Right Behind You

Right Behind You is a novel by Lisa Gardner published in February 2017.
A mother and father who are alcoholics, drug addicts and have abandoned their role as parents to be nothing but bulky wrack. Telly and his little sister, Sharlah are united by a heavi secret buryed deep in their memories. Thirteen-year-old Sharlah has lived apart from her brother for a long time, ever since the fatal day he killed their father to protect her. The foster family of the young teenager, Pierce Quincy, an ex-profiler FBI , and his wife Rainie a police officer, have provided her with a secure and loving environment. When a massacre produce at a gas station, Telly is immediately accused, recognize on surveillance camera. It is at this point that Sharlah’s past resurfaces like a nightmare. Her foster parents do everything they can to protect their daughter. Accompanied by her dog, Luka, she goes in search of her brother who is being hunted by the police. She tries to find answer to the murders committe by her brother. Is he really guilty? Is he such a bad person?

From the first lines, Lisa Gardner take us with her feelings. This novel is filled from begining to end with suspense, surprises and revelation. She knows how to get  all into the plot straight away.

It is a very good book if you like detective stories. The story of the book allows us to get to know a difficult family situation that some people know.

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