This is where I leave you, Jonathan Tropper

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Today I would like to talk about the book This is where I leave you  written by Jonathan Tropper and published in 2009.

Jonathan Tropper is an american author, he wrote The book of Joe, Everything Changes… Tropper created with David Schikler the television serie Banshee. His book This is where I leave you also has a film adaptation realesed by Shawn Levy with Jane Fonda and Adam Driver.

The book talks about a family in mourning. Before his death Morton Foxman expressed a last will : that his family celebrates Shiv’ah, a Jewish tradition. Seven days of mourning, together in the same house. They are all different, on the one hand Judd is in depression, on the other hand there is Wendy with his hyperactive children and her husband all time on his phone. The disputes break out with family secrets. The week risks being very long…

This is where I leave you is not big litterature but this book gives us a huge palette of personnalities, thanks to that we sometimes recognize a member of our family. This book made me laugh and it does good at this moment. This is where I leave you is a big portrait of life : hard moments, happy, sad (…). I am really impatient to read another Jonathan’s novel !

 » Family I hate you ! « 

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