« Water for Elephants », Francis Lawrence, 2011.

« Water for Elephants » is a american romantic drama movie directed by Francis Lawrence in 2011. It’s an adaptation from the historical romance novel « Water for Elephants » written by Sara Gruen in 2006.

Sara Gruen is a Canadian author and also an American citizen. She stands up for the animal’s protection and takes part in some organizations to protect animals and wildlife. We can suppose that she wanted to refer to her implication with her tittle, while keeping an historical aspect.

This story refers to the great Depression during the 30’s, in the USA.

The plot begins with the apparition of an old man in a small travelling circus. He is separated from his nursing home group. He meets Charlie O’Brien, the proprietor of the circus. Both characters strike up a conversation and Charlie learns finaly that the old man is Jacob Jankowski (Robert Patinson), who was a veterenary student and a member of the most spectacular Circus’ show on the Earth : The Benzini Brothers.

He begins to tell his journey. He begins with the fact that it was a fabulous and giant show, which was never seen during all the Circus’ history. But, quieckly, he keeps going with the bad side of the Circus’ wings. He tells us about the sordid aspect of the wings and of his boss. Quieckly, we understand that the conditions in this environment were intolerabled, mostly after the arrival of Rosy, a magnificent elephant, sentenced to make the show in horrible conditions.

The story redraws the life of Jacob in the Benzini Brother Circus, and also his fight against the ill-treatment and abuse with animals, like Sara’s implications, and also humans beings’ conditions.

I was in love with this movie because I find that it’s a very importante problem in our society today. The animal’s consideration is very important for me, and this movie touched me very much. The story isn’t only a romance with Jacob and Marlena (Reese Witherspoon), it’s also a very animal’s attachment, and a good lesson to learn. I love it.

Bye !

« The Unlikely Pilgrimage of Harold Fry », Rachel Joyce, 2012.

« The unlikely pilgrimage of Harold Fry » is a novel, which was written by Rachel Joyce, and it was published in 2012.

This beautiful story refers to a part of Rachel’s Life. Rachel Joyce is a English novelist. She decided to write this adventure of Mr. Fry during the time where her father was very sick and in terminal stage of disease..

In this fabulous story, the main character, Harold Fry, a old man, received a letter from a former friend, Queenie Hennessy, who is very sick and in end-stage too (like Rachel’s father)…

In his boring life, Harold and his wife lose all interest to each other… When he read the Queenie’s letter, he wants to make his life better and aims to save Queenie. So, Harold decides to write at his friend, and go to post his answer. He was just gone to mail a letter, and finally, he will travel thousand kilometers. When he arrives to the post office, he says him that he can go to the next town. When he arrives to the next town, he says him that he could go to the next town again, and so on …

Finally, he goes to live a wonderful adventure (87 days) during his travel. He will meet a lot a new people and events. Harold has only one objective « I will walk and you will live Queenie ».

I find this book very beautiful and good, because the character of Harold is so engaging, brave, with a lot of will to save his friend and maybe his couple. He might refer to Rachel, who wanted to save her father too… Really, it’s a very simple reading, but it gives us a good lesson of life … Beautiful !

« Replay – Ken Grimwood – 1986 »

To begin with this novel, we can notice that Ken Grimwood was an american author who was born in 1947 and who died in 2003. Some of his books were really influenced by comics (with science fiction) and the fantasy world. So he aimed to write with this worderful inspiration.

During his short life, we can observe that he was « famous » thanks to one of his books : Replay. It is the most popular novel to Ken, and « Replay » won the World Fantasy Award in 1988. That is why I would like to speak about this novel !

So, this fantasy novel tells about Jeff Winston, a radio journalist. He has 43 years old, and he isn’t really filled by his poor life. One day, he dies suddently because of a heart attack. But he was rather startled to discover that he was alive again ! But there is a problem, he wakes up in his student room and he has 18 years old ! Now, the « Replay » can begin. He knows his previous life again, and can « replay » without mistakes his new life… A kind of circle begins to Jeff and each time, when he arrives to 43 years old, he dies and replay another life, with differents choises.

This book is really interesting because we can observe and learn every time a new, a differente life, where Jeff Winston choises to make some differents actions to never live the same life ! He is able to change things for him and for the other people around him: and now, he wants to live with this aim !

