The Girl on the train, Paula Hawkins

This is the story of Rachel, 32, divorced, depressed and who has troubles with alcohol. Everyday when she is taking the train to London to work she can see her former house now inhabited by Tom her ex and his new lover Anna. When she lost her job she continued to do the return to London because she doesn’t know what to do of her days and because she doesn’t want her roommate to know that she is jobless.

Rachel imagines a life to Tom’s neighbors: she calls them Jess and Jason, imagine their job, their conversations. Former it’s an happy couple with no troubles between them. But one day she sees Jess with another man and a few day after she learns that Jess (her real name is Megan) is missing. Rachel, sure to have seen clues, has now a goal: finding Megan. For that, she has to talk with Jason (his real name is Scott), and for that she has to see Tom and Anna again.

This psychological novel is very interesting because of the different points of view: the reader can see through Rachel’s, Megan’s and Anna’s eyes. There is a lot of suspens and I was very impatient to know the truth. Paula Hawkins’s writing is very beautiful, sensitive and captivating.

I know that there is a movie adaptation but I don’t want to see it because I heard that the movie is not as good as the novel.

Split, M. Night Shyamalan

Recently I watched Split, the new Shyamalan’s movie and I would like to talk about it.

This movie is generally depicted as an « horror movie » but I don’t think it really fits to this category. Indeed I found it very interesting because of the reflexion it sparks.

Kevin is a young man who has developed a psychological illness, a trouble of the personality. Kevin has got 23 personalities who cohabit in his consciousness. All these personalities are different: Hedwig is a nine years old boy, Jade is a woman who has diabetes, Barry is an eccentric artist, Denis is fussy etc…

A 24th identity is emerging, she is very more powerful than the others and its « creation » or « apparition » makes Kevin kidnap three teenagers who will become the « sacred food ».

But except this plot, the very interesting part of this movie is all the reflexion about people who suffered from this pathology, how their consciousness can divide itself in all these identities. In that way, we can assist to several dialogues between Kevin and his psychiatrist the Doctor Fletcher. For her, her patients may be those who can explore all their brain’s capacities. She has to adapt her speech and her reaction according to the personality she has in front of her: it will not be the same if she is with Barry or Denis.

She also wants to know how it is possible for one person to have several personalities that are each different from the other, why Jade is the only one to suffer from diabetes, how one body can be modified according the personality that is « put in the light ».

During this movie we can assist to a real mental fight between all these identities to win the right to take the control of Kevin’s body. Also, we understand that each personality was born because of a traumatic event and that each personality was created by Kevin to protect himself.

This movie is inspired from a true story, the one of Billy Milligan, an American man arrested for the kidnapping and the rape of three students. Milligan is the first who claimed his innocence because of troubles of personality. Indeed it was not really him who kidnaped and raped these girls but Ragen and Adalana, two of his twenty-four personalities. It is also with his case that schizophrenia and trouble of personality are distinguished.

So I liked this film  because of all the questions it raises and also because I have always been interested for the stories that treats of the consciousness, the brain and its capacities. Even if it can be a little « scary » I am like « fascinated » by the fact that a human can divide itself in different personalities who can have a different age, sex, language, habits etc… There was also suspense and tenseness in this film with a end that makes me think there will be a Split 2!

La petite fille qui avait avalé un nuage grand comme la Tour Eiffel, Romain Puértolas

Hi! Today I will talk about the new novel of Romain Puértolas, La petite fille qui avait avalé un nuage grand comme la Tour Eiffel  (sorry I didn’t find the English title). So I know, it’s a french author but this book overwhelmed me (in the good way)and I had to share it with you!

This is the story of Providence, a young and impulsive french woman, and Zahera a little Moroccan girl of 7 years old who has cystic fibrosis. The story of a postwoman stuck because of an ash cloud and a futur backer-astronaut who has a cloud in her lung. A meeting in a hospital because of an appendicitis and a lot of returns Paris-Marrakech. This is a story of an unbounded love which make everything possible, even fly..

