Big fish

Big Fish is an American fantasy film by Tim Burton, extract of John August‘s novel, and released in 2003.
Angry against his father, Edward since three years, Will Bloom went to his bedside when he falls ill. The young man took the opportunity to reconcile with him, but also to try to separate the facts of fiction in the stories that his father always told him. Indeed, Edward tells his life as if it were a series of incredible adventures in which he would meet a witch, a giant, siamese twins, a werewolf circus’  manager and many other crazy characters. But Will, believe that it’s just stories invented by his father to flees reality. Yet, even when he’s confronted with death, Edward continues to remember his life as magical events.

I saw this movie in english class during my first year in high school, and I liked it. This is a great mix between the magical worl of adventure that I love, and the realistic world. Thumbs up!

Dr. Moreau’s island

         Edward Prendick is the only survivor of a shipwreck, rescued by Montgomery, who’s a passenger on a ship carrying animals. Montgomery is the assistant of Dr. Moreau, a crazy scientist. Prendick discovers that during the past ten years, the two men are experimenting on animals, performing transplants and surgery to make them act like humain being (talk & walk). The « beast-men » live in a village & obey to « the Law » which forbidden animal behavior & is forcing the animals to look up at Moreau, who they call  » Master « .

Rules : -Do not walk on fours.

            -Do not lick to drink.

            -Do not eat meat or fish.

            -Do not scratch trees.

            -Do not chase other men.

        But Prendick discovers that some creatures don’t respect it & are eating rabbits. The murder of Dr. Moreau is done by a beast, a man half puma. Montgomery is then killed and Prendick, now alone with the creatures, will manage to gain respect. He finally manages to escape on a boat & return to England. But traumatized by the experience, he continues to see the « ghost » of Moreau’s monsters in the cities.

       I read this book about 3 years ago & loved it; I can’t say why, it’s probably my psycopathe side’s talking. But it’s also probably because it’s an extraordinary story that brings admiration & a little bit of fear & disgust. Now with the evolution of science & medicine, why would it be not possible to do the same thing?

The 100

           The 100 is a TV show directed by Jason Rothenberg last year. This series tells the story of around 300 people who survived after a third world war. They took refuge in a space shuttle for years since the Earth was uninhabitable because of radiation from nuclear bombs used. However, due to lack of oxygen in the shuttle, residents must come back down to Earth by turning off onto the risk of dying just arrived. They survived, but meet the inhabitants of the Earth returned to almost wild. They are trying to kill them because they feel threatened. In each episode they face many dangers and difficult choices to successfully have peace with the people of the earth.

           I think this TV show matches perfectly with the concept of travel, as they discover gradually a new place they do not know.
          The first season is not great because they are not enormously actions or twists, I think it’s because it took time to develop the story. But the second season is exciting because there are a lot of actions in a short time.




Eragon is an American film by Stefen Fangmeier, based on the novel by Christopher Paolini, release in 2006.
The main scenes take places in a village called Carvahall. The main character is Eragon. He discovered in the woods a dragon egg. From that moment, the young man pupil the dragon who's growing fast, but it is also chased by the bad guys. He also learns to fight and wield magic. He's the only person who may be able to bring down the empire of the heartless, Galbatorix.

Normally that's a novel in three volumes, except that there is only one film adaptation because, apparently, there would have not been enough in the cinema entrance. In addition, the film's story would have been too much changed from the first book.

Personally, I liked this film; there is action, strange creatures and all that kind of stuff.

A canadian family gives up modern technoligies to live in 1986.

Here is a family living in the 80s. Not officially but simply by abandoning all technologies invented after 1986. They chose this date because i's their birth's year.
Blair McMillan decided to keep the old television of our grandmothers, but this means that there's not a lot of programs. To watch something else than The Young and the Restless (=les feux de l'amour), they don't have a DVD player, but a cassette player, like when we were little. They also have a fixed phone but no mobile phone (how they contact when they are not at home? Pigeons?). Everything is rustic, apparently even his hair cut because it still has the mullet cut.
They took a family road trip this summer, they did not use GPS but a map. A good old paper map, difficult to read, and they kept the kids focused with coloring books and stickers. They gave up their cell phones. They deleted their Facebook accounts. They created a box for visitors to give up their phones, tablets, and gadgets while hanging out in the McMillan home. Then, Blair said that the cost of living is reduced when you're not paying for cable and Internet etc ..

This family proves that technologies are not necessary to our survival. Although I would not get in this kind of adventure .


Pearl Harbor

Pearl Harbor is an American film directed by Michael Bay and released in theaters May 25, 2001 in the US and June 6, 2001 in France.

Rafe McCowley (Ben Affleck) and Danny Walker (Josh Hartnett) are two childhood friends who dream of flying. At the beginning of World War II, both are airline pilots. Before joining the army, Rafe meets Evelyn (Kate Beckinsale) who he falls in love with. Evelyn believing Rafe dead in Europe, her and Danny came closer and fall in love. Against all odds, Rafe returns hurted and discovers the betrayal of his best friend and Evelyn's pregnancy. The bombing of Pearl Harbor December 7, 1941 will allow the two friends reconcile, fighting together against the Japanese enemy. But Danny does not return alive from combat and Evelyn are no longer faced with the dilemma; she ended her life with Rafe raising the child of Danny.

