn that there is two title, I don’t know why, the author is quite peculiar. The story takes place in Aveyron in Langudoc, that’s might be a reason.

Basically that’s the story of a child that lived in a forest for his entire life until a hunter find him in, arond 9 or 10 years old. Then a psychologiste take him to Paris and try to educate him until his 19/20 years old. We understand it quickly so I think that I can say it, the child is autistic. So the doctor can’t really do anything, in his case that’s difficult and he tried a lot of possibilities to nurture him.

Honestly, this book is really good. Even me I was touched by the end, some passages are satisfying because he finally succeed in something (we are talking about saying « milk » in front of a glass of milk for the fist time at 17 years old), but some others are ruthless and grievous… But, well, we love the feel of pain in our heart so, let’s read it. It’s kind of funny in certain passages.

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