Providence is about to take her plane to Marrakech and bring back Zahera, his adoptive daughter, to Paris to try to save her from her disease. But the eruption of an icelandic volcano paralyzes all the air traffic and prevents Providence from fetching his daughter.

She has to find another way but all the rented cars are already rented, trains are overcrowded and she hasn’t her own car. It’ll be impossible to her to keep her promise to fetch Zahera before the sunset but it’s inthinkable to her to dissapoint her daughter.

She can’t resign herself, she will be with Zahera today because later it may be too late and the little girl coul’d die. So she realizes the impossible: she learns to fly.

I thought this book really wonderful: a subtle mix of humor, non-sense, love, sensibility, tenderness and hope. The fact that Providence flies is maybe less grandiose than the reasons that pushed her to accomplish this feat. Zahera is a little girl with a lot of dreams and who wants to learn everything she can about the world, the life. She fights agains the disease with a lot of strengh for a 7 years old. She is very touching and loveable. Providence and her determination gives us a real lesson: if we love, if we really want something, everything becomes possible, nothing can stop you. With her love for her daughter she locks the world, for a few minutes, in a bubble of peace and happiness.

We are getting absorbed in a beautiful adventure with many events to discover.

And who knows, maybe love really gives wings after all?

Ten Little Niggers, Agatha Christie

Today I want to talk about an Agatha Christie’s book entitled Ten Little Niggers (or And then there were none for the American version) and published in 1939.

Ten people who don’t know each other are invited to come to an island by Mr and Mrs Owen because of different excuses ( to meet old friends, job…). But when all the guests arrive no signs of their hosts, there are only two servants to receive them. The first night, all the guests (who are not related) confide one common point: they all have murdered (directly or indirectly) someone and escaped to justice and they are all here to « pay for their crimes ».

One by one, all the guests begin to die and their murders follow a famous nursery rhyme entitled « ten little niggers » whose lyrics are hanging on the wall of all the bedrooms. After each murder one of the ten figurines presents on the table is broken. After the second murder panic and distrust settle down in the house. They are alone on the island and they can’t escape because of the bad weither. They are traped, scared and they suspect each other of being the murderer. All along the plot we can see character’s personnality evolve and until the end we can’t really know who is the murderer.

I love police novels and those of Agatha Christie are so interesting, with a lot of suspense and it’s always a pleasure to read one of her books.

And you, did you read it? What do you think of it?

The Long Walk, Stephen King

Hi everybody!

Today I will present you a dystopian novel written by the famous and talented Stephen King and published in 1979: The Long Walk. 

Each year, 100 minor boys are volunteer to participate to a famous competition in the US, a totalitarian country: The Long Walk. Their aim is to be the last to walk and, by the way, the last alive. Indeed, it’s forbidden to stop to walk, or to walk too slowly, otherwise the walker gets one warning. If the walker gets three warnings, he is killed by soldiers who supervise them (each hour one warning is cancelled  if they walk « correctly »). The Long Walk never stop even if it’s rainy or if it’s the night. The end of it is only possible when only one walker is alive.  They start in the State of Maine, near the Canadian border.

What is interesting in this book is the evolution of characters. We are following Ray Garraty, the main character and his « circle of friend », participants with whom he has created a relationship. During all the story,  one question is recurrent: why are they participating to this competion? For what reasons? And, indeeed, the answer is not simple to find, maybe she doesn’t exist.

I liked this book because, first characters are very appealing, and, even if you know that only one will survive you hope that there will be an other end. But the major strengh of this book is obviously all the questions it raises. This long walk is a mass murder because each year 99 people are killed but the population is very excited to see this event. A large crowd is here to see the passage of walkers and if they can see one of them be killed, they are more happier. It’s only a game to them and it’s quite alarming.  This book questions us on a lot of human reactions and behaviors and also on our relations with the others.

I hope you enjoyed this article and share your reactions and feelings if you already read the book 🙂

The Gemini Virginia C. Andrew


Today I’m going to talk about a book written by Virginia C. Andrew and published in 2006. It’s the first volume of The Gemini serie and it’s entitled Celeste.