I keep the end of this book for me and you have to read this novel to break the suspens…  Thanks to this novel we can discover the last twenty years of America, and it’s very pleasant ! I love the fantasy world, so this dream world makes me very amazed !

Bye !

« Uglies – Scott Westerfeld – 2005 »

This science fiction novel was written by Scott Westerfeld in 2005. It’s a set of books serie : Uglies, Pretties, Specials, Extras and Secrets. All these books make us a dystopian world.

So, this futuristic novel tells about Tally. She is 16 years old, and like a lot of teenagers, she is a member of « Uglies », a group of people. In this world, when teenagers reach their sixteenth birthday, they must have an operation to become « Pretties ». The « Pretties » people have a happy life with parties, fun evertime and everywhere, and they are free in this paradise, but they loose totaly their personnality… Contrary as « Uglies », who dream and aim to become Pretties.But Tally doesn’t believe in this Pretty’s paradise, she doesn’t want to become a pretty girl and she aims to become a rebel. « The Rebels » aim to go away and accept to stay Uglies to keep their personnality.

So, when Tally’s operation arrives, Tally must make a choice: become a pretties and loose her friends, her familly, her personnality but be accepted in the society, or stay uglies with her personnality and mentality, but be outcast of the society…

I don’t really like this book, because I found it very boring, So I don’t read the other books serie. But the plot makes me very interested, and that why I read this novel. It’s a shame …

« In a dark, dark Wood », Ruth Ware, 2015.

Hello ! Today, I would like to talk about the psychological thriller « In a dark, dark Wood ». This novel was written by Ruth Ware, a british author, in 2015. The story speaks about Nora and Clare, who where best friends 10 years ago. But, a day, after the school, Clare disappeared. Now, Nora is a young writer who lives solitary in London. One day, she receives a strange invitation to Clare. Clare will be married and want to celebrate this, in this home… Inside the Woods… Dark Woods. Nora hasn’t seen this best friend for 10 years, and wants to see the « new » Clare. But something goes wrong to the party of « truth or dare » with the other people who where invited . Some things can’t stay secret for ever… It was a great gripping read, scary and amazing. I love this kind of book !! The Woods reminds me the fantasy world, and the strange atmosphere is very creppy !

« The Girl on the Train », Paula Hawkins, 2015.

« The girl on the train » is a psychological thriller, published in 2015. This novel was written by Paula Hawkins, a british author.

The story speaks about Rachel Watson, she is depressed, alcoholic, ans divorced. She is recently fired, and tries to keep fit.. Every morning, she takes the train to London, and during her route, she sees throughout the window : in the confortable house, a couple at the edge of the rails. They seem happy and in good way together. So, Rachel begins to imagine their names « Jason and Jesss, their job, their life, like the perfect couple. One night, she sees Jess with an another man … Few days later, she discovers on the news: the face of « Jess », who is reported missing… After that, Rachel decides to conduct an investigation..

It’s a great book, with a amazing issue. The story is very rousing ! I would like to see the futur adaptation in cinema, directed by Tate Taylor, in 2016… I think that this movie could be very promising !

Big Fish, Tim Burton, 2003.

Big Fish is a film directed by Tim Burton in 2003 and produced by the Columbia Pictures studio. This movie draws the inspiration from the book « Big Fish: A novel of Mythic Proportions » by Daniel Wallace in 1998.

In this movie, there are somes actors a little bit famous, for example Ewan McGregor, Helena Bonham Carter, and a french actress Marion Cotillard ! And I love them !

The storie speaks about the relationship between Willam and Edward Bloom , a son with his father. This connection is strained and not really easy with this both characters.

During the Willam’s Weeding with Joséphine, his father started to explain the Willam’s Birth. He narrated this day with a lot of crazy and unlikely events with somes fantastic peoples, like a giant,..

During all the movie, we learn the life and the Edward’s journey. But we can’t really know if the storie told by the father was real or not..

It’s a beautiful movie, very touching and very magic. I love so much this film, because it gave me a lot of surprises and feelings. More, the actors are very very unusual ! It’s great !

« No Time For Goodbye » – Linwood Barclay

Today, I’m going to speak about the novel, PUBLISHED in 2007 by Linwood Barclay an american writer, « No time for goodbye » translated in french by « Cette nuit-là ».

