La piel que habito

La piel que habito is a spanish psycholoical thriller film written and directed by Pedro Almodovar, released in 2011, this film is based on Mygale, a novel by the french author Thierry Jonquet.

La piel que habito means « The skin I live in » = when I heard for the first time the title, I was curious and intrigued by what it could be, so I decided to watch it and discover what was hidden behind this title.

I made a very good choice, I adored and really appreciated to watch this movie to the very end. The end is an enormous fall, I didn’t expect it !
If you like movie with suspense, with twisted stories, it is made for you, really, make the good choice too !Résultat d’images pour la piel que habitoI am going to talk about the plot !  Robert Ledgard, an esthetic surgeon, tries for twelve years to create a synthetic skin which would have been able to save his wife, dead burned. Robert Ledgard keeps a woman as prisoner in a room of his house to do tests on her. The film is based on flash back which show us the pst of this woman. I can’t tell you more, but, really : WATCH IT ! If you don’t, you miss a really beautiful, amazing and moving story.

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« I’ll slit my throast, and then you will have no toy »

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  1. I agree with you about how beautiful it is, but this film’s strangeness really took me aback, since I had no idea about its plot before watching it, just like you. But I don’t regret it either at all, and I also think it’s totally worth-watching! 😉

  2. I totally agree with you! In spite of being beautiful, it is also quite disturbing at times. I saw this film a long time ago and some passages still remain in my mind.

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