This book tells us the story of twins, Celeste and Lionel, who are not living in an usual family. Indeed, their mother believes in spirits and more precisely in her ancestor’s spirits. She educates her children in this philosophy. She regulary talks to family’s spirit, does things based on what they would like to do and promises to her children that soon they could do the same.

When the young Lionel (who was the favorite of her mother) died in an accident, the mother compels Celest to take the identity of her dead brother ( it’s not a spoil, you can read all of it on the blurb ). The young girl loses herself and takes her brother’s identity to satisfy her mother. Indeed, her only wish is to be loved by her mother and she would do everything to please her.

I found  this book very interesting because we don’t know, during all the story, if spirits are real or if the mother has got psychological troubles. You know, in Harry Potter by example witches and wizards are real , it’s a sort of convention between the reader and the author. Well, in Celeste it’s not clear, you always have a doubt, the only « vision » who are describe are those of Celeste and you can wonder if it’s not the imagination of a child. This book is also very based on the psychology of characters, why are they acting like this? how will they get out of this situation ? All is always manipulation, false pretences..  The story looks like some sordid miscellaneous, but we are « behind the scene », we know the truth.

The Gemini is a trilogy and there are many books of this author, generally by series of five.

I hope you enjoy this article. If you read the book tell me what do you think about it !

Pride and Prejudice

Today I will talk about Pride and Prejudice written by Jane Austen and published in 1813.I read this book one year ago and I liked it very much because of his romantic story but also because of his « writing style ».

The story tell us the sentimental life of 5 sisters and the main character is Elisabeth Bennet who falls in love of Mr Darcy (first she hates him), the friend of the man she must married. In fact, the mother of Elisabeth is determined to find an husband for each of her daughters to assure their future. Elisabeth notice all the ploys of her mother to reconcile her and her neighbour Mr Bingley with irony and even if she appreciates him she’s not in love.

Behind this romantic comedyJane Austen critisizes the rigidity of the English society of the XVIII-XIXth Century. Indeed at the time a woman must be married and she doesn’t chosen her husband. The main theme of this book is marriage and money but also sincerity and truth,

I like this book because it’s sensitive and writte with humor and characters are engaging and appealing. The decor plunges us in a beautiful world with beautiful garden and hill, a little cottage and a large castle… I remember I was very fascinated by this book and his story!

Eternal sunshine of the spotless mind

Today I will present you Eternal sunshine of the spotless mind . It is an American movie directed by a french director : Michel Gondry, in 2004.
It tells the story of the original and crazy Clementine, played by Kate Winslet, and the shy and reserved Joël played by Jim Carrey. This two opposite people will live a love story until the day where Clementine erases all her memories of Joël because she thinks she’s unhappy with him.To do that she asks for help to the clinic Lacuna where Dr Mierswiac created a prototype to erase memories.
When Joël understand this he’s destroyed and decides to do the same thing for not to suffer. However, when the operation begins he wants to stop everything but this is impossible. Then, undertakes a fight between Joël who wants to keep his memories and the Lacuna’s prototype.

I love this movie because it reminds us of the importance of memories and the power of love. Joël is a very touching character because he commits a menatl fight and he doesn’t give up to keep his memories intact. The theme of the memory is important in cinema history because we can say that memories are a a real part of ourselves and without them we lose something of our personality, we are not ourselves anymore.There is also a lot of suspens we dont’t know how this story will be ending until the last minutes. I watched this film first because of the title. Indeed I find it fascinating and beautiful! Moreover, Kate Winslet is a great actress and it’s always a pleasure to watch her playing.

I hope you enjoyed my article and if you have already watch this film what do you think about it ?

The Maze Runner, James Dashner

Today I’m going to talk about The Maze Runner wrote by James Dashner in 2009. The main character is Thomas, a teenager who wakes up in an unknown place, with unknown teenagers around him and without any memories. The others explain that they are stuck in a « block » with a door that is between the block and a maze. All night the door is closed and in the maze ther are Metal monsters who kille people in the maze. Everyday the plan of the maze is changing and the teenagers can’t escape. They are all amnesic and they don’t know why they are here.One day a girl arrives in the block with a letter that says « She is the last. » so no more food or people will be sent in the block. During the story Thomas and his friends Mino, Newt, Chuck and Theresa, they try to found an exit to run away and be free.