It’s a great plotter novel, with lot of suspens and strange events.

The story speaks about a young teenager, Cynthia. She is very rebel and wants to live her own life, like an adult.

So, one day, she aims to run away to go with her friends during the night. But, when she comes back at home, the house is totaly desolate.

No one is here. Her father, her mother and her brother were disappeared. She will never know the true and what happened.

25 years later, in her home, she gets a phone call, and the past reoccurs and brings back old memories.

I love this book because at the end, there is a great revelation and I love it ! It’s very captivating !

Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, Lewis Carroll, 1865.

Alice’s Adventures In Wonderland, or just « Alice in Wonderland », is a novel by Lewis Carroll (Charles Lutwidge Dodgson),

The story speaks about a little girl who fell in the big hole, because she aimed to follow a cut white rabbit with a watch ! Inside the hole, there was a beautiful fantasy world !

In this amazing world, completly , Alice met a lot of characters.

She made friends with the Chesire cat with his extraordinary smile, the white rabbit who was always late, the blue caterpillar who smoked, the twins Tweedeldee and Tweedeldum,  and the crazy Hatter with his friend the March Hare !

During her trip, Alice met the Reg Queen and her soldiers cards ! Because the Red Queen didn’t like Alice, she had to come back at her home. So she left the Wonderland.

It’s a great and magical novel with many engaging characters ! I love this story, because, I find that Alice refers to me. There are two movies adapation. One directed Disney, with some musics and enchantment. And one directed by Tim Burton, with some specials effects, and it’s so amazing !

Gangs of New York, Martin Scorsese, 2002.

Gangs of New York is a extraordinary movie, directed by Martin Scorsese in 2002. It’s a historical movie of the history of cinema, for me, because the story speaks about the birth of New york.

The film have a slogan « America was born in the streets », and I find that is a very beautiful sentence.

I saw this movie in original version with subtitles in french. And it’s better than french !

So, the movie tells the story about a young boy, Amsterdam Vallon (Leoonardo DiCaprio) who wants take a revenge against a gang leader, Bill Le Boucher.

Bill killed Amsterdam’s father, when he was a child. And years later, he wants to find him and take his revenge.

So there are lot of wars in the streets, and step by step Amsterdam finds his enemy.

In the story, Amsterdam falls in love to Jenny Everdeane, and it’s so cute !

In parallel, Amsterdam found step by step a very great team to beat Bill.

After the most War in the street that America has never seen, New york can’t be the same.

« Da Vinci Code » – Dan Brown.

« Da Vinci Code » is a novel, written in 2003 by Dan Brown. It’s became a great best-seller !

The story talks about a mystery detective investigation by Robert Langdon.

In the night, Jacques Saunière, the Museum Louvre’s watchman, is shot by Silas, a deranged catholic person.
He wants to discovered the keystone in the quest of Holy Grail.
When Jacques was killed, he was in a strange position.
Is is looking for the « Vitruvian Man », the famous drawing by Leonardo Da Vinci.

So, Robert Langdon has to solved the mysterious murder with a french woman, Sophie Neveu.
They are in a great race in Paris and London to understand the actual secret of the society.
They have to solved somes codes and puzzles to discovered the thuth !

It’s a great best-seller, and it is very fascinating novel with a lot of mystery.
I have seen the film adaptation too, directed by Ron Howard in 2006, and it is equivalent to the Dan Brown’s novel ! It’s really great !

« Before I got to sleep », S.J. Watson.


« Before I got to sleep » is a novel, written in 2011, by S.J. Waston, an english writter. It is his first book, and today it is a great best-seller !

For me, it is a psychological thriller about a sickness, the amnesy.

The novel talks about a amnesic woman. Her name is Christine, and she is 40 years old. Every morning, she is alone in her house. Her husband is working in the city.

So, every morning, she must to read her « personal journal » to discovered and remembered who she is. In her journal, she learns a lot of things, she is married, she has a son, and she is amnesic.

But steep by steep in the story, she learns somes strange and illogical things, and that is not really good to keep her life.

At the end of this book, the lector learns the truth, and it is a twist in the situation !

I have really loved this book, and i have seen the film adaptation, with Nicole Kidman, and it’s a very disappointed movie, althrough the book was a great captivated novel !