Delicacy is a novel written by David Foenkinos in which a young woman called Nathalie is the main character. At the beginning of the book, she lives an enviable life : she’s in a wonderful relationship with her husband and has a great job. Unfortunately, everything falls apart after seven years of marriage when her husband is hit by a car during his jogging and dies after getting in a coma. Even with her family and friends, Nathalie can’t find some comfort and feels like she will not be able to live without her husband. One day she decides that she has to keep living and so, go back to work. There she is everyday confronted to her boss Charles who is desperately in love with her and Markus, one of her co-workers, who she has kissed one day for no reason.

   What I loved in this book was Foenkinos’ writing style : very simple and beautiful. Also, there was a little bit of humour, which is always nice. Something I had never seen before : between two chapters there are sometimes lists or quotes related to what happened in the previous chapter. I found it surprising, unusual and thought it was a great way to keep the reader reading by adding something that changed from the chapters. The short chapters and simple writing makes the novel accessible and easy to read. You can find some great quotes in it and you can read the whole book in just a few days because it is a short novel.

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  1. The story seems very touching and nice. By the way, I also read Charlotte by this author and I agree with you, he is very pleasant to read.

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