The Color Purple – Alice Walker

I’ve recently read a novel very touching, so I’ve decided to write an article about it. The Color Purple is a novel written by Alice Walker and published in 1982. It faced censorshipduring the 90’s since it was judged as inappropriate and too violent.

With epistolary form, the book tells the story of Celie, a 14 year old afro-american young lady. Deprived of education during her childhood, she lives with Alphonso, the man who took her away from her family. As she isn’t aware of « the good and the bad », she let him rape her and get her pregnant twice. She has a little sister, Nettie, who’s 12 years old. One day, a man comes to ask for Nettie’s hand. Alphonso refuses and proposes to give Celie instead of his younger girl. The man, named Albert, accepts. But he will treat Celie as bad as you can imagine. With him, she has another child : Harpo. After growing up, he falls in love with Sofia, a women with « shapes ». Anyway, Harpo tries to submit her to him, as his father asked. But Sofia resists. Celie first encourages his son to keep trying to submit the girl (the only thing she learnt is the fact that women are inferior to men…) But soon after she realises she was wrong and stands with Sofia. Then, Celie’s husband brings his lover at their house because she has health problems. At first, Shug (his lover), treats Celie as someone less than nothing. But gradually, the two women get to know each other and their friendship begins. Although Shug feels better, she stays to protect Celie from her husband. Both become more and more intimate: they have an ambiguous relationship now. But if Celie thinks that everything will be easier now, she is wrong. Many other difficulties are waiting for her… It’s up to you to discover which ones ! 

I admit that sometimes it is quite hard to read, but I assure you it’s worth reading it ! And if you’re not especially a fan of books, you can also watch the movie directed by Spielberg.

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