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Today here I am to give you a short reading advice about a Kerouac’s short book since we studied his work in Initiatory and Exile stories notion. It’s named Tristessa, it was published in 1960. This book relates the author’s life between 1955 and 1956 while he was living in Mexico with his friends. This book is also a meditation about love and it’s meaning because the author fell in love with a Mexican prostitute he named Tristessa.

Now let’s focus on the writing style ; we quickly notice that Kerouac’s style is really singular and that we have to get used to it to appreciate the book. In deed, Kerouac has the manner to write down everything without stopping : that’s why we have few full marks and a lot of dashes as he didn’t finish his sentences. I don’t know if it already happened to you but when I read it I get used to the rythm and sometimes at the end of a page I have to stop because my breath follows the rythm of the text so I feel like I’m choking haha it’s quite weird. We also notice that there are no chapters except that the book is composed of two parts to indicate that time has passed. I also realized that the action is very consdensed because we follow the author’s routine but sometimes he stops on details that take one or two pages and it goes back to the main action, I admit that it’s quite confusing sometimes.

I don’t want to spoil you the book but I really liked the main plot because Kerouac is really comitted in the approach of displaying each feelings and each thoughts inside his head but it’s embarassing because he is able to write very nice things and put next to it terrible comparisons haha. I also have to mention the presence of drugs at each page and again I admit that it can be annoying sometimes but in a way we understand that every characters are addicted to drugs so we couldn’t avoid it. But the meditative’s aspect of the book is really well built because you can see the characters and his feelings evolving through the times and I noticed that the Beat Generation has a real gift in the way that the things they wrote have a real impact on the reader ; I mean that you can pratically feel what the author wrote because you undserstand that it’s something really personal and that he puts his real feelings on it.


By the way, I’m still convinced that Kerouac is one of my favourite author with the whole Beat Generation because they have a very specific style that create a whole different atmosphere from books that we know.

Vivre Vite by Philippe Besson

Hi there 🙂

Today, here I am to give you a review about a french book that has been recently released about a famous american actor. It’s named « Vivre Vite » and it has been written by Philippe Besson. I decided to write about this book because it’s related to James Dean’s life, who is one of my favourite actor and who is a real icon in Hollywood’s cinema during the 50’s.

This book is quite different from the biographical type that we all know. Here, the writter decides thanks to the testimonials that he got from James Dean’s relatives to write his book according these people and James Dean point of view : In others words, it tells James Dean’s life through different characters. For example the book opens on Mildread Dean’s point of view, who’s James Dean’s mother. She relates his childhood and her thoughts about her son. This system goes on and on until James Dean’s death.

Of course, because of this system, we move away from the biographical aspect and inevitably it gains a fictionalized look but if you don’t mind about it, the reading is really pleasant. Indeed, the book is really lively because at each chapter, we have a new point of view so the book gains a certain rythm. Moreover, something else has catched my attention : the writting style is made in the way that you have the feeling the character is talking to you about this actor; it’s really a weird when you start to read it but then you can’t stop (I read it in one setting) because it’s captivating. In fact, you see the main character who is evolving through someone else eyes. That’s why this book is really moving and interesting. Everybody knows that James Dean died very young and a real myth was born from this icon.

That’s why I came to the conclusion that to understand someone’s life and personnality, you have to take into account his relatives and his friends statements because it can appears as really useful. For example, I didn’t know but the Hollywood Environment was not that pleasant and people are vicious : some actors felt James Dean’s death as a relief because they were jealous. In a more psychological way I discovered that James Dean was a disturbed person and who has always had a problem with his identity and the way he looks like but I don’t want to spoil you the whole book so I think that I will stop here. 😉

By the way, if you someone interested in Hollywood and James Dean, don’t hesitate, this book is made for you 😉


« L’homme qui voulait vivre sa vie »

Hello everyone, I hope you spent great holidays and I wish you all an happy new year !

During this time, I saw a very interesting french film (it explains the title) about exile and I remembered the document that our teacher gave us written by Christopher Booker named « Voyage and Return stories : main features » that sum up the main points that constitue a Voyage or an Exile story. I decided to introduce you the film and compare it briefly to points that are mentioned in the text.

« L’homme qui voulait vivre sa vie » is an adaptation based on an american book named « The Big Picture » written by Douglas Kennedy and published in 1997.

