The Lord of the Rings

The Lord of the Rings, is a story in three novels, written byJohn Ronald Reuel Tolkien, and published in 1955.

It’s a story of two hobbit (small man) who must destroy a ring. But this ring must be destroy in the vulcano where he was created. The probleme is that the master’s ring want to recover her ring, for begin a monster of the dark, and govern the world. So he will try to find her ring, and if he must kill for that, he will to do.

I loved this story, because it take place in fantasy world and we can see a magic creature. This story is very fascinating.

Oliver Twist.

Oliver twist, written by Charles Dickens (1812-1870) and published in 1837, is a very famous novel .

Oliver is an orphan, in early, he works in funeral. But one day he decided to go in London. In London, he’s adopted by a band of young thieves, who are working for Fagin. One day he is accused for theft that did not commit, and he won’t denonce his friends. Fagin found Oliver, and forces him to steal in the house of the gentleman.

For me it is a beautiful novel, which made me think.
This story exists too in the form of musical comedy.

The Road

The Road is an American post-apocalyptic dramatic movie realized by John Hillcoat, released in 2009.from the eponym novel written by Cormac McCarthy. Now more than ten years ago the world exploded. Nobody knows what passed.The last survivors roam in a world destroyed and covered with ash which is not more than the shadow of what he was.It is in this decoration of apocalypse that a father and his son roam by pushing in front of them a shopping cart filled with heterogeneous objects,During their trip, they are going to make dangerous and fascinating meetings.Even if the father has no hope, he tries hard to remain standing for the one who is from now on his only universe.