Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde


Strange case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde is a gothic novel by the scottisch author: Robert Louis Stevenson, published in 1886. This story is also knowing as the Strange Case Of Jekyll Hyde, Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde or Jekyll and Hyde.

The story takes place in London in the 18th century.  One night, Mr Utterson, and his friend Mr Enfield walk the streets of the city. They pass in front of a door that reminds Mr Enfield of a strange fact he witnessed: the attack of a young girl by a man named Mr Hyde, a man with a repulsive appearance. Later, Mr Utterson learns that Mr Hyde is linked to one of his close friends, Dr Jekyll. Latter sent him a strange testament in which he declares to give the whole of his fortune to his friend Mr Hyde after his death. Dr Jekyll is a beloved and appreciated character but he will change his behavior and become lonely and withdrawn. Mrs Utterson will be close to Dr Jeckyll to try to understand. the murder of a politically influential person has just been committed and Jekyll’s cane was found at the scene of the attack. Utterson is getting more and more worried. One day, one of their mutual friends, Dr Lanyon, dies quickly without anyone knowing what killed him. On the evening of his funeral, Utterson discovers a letter written by Lanyon that he can’t open until Jekyll’s death. Later, Poole, Jekyll’s faithful master of the house, came to look for the notary because all the servants were terrified by the doctor’s behaviour: he remained confined in his office. The notary goes to the doctor and discovers Hyde’s body. Utterson finds a letter that Jekyll addressed to him in which he asks him to read the letter written by Lanyon. All the work of Dr Jekyll is detailed: by drinking a potion, he managed to separate his soul into two parts, one good, the other bad. But the bad side, Ms Hyde, got the better of the good Jekyll and he can’t go back to what he was. The doctor declares that he prefers death rather than being the incarnation of devil. Utterson keeps all this information secret.

I think that the using of gothic element in this story is important and interessant because it reinforce the atmosphere. The scene takes at night, in confined place, Dr Jeckyll transgressing the moral code. This story inspires wonder and admiration but also the fear and amazement to think that we have a monstrous part.

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