The main character is named Paul Exben (Romain Duris), a very famous Parisian lawyer seems to have everything to success in his life with his work but also with his family because he is a married and has 2 children. He also have a secret passion for photography since his adolescence. Things seem to go even better when his work partner propose him to become the owner from the law firm. But one day, everything falls apart when he discovers that his wife (Marina Foïs) is cheating on him with a friend from the couple, Grégoire (Eric Ruf), who is also a photograph. She broke up with Paul few times after and one day, he comes to see his old friend Grégoire. He becomes crazy about his relationship with his ex wife and accidentally kills him. Completely terrified he decides to run away from France by using the idendity of his victim : Now, Paul Exben is Gregoire Kremer, a photographer. But in his troubles he realizes that this event is an unique occasion to realize his dream : leave everything behind him to live from his passion. Before leaving, he eliminates the dead body in the sea and reaches Montenegro.

He has to restart everything : a new identity in a new country without any money, no friends (actually his relatives thinks that he died) but his hidden skill for photography will help him in his new adventure and finally this accident becomes a real opportunity to reconsider his life but he still live with the burden of a murder and have to stay discreet, even invisible.

To me this film is a real slap : first, aesthetically, the shots are very well built to represent the main character’s confinement : the shots are really tight like if Paul was trapped in his own daily life and you can notice the perfect symetry in the first shot at the beginning of the post, and I noticed that the shots made in Montenegro are even more spectacular : the colors are very pale,like frozen and the environment is really simple, rudimentary and picturesque. I don’t forget the soundtrack that emphazises perfectly each feelings from each characters.

Then I wanted to give you my opinion about the whole plot : Personally, I’m really interested in psychological films so I don’t think that I will be not really objective : I found it fascinating because in our society, we don’t realize that sometimes our daily life can become a real trap for us without knowing and it reminds us that happiness in a very fragile thing ; it’s really easy to lose and we see that trouble never comes alone. Moreover, I think that this film is a nice tribute to these people who keep their dream inside them but are not brave enough to live from their passion. It’s also a great call to leave everything behind you and start to do something that you really want to do. At first sight, it can appear as very naive but there is a constant shadow in this film : Paul Exben is a murderer and the director shows perfectly his constant escape : He is now banned from normal society and it appears as a real problem when it’s about to find a job or to make friends. The end shows it very well. Actually, I think that it’s a really balanced film.

Just a mention about the actors : I don’t know if you have already seen the cinematographic duet made of Romain Duris and Niels Arestrup but to me, they are the two best french actors together. Their play is always right and intense ( especially in « De Battre Mon Coeur s’est arrêté or « Un prophète » from Jacques Audiard). They make a great representation of friendship sometimes really slight or atrocious.

This picture comes from the film : it’s the first shot that Paul took in Montenegro.

Now I want to focus on the comparison between this film and our document : This story belongs to the first category of film : it’s a journey in a new world. The type also belongs to a type from the document : It’s a story about someone who discover a new country, here Montenegro, far away from his Parisian life.

In fact if we follow the pattern of a typical story, I noticed that some points are strangely similar :

1. The Anticipation Stage : It goes along with this story because at the beginning we understand that Paul Exben dreams of something bigger an different from his daily life but he is a coward who has his own confort.

2. Initial an fascination or Dream Stage : this part is also present in this film but not yet because actually Paul Exben just killed someone ; he takes him a long time to recover but finally starts to enjoy his life when he tries to take some pictures : A journalist noticed him and he becomes a local star in his village ; he really likes his life in Montenegro and becomes friend with Bartholomé (Niels Arestrup).

3. Frustration Stage : Sadly; the shadows follow Paul Exben (Or Kremer) because his notoriety forces him to show him up : a photo exhibition is dedicated to him but he realizes that his crime dosen’t allow him to appear in public and get recognized for his talent. It’s the price to pay.

4. The Nightmare Stage : Paul understands that he doesn’t have other choices than run away : people start to ask about him, his life, where does he come from… He founds love and friend but he knows that if he stays, things will turn bad for him. Here again, he has to leave everything to get a boat clandestinely and here the nightmare is at its climax : The boat crew wants to throw him into the sea…

5.Thrilling escape : Miraculously; someone throws him a life boat and he can go back on board. He finally arrives with new pictures but he stays discreet and into the shadow. We understand that it’s a vicious circle.