I discovered this movie when I was 12 and I place it at the top of my list, it's my favorite movie. It's still good, even with the time. I realize that the story is more focused on the love triangle as the story of the war. The special effects are awesome. The soundtrack by Hans Zimmer allows us to feel the emotions twice as strong as the scenes. The sets are great, the players are just amazing! (Josh Ben Affleck play really well and Kate Beckinsale is beautiful). The bombing of Pearl Harbor - Lighthouse scene of the film - is very well done. The love triangle's story adds a touch of emotion to the film and there's also a real job on the transcript of the story.

The Great Gatsby’s story

The Great Gatsby is a book written by one of America’s greatest writers, F. Scott Fitzgerald. It’s published in 1925, this story shows the American Society of the 20’s through the story of a man who wants to become the richest possible for accets many privileges. This person is Jay Gatsby, a wealthy New York man so the main occupation is to organize huge parties he organizes in his enormous house. But he is suspected of having been involved in outlaw businesses .
This story is narrated by Nick Carraway who is the neighbor of Gatsby & who became his one and only friend. As to the story, we learn that all these representations are made to impress Daisy Buchanan, who lives with her husband across from Gatsbys. He had a love story with her & still love her, but she ended up married to a man she doesn’t love. At the end of the story Gatsby is shot by a resident of the industrial area where his wife was hit by Gatsby‘s car.

For this book, Fitzgerald explains the meaning of the « failed generation » based on the appearance forgetting the essentials of life. Gatsby represents the optimistic person that shows the world that if you want you can and there is no difference between people.

Personally, I have not read the novel, but I saw the film with DiCaprio last year & loved it. This is a movie full of color, music & action carries a moral. & then there’s Dicaprio, how not to love !

Simba like Hamlet ?

In the Disney "The Lion King", the viewer sees the relationship between Simba, the young lion and Mufasa, his father. So, the two stories are similar: Scar (Claudius =), the wicked uncle, trap Mufasa (= Hamlet's father / Polonius) who dies. Scar can then reign on the lion's earth. After the murder of his father, Simba (= Hamlet) ran away because his uncle accused him of being responsible for the death of his father. He finds refuge with Timon (= Rosencrantz ?) and Pumbaa (=Guildenstern ?), a meerkat and a warthog, which makes this story comic. The same cowardice found at Simba as in Hamlet.. Another common point : thinking about death ; very present in Shakespeare, is also found in the words of Mufasa when he explains to his son the "cycle of life" (the body that turn into grass and the ancestors watching us from the stars).

So I don't know if we can say that "The Lion King" is a kind of addaptation Hamlet, but in any case, I think there a few similarities with the play.

Romeo + Juliette – Baz Luhrmann (1996)

The story of the most famous love of all times, transported in the 20th century in Los Angeles. The gang members Montagues and Capulets fight in the streets and there are a lot of murders. Led by his friend Mercutio and his cousins, Romeo, son Montague, went to a party given by Capulet and falls in love of their only daughter, Juliet. In the center of the war between their two families, Romeo and Juliet swear an indestructible love, which will end tragically.

You had to be very bold to transpose the story of Romeo and Juliet in the world today. The bet has been very successful. Actors, especially Leonardo DiCaprio, playing very well. Of course, Claire Danes changes a little Juliet's personality in the play, but it still has a very charming side, and makes the film most modern. The scenes are very well filmed. The decorations are beautiful (the beach to the streets of the city). The film may appears very kitsch and tacky today because it tells the lifestyle of the 90s but it succeeds in translating the Shakespeare's texts  in the twentieth century. And this makes a timeless story.


Beauty & the Beast

In 2003, the young Catherine and her mother are attacked by a man. If Catherine manages to stay alive with the help of a strange creature, his mother died that night. Nine years later, she became a detective and is still determined to find the person responsible of her mother's death. During an investigation, she follows the trail of a Vincent Keller, who died in Afghanistan in 2002. She discovers that he's not dead, he lives since 10 years hiding to others. We learned that, under the influence of anger, Vincent turns into a raging, uncontrollable beast. Catherine agrees to protect his identity and secret if he helps to identify the murderer of his mother.

Although I hated the role of Kristin Kruk in the TV show Smallville, where I thought her character was too naive and irritating, I find that in this series, she plays a lot better the role of an "scornfull"  officer.

Then, the role of Vincent Keller is played by the actor Jay Ryan, I didn't know before.
This film not only talks about the cutesy love story between the two main characters, but the leak of a man, whose experiences he suffered skidded.

It's true that this is not the series of the century and many don't like, but it's a good occupation when you don't know what to do in your evenings.



When I look at the entire blog, I noticed that everyone was talking about either Frankenstein or Bilbo, or somethings like that ;so  in fact, about something seen in class. So I wanted to do something different and make you discover movies called Underworld.

This film is actually in 4 parts, so 4 films. Each lasts around two hours. It was directed by the American Len Wiseman for the first two films, the French Patrick Tatopoulos for the third and by the Swedish Mans Marlind and Björn Stein for the fourth. The main actors are Kate Beckinsale (who plays a main role in my favorite film Pearl Harbor too) in the role of Selene, Scott Speedman in the role of Michael Corvin and Bill Nighy in the role of Viktor. These films combine several genres such as gothic, fantasy, action, and horror. The story in general is a war between vampires and werewolves (lycan).

It's a perfect movie to watch in bed under a warm blanket with a cup of hot chocolate, or coffee. We're easily absorbed by the story and by the constant action there is. The special effects are quite well done and the senario is not cutesy (in the romantic parts of the movie).

In summary, this is movies which are in my top 5 !