Pandemia – Franck Thilliez

Pandemia is a book from the author Franck Thilliez. It has been published in 2015 and it is part of the literary genre of thrillers. Here is the story of this book :

Amandine is a scientist at the Institut Pasteur. One day, she’s called to take samples from an ornithological reserve, nothing exceptional for her so far. However, she descovers the bodies of three swans who died in strange conditions. Soon, swan corpses multiplied, first in France, then in neighbouring countries. A race against the clock starts to find the origin of this strain and understand it, in the greatest of secrets.

At the same time, the police team of  « 36 quai des Orfèvres » composed of Frank Sharko, Lucie Henebelle et Nicolas Bellanger is trying to solve a sordid murder. A man and his dog were found dead. The pond next to the crime scene is searched. Bones and skulls from four bodies are found. In addition, a computer attack hits the police station’s network, preventing the use of computers and deleting their data. Instead, a chilling message appears : « The Flood will come first from heaven, and then the Apocalypse will come forth from the bowels of the earth ».

Moreover, we discover that the first human cases of the virus are begginning to appear and that the contagion is accelerating at an unprecedented rate. The hypothesis of a natural disaster is quickly replaced by that of a terrorist nature.

We can easily compare the book to our actual situation. That’s why I chose to present this book, although there are differencies. It talks about a global pandemic, but here, it’s the work of terrorists. There are common elements with us like cyber attacks and terrorism. Besides, the story is very absorbing ! The plot is well thinking and the characters are endearing, that’s made the book fascinating. The author is also French ! The only negative thing we can report is that some female characters are set aside to the benefit of male characters. To conclude, obviously, this book was published in 2015 but some similitaries are surprising. As if the author was inspired by today’s life…

If you like the author Franck Thilliez, I advice you Puzzle, one of my favorite book with Pandemia. Thank you, for having read my article.




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