Actually, it’s pretty funny because the pattern is barely the same : as if voyage and exile stories have to follow the same rules. But few differences make this film unique and captivating. I know that this post is really too long but I had a lot of things to say about it. Hope that you took the time to read it and if you want, comment it because I’ll glad to discuss about it.

Travel with a Donkey in the Cévennes


Since we started to talk about Journey literature in class, I’m here to write about one of my favourite book of this type. It has been written in 1878 and released in 1979. The author is Robert Louis Stevenson was born in 1850 and is well known for his other works like Treasure Island, Strange case of Dr.Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. He was 20 years old when he wrote this book : R.L Stevenson, one day decided to make a trip in France to escape his life that is quite complicated in Scotland (his parents don’t approve his relationship with Fanny Osbourne who he wants to marry). He starts an hiking journey in September, the 22th in Le Monastier and finishes in St-Jean-Du-Gard in October, the 3rd. In this story, we follow the author through his journey, describing things he sees, people he meets. We have to know that the Cevennes were a Protestant insurgents territory in 1702, called the Camisards. Thanks to this book, we discover their history and the relationship between them and Catholics.

I really liked this book although the fact that the main plot is not really thrilling, it’s a linear story without plot twist. But it’s a real poetical and relaxing reading ; the author successes in making the reader travelling with him thanks to the description of the landscapes,the architecture and his point of view about the civilization that he meets. But I noticed that the book doesn’t follow the usual pattern of travel stories ; there’s no phase of fear or nightmare, moreover the character is not really isolated except one or two times when he has to sleep outdoor. But it’s a real psychological travelling book : at the beggining, the author feels really ill at ease because of his personal issues and his health issues but at the end he feels relieved and his mind is clear.

A lot of people don’t know this work and I think that it’s too bad because it takes place in real places in France (GR70) where you can hike and follow his path, this is what I did and I have to say that it was an incredible experience, like if you were the main character of the book and you lived the adventure. Sometimes, I stopped next to some places and realizes that the author stayed here and met people of the village. It’s really an unique feeling.

Hope you will read it because it’s really worth it.




Woodkid or the music video genius


Nowadays, the music environment evolves quite strangely : we can hear the best and the the worst in the space of few seconds ; thanks to the internet and the sharing system now we can discover music that we never heard before, and discover real artists who perfectly manage to link music and video ; some of them are real master pieces. I’m really touched that in the middle of modern musical environment, made of vulgarity and money, we can see some people who stands still to give us real work, musically and visually speaking. A well made video clip is a real pleasure : it’s another way to interpret the song and it’s another manner for the artist to express his point of view : the beauty of an image can go along with the lyrics on the background.

There’s especially one artist who is really famous for his works on video clips : Woodkid ; who is a french singer ! He is very well known in the music industry because he worked with worldwide famous singers as Katy Perry (Teenage Dream), Taylor Swift, Drake, Rihanna or Lana Del Rey on « Born to Die » video clip that is one of my favourite from Lana.

This picture is an extract from the Video Clip « Born to Die »

But let’s go back to Woodkid who has made beautiful personal works (actually I prefer his own works than the music videos he made for the others)   ; his real name is Yoann Lemoine (not as classy as Woodkid ahah) and he was born in Tassin-La-Demi-Lune in 1983 ; he studied illustration and animation ( he worked on films too : for exemple , he drew some samples for Sofia Coppola for « Marie-Antoinette »). In 2011 he goes back to music and launches his first EP : Iron. I’m sure that everyone know this song that will be used in some video games teasers and for fashion runways ; the music video created a huge admiration and his minimalist style will be copied in numerours video clips.

Here is another extract from « Iron », his first video clip.

In 2012, he won his 1st award as film director thanks to his work with Lana Del Rey. But he goes back to his own musical works and releases his 3 final works ; Run boy run in 2012, I love you in 2013 and the Golden Age in 2014 ; these music videos are linked by the main character. It’s a pure show, the aestheticism is close to perfection, the shots are very well builded, and there’s a real precision’s work.



Sadly, Woodkid told us in July that he will stop his musical carreer to get involved in cinema and video areas. I can't wait to see his new projects because I really love his style visually speaking.

According to you, is a music video important ? Why, or why not ? Let's share your favourite music videos !


