« War horse » – Michael Morpurgo

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Today I’m going to speak about a novel entitled « War horse » written by Michael Morpurgo, published in 1982 and adapted by Steven Spielberg in 2011.
I haven’t seen this movie but someone told me that he was amazing and very touching. So if he really respect the book it will be interessant to see it. I have read this book in college and if I remember, I think I’ve cried several times. This is such a sad story but it’s allow us to have another vision, perspective and another point of view of the First World War. And the fact that the narator was a horse makes us feel the story differently and it’s allows us to put ourselves in the place of the horse.

So this novel was obviously  inspired by true events. The story talked about a horse named « Joey » who was bought by American soldier at the beginning of the first world war to be a war horse.
We are going to have empathie for Joey and we will also focus on him. You have to know that the entire story is seen and told by the horse, so we can see things differently.
So joey goes to war and lives many adventures, he sees horror and atrocity of the war (during the battle, the bombing raid….).
Joey will go a long way during years, he will be ill, heart … he has just one wish: go back home and be alive.

So if you want to know what happened to this horse and know if he will survive you have to read or watch the movie.
Trust me you won’t be disappointed.

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  1. Ohhhh, I remember that I’ve seen it when it was released, and I cried so much ! Ahah, the story is very touching and beautiful. Thanks for writing an article about it Blandine 😉

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