I read this book few years ago by chance because a friend gave it to me and I like it. Last year this book became very famous because a movie adaptation was made with Dylan O’Brien ( who is became famous with the TV show Teen Wolf ) in the role of Thomas.

The Maze Runner is the first of a serie of books The Test with four books : The Maze Runner, The Scorche Trial, The Death Cure and The Kill Order. The first two were adapted in cinema and the third is planned for 2017.

I love this book because it is very interesting, there is suspens, we want to know why there are in this maze? Why they and not someone else ? Thomas is an appealing character and it is also a reason to love the book.

And now I will read the other books of the serie because I watched the film and I am very curious to know the end of the story !

Gran Torino

Today I’m going to talk about Gran Torino is a film directed by Clint Eastwood and released in 2008.

The scene takes place in Michigan, in United States and it’s the story of Walt Kowalsk ( plays by Clint Eastwood) a racist veteran of the Corea war and who just lost his wife and Thao a hmong immigrant ( people Asia) who is 16 and who is the neighbour of Walt.

In the quarter a gang composed by the cousin of Thao tries to recruit this last and give him a mission : steal the collection car of Walt, a Gran Torino. Thao is surprised by his neighbour and fail. Then a kind of friendship born between Thao and Walt but also between Walt and Thao’s sister, Sue, when he save her.

Walt learn to go beyond differences and prejudices, learn a new cultur and this relation with his neighbour brings him a little part of happiness.

I discovered this film a few days ago and I like it because it is a beautiful human story although it’s a little dramatic, especially the end.

I recommend it if you did not watch because it’s an interresting story and also because Clint Easwood is a very good actor! If you watch it what do you think about ?

The Help

I’m gonna  talk about one of my favorite book : The Help  written by Kathryn Stockett in 2009.

The scene takes place at Jakson in Mississippi in 1960s, it was one of the most violent State during the segregation in United States.

There are three main characters : Aibileen, a Black housemain who is 53 years old and who raises children of white families ; Minnie, an other housemaid who is most rebel than Aibileen ; and Skeeter, a young White woman who realised inequity whose Black people are victims.Skeeter who has follows journalim’s studies decides to wrtite a book composed of housemaids’ testimonials on their life, their work, how are their relation with White people. Each chapter has a point of view different, sometimes that Aibileen, sometimes Minnie and sometimes Skeeter. Other characters like Hilly, a White woman, show us the mentality and beliefs of the time like the fact of Black people are dirty and they have most diseas than Wite.

This book is one of my favorite because we have two versions of this segregation : of a Black woman and of a White woman. It is also because it is a very human and sensitive book but the way whose Kathryn Stockett has written make the book funny.The author, when she was a child, lived during the segregation and had a Black housemaid. It’s adds a credibility because she knows what sh’s talking, she has a real mink with this time.

The Help was adapted to the cinema by Tate Taylor in 2011. It is also an excellent movie and it complies the book.


Today, I gonna talk about the book Divergent written by Veronica Roth.

In a world where the society is divided in five faction (Audacious, Learned, Altruistics, Sincere and Fraternal) Beatrice Prior (her nickname is Tris) , who is come from the Altruistics, choose the Audacious’ faction. But during her ability’s test ,which is before the Choice Ceremony, she learns that she is a divergent and her secret can kill her because Divergent are considered like an ennmy. During the story we follow Tris in her adventure like an Audacious, her sentimental’s story with her instructor Four, and her fight to save her life but also to discover the secret that Leaders want hide.
I love this Veronica Roth’s book because Tris is an amazing character like an heroine but in the same time she is sensible, she has to make choice as we all and that makes her approachable. We can identify with her very easily. Indeed she is very strong but she has also many weaknesses.
This book ist the first of a trilogy and they two others is also exellents. The two first volumes have been adapted for the cinema and now I am waiting the third which will be avalable in march 2016.