Palace Beach Hotel (or the army brainwash)

Hi, today i’m here to write about puzzling business… (that echoes to 1984 novel.)
Have are you already thought about what could happen in the military environment ? I have to say that until now, I never wondered about it. But yesterday, I was quite thoughtful : the film that I have seen was so amazing but so oppressive. Its name is Palace Beach Hotel ; the film is about a group of soldiers who just went back from Afghanistan ; they were on the field when they saw one of their comrade being roughly slayed in front of them, his throat cut in two. These soldiers are sent in a luxurious hotel in Cyprus, the Palace Beach Hotel, to be supported by a psychological assistance ; moreover an intern investigation is launched because the Army does not want this affair to be public. At the beginning, everybody seems very normal like if nothing happened : the 3 main characters are very secretive and assure that they’re ok to the psychologist.


But there’s something strange; beyond this issue ; these 3 persons have to hide a huge secret…Things are going bad when one of them comitted sucide. Here again, the Army wants to keep this issue very secret and we’re appalled to see how hypocritical the Army senior officers can be. Here starts a really hard psychological war for the viewers.


I don’t know how to explain my reaction when I saw that the film was based on real facts ; I mean that there is a huge information issue; seriously, the informations that we can see and heard are really monitored ; before the film I don’t even know that kind of problem could happen in a national organisation ; I always considered soldiers as superhumans who know how to separate job from feelings and fears. I realized that they are human like us and sometimes they can be kind of weak ; but in this system the weakness is not receivable : you have to keep your mouth shut and go on your way. People are not told about everything, even important things, that’s why I’m quite angry. Moreover, it’s a really interesting way to see how that nobody is saved by the war damages ; physically and psychologically speaking.


This film is very stunning in the way that even if it takes place in a luxious hotel, the horror of the facts follows them everywhere, between each walls, in every rooms. Characters are completely psychologically locked, and the only one that achieve to talk to someone comites sucide few hours later because of drug issues. Moreover the reportage that I have seen few hours earlier has confirmed my doubts : since September, 45 police officers killed themselve because of their emotional distress and their psychological troubles due to the things that they see everyday.


Do you REALLY think that it’s normal ?

These people are supposed to protect and help us but they can’t protect themselves because of the hardness of their environment..

Actually, I came to make a parallel between this story and 1984 ; in fact these soldiers suffer of a brainwash ; the colonel, through his investigation make them believe that nothing happened, everything was fine and that they must never talk about it ; It’s a way to control their mind, and the colonel benefits of their psychological weakness to make them silent. Moreover, the fact that he don’t want it to be revealed goes along with the Big Brother manipulation system ; he controls the informations and decides what must be said/written and what should never goes out of the hotel. It’s quite scary because we understand that the limit between fiction and reality is actually really thin.
I’m really speechless and I think that I will continue to make some researches about this issue ; it’s a real problem and people don’t realize what is currently happening beyond the TV News.


Annoying french versions….

Hi everyone 🙂

I recently had an argument with a friend of mine, who absolutely wanted to see an english movie in french… How to say, I can’t stand dubbing voices anymore, it’s so annoying ! Moreover the actors’s plays and even the film can suffer of the system : they seem less convincing or even stupid : seriously, do you think that Georges Clooney would make a political speech to the Ohio’s population in French ? (I speak about Ides of march). I’m sure that if we translate international songs in French, I think it would be awkward for everyone. I really prefer watch a movie in its orignal version with subtitles than in french. I noticed that people are often scared of the fact that they could not understand some words and so on. Here are the subtitles to help us so I think we should use it ; in english or in french ! I think that I gained a lot of vocabulary and that my pronounciation has improved thanks to the original versions… The other thing is that if you’re watching some series, you can see the episodes the next day that they have been aired ! Why should we wait just to hear the actors speak in French when we can enjoy their original voices ? ( I think that girls will approve on the fact they prefer listen Dylan O’brien in Teenwolf with his real voice, no ? 😉 )

After this discussion I decided to extend this idea to the books that I read ! (Obvioulsy in English, my level in German is near to 0) I know that it can be hard at first sight to read in english but if you’re motivated it’s really worth it : in few pages, you discovered an amount of structures,new words and expressions. Indeed, you can’t understand the whole thing in one time, you have to be patient and don’t hesitate to read the same page 2 or 3 times. Then you can understand and notice the details, it becomes really really interesting. I think that we should start with short stories or fairy tales, it’s short and not really hard to understand since we already know the story. I’m currently reading the Maze Runner in English and it’s very cool because I you know the story there is a really specific vocabulary related to The Glade and the Gladers : it’s very pleasant to see the original words and it can help you to understand the origins of the french ones.

