The Spook’s Apprentice – Joseph Delaney


Alright people, today the book I’m gonna present you is pretty different from what I’ve done before. Indeed that’s a scary book, a dark fantasy one. As you maybe know I’m really fond of fantasy books (just like my dear Harry Potter) and this one I discovered wandering in the library was my new crush. That’s one of the reason that explain why I really love libraries, since you can find things that you wouln’t find normally. On the book was written « do not read at night » what I found really attractive, I took it and read it late in the night (you can call me crazy I accept it). That was freaking disturbing and scary (not so much but a little anyways) therefore I loved it so much ! What’s strange is great for my mind, I can’t explain it :’)
So this book is the first in a serie of 13 called « The Wardstone Chronicles ».

Tom Ward is the main character and is the seventh son of his father (who’s himself a seventh son), what makes him different from his brothers or sisters. Thus he has special abilities that allow him to see things that others can’t just like ghosts, witches and things that aren’t real. When you are like that, you can be a Spook, which mean that you hunt magical and demoniacal creatures and save people from these of course.
We’ll follow his adventures as the Spook’s apprentice, because he has to learn the job naturally. Living with him, he’ll learn all he has to know to become a good Spook. Of course his life won’t be a bed of roses…

For the moment I didn’t read everything but sure I’ll do it someday because the story was very catchy and… spooky (I had to do it excuse me). Yeah really some phrases and sentences weren’t reassuring ya know, so that was a kind of tense and really scary atmosphere. When you start reading this book, when the action is fully launched you’re totally in it and you’re eager to know what’s going to happen next ! To be honest I was really stressed while reading that but in a good way. Yep really entertaining it was.

In a nutshell go to the library, borrow this book, read it at night and you’ll live a great fantasy adventure. Aw that’s true, there’s a film adapted from the book called « Seventh Son »… I heard it was a dung. Just with the trailer you understand that they transformed it into an action-packed film with too many SFX.
Yeah as always books are better !

See you later 😉

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