By the way, it’s just my opinion and I agree on the fact that you maybe prefer to see a movie in french since you can understand it without watching the screen. But tell me what do you think about it ? Do you watch your films/series in french or in english ? Have you already tried to read in english ? How was it ?

I’m waiting for your answers 🙂

Have a nice week-end !

(Hey Georges,what else?)

The Lost River (How to catch a Monster)

As you know, Cannes film festival started few days ago !

I just learned that tomorrow will begin the « Un certain regard » selection and I noticed that « The Lost River » was in !

The Lost River is a film a directed by Ryan Gosling (yes yes the actor) and I’m quite impatient because I’m really curious of what can realize R. Gosling as a director. As you know, he is famous for his role in Drive and more recently in the Notebook. I started to make some researches and I realized that this man is a crazy genius  ; his imagination is limitless and his humour really offbeat.

I wasn’t suprised when I read that the Lost River is a « fantasy thriller » film : the story takes place in a parallel city where a family has to survive. A teaser was just released few hours ago and I have to say that I can’t wait to see the whole film.

However, I stay careful because this kind of film is hard to realize and it’s easy to fail, I’m waiting for something oppressive and agonizing.

I’m in hurry to see how a famous actor as him can realize a film of this type, and how the film will be welcomed.. Stay tuned ! (Ok I just read that the film will be able in 2015 in France….. what a cruel world)


Drop Dead Diva

Hi there 🙂

I’m currently here to write about my favourite tv series, Drop Dead Diva ! It’s quite famous in the US and the 6th season started a month ago.

Let’s start with the plot : Deb Dobkins is georgous but not really smart model; she lives with her boyfriend Greyson. One day, someone called her for a casting so she took her car but she had an accident and died immediately. She’s sent in Heaven but she found another way to go back to world and she arrived in Jane Bingum’s body, a lawyer who just get hit by a criminal. Deb must start a new and completely different life. Morever, the lawyer office where she works is the same as Greyson, her devasted ex-boyfriend. Jane/Deb has to cope with her new situation with her bestfriend Stacy, the only human who know her secret. She also has to live with her Guardian Angel Fred sent from Heaven to protect her secret.

I know that this story can be considered stupid or not really interesting but you have to watch it to understand how great it is. The episodes are composed from 1 or 2 cases that Jane or their associates have to defend ; it’s really captivating and you can follow the main plot in the background, this technique permits to avoid annoying episodes. This tv show is full of humour and it’s a real lesson of acceptation of oneself, we have to look over the physic to discover awesome people and an humility lesson for the main character who have to live with a different body that is totally opposed to her old one.

So if you have free time, don’t hesitate it’s worth it !


The Place Beyond The Pines

I have seen this film few weeks ago but I have to admit that it really affected me. The Place beyond the pines is different in the way that it was realized. The plot is devided is 3 parts.


The story’s beginning is about Luke, a gifted motorcycle stunt who work in a funfair and who decided to find his ex girlfriend, Romina, that he left few months ago. They finally meet but he discovers that Romina has remade her life with another man and that he have a son but Romina never wanted to tell him. Beyond the fact that Luke still loving her, he decides to change his life to earn money, to bring a brighter future to his family, especially his son. One day he meets Robin, a garage owner, who tells him how to find the money that Lukes needs : he has to rob banks. Robin explains him that seeing that he his a really gifted moto rider, he can succeed and help his son. Luke accepts and starts to become a robber. He understands that he can become rich and he starts to looking for more. But one day, after an umpteenth rob, things go wrong. Avery Cross, a novice policeman, is determinated to find Luke and stop him. After a long chase, Avery get hurt but kill Luke.

In the second part, we can follow Avery’s recover. The town consider him as a hero by killing a criminal. But in fact, the policeman feels guilty : he knows that he could have avoid this murder and learns that Luke had a son who was the same age as his son. We starts to follow him in his daily life and he perceives that the whole police station is corrupted. Disgusted, he tries to restore the truth in vain. The time passes and Avery feels more and more oppressed by his relatives and people that he thought they were his friends.

In the last part, that takes place years later, we meet Jason, Luke’s son, and AJ, Avery’s son. Both go at the same school and finally starts to being friends. But one day, Jason and AJ are caught smoking drugs and Avery learns that Jason is Luke’s son. Few months later, Jason discovers his father’s past and how is father get killed…



This film is really interessant because the 3 parts are perfectly linked and the plot is really well done :  The fact that the murder’s consequences are moved on their sons is really subtle and interesting : it renforces all the feelings toward the characters. I loved the whay that the director has chosen to follow Avery during his mental breakdown, we can feel the regrets, the bitterness in Avery’s mind and his guiltiness. I also liked the corrupted policemen concept ; it improves dramatic tension and in a way, it bring a kind of realtistic feeling. The riding scales are really impressive too ;

By the way, if I have to talk the cast… How can I hate it when I saw that Ryan Gosling played Luke ? How ? I mean this man must be my favourite american actor : he is mysterious and absolutely touching. This role was perfect for him, a man who just wanted to bring the best to his family and who was determined to do everything for that. Ryan (Or Luke I don’t know anymore haha) is a kind of ideal man to me.

Bradley Cooper is also an excellent actor, I think that he was really made for this role ; someone who dreamed of becoming a symbol of truth and peace in the Police but realized that this world was not that nice.

Oh and a word about Dan DeeHan (Jason).. We have to follow this guy, he is really talented. Even now I don’t understand how he can be so fragile and so strong in the same character. I will have to see his other films.

Peter Pan

Today I want to write about another adaptation from a fantasy novel. It’s the really famous story of Peter Pan or The Boy who wouldn’t grow up. The novel was written in 1911 by J.M Barry who is Scottish.

As everybody knows, the story is about Peter, a young boy who can fly and who lives in Neverland with Tinker Bell and the Lost Boys. He meets Wendy Darling, her brothers and bring them to his land where they will meet Tiger Lily and Captain Hook and live some fabulous adventures.

But I’m here to write about the adaptation directed by J.P Hogan and released in 2004. I think it’s quite interesting because we are used to know the Walt Disney’s animation version but this one is with real actors and I found that the effect is totally different. To me the story seems more real (I dreamed that the Neverland existed…) and there’s a real effort for the sets and the costumes. I was really surprised by the cast ; the childs are good at playing, especially Peter(Jeremy Sumpter) : his expressions seemed very realistic,he is really active and good looking (haha forget this argument). I liked Captain Hook’s role too, Jason Isaacs is really fun and his play is really convincing.This film is not boring at all even if it’s for kids; they are a lot of plot twists and the Tinker Bell’s character is really well elaborated; I think it was a good choice. We can easily believe in the story and appreciate it. By the way I noticed the soundtrack that is really nice but a little bit too much present.

Overall, it’s a good production that is timless.

This is my favourite scene from all the film : the fairy dance is real poetic moment broken by the doubt : Can Peter have real feelings although he is still a child ?

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

Since we saw on friday the Tim Burton’s adaptation of Alice in Wonderland, I wanted to write about another film from this director : Charlie and the chocolate factory. This film is an adaptation from the novel written by Roald Dahln in 1964, an english author.

The plot is about the fabulous adventure of Charlie Bucket, a little boy. One day, Willy Wonka, the owner of the biggest chocolate factory of the world announces that he has hidden 5 golden tickets in his Chocolate bars : if a child finds the ticket, he wins a visit in Willy Wonka’s fabulous chocolate factory. Charlie finds the last golden ticket and decides to visit the place with his grand father. During the visit, a lot of strange events are happening and the childs disappear one by one…
I have to say that I really loved this film; the sets are just incredible inside the chocolate factory, everything is colorful and huge like in a dream : they is chocolate absolutely everywhere, an huge pink boat and strange candies… The actors are really good too : Johnny Depp is just perfect as Willy Wonka : he is funny but quite mysterious and completely crazy, I think he was made for this role. There is Freddie Highmore as Charlie who plays very well too. The soundtrack is really nice too, it fits perfectly with the atmosphere of the film.


So if you haven’t seen it, you have to watch it ! Tim Burton succeeded in creating a wonderful whole world. You will like it no matter what is your age !

Here is the trailer :