Jane Eyre

Jane Eyre is a novel writed by Charlotte Bronte, an english writter. This novel is considered as a biography thank to many elements of Jane’life are similar to life’s author (for example presence of boarding-school fairly strict and cold that’s shows hardness life’s author etc…). Indeed , this novel is at « half-fictive » but Jane Eyre (even if she embody as it were Charlotte Bronte) is an interesting character who the reader can clearly observed the progression according to the reading. She leave her family to live her own life without imprisonment , fall in love and make her own choice.

Huckleberry Finn

We watched a movie entitled :Adventures of Huckleberry Finn . The story deals with the adventures of a young boy named Huck. It’s an adaptation of a novel written by Mark Twain . It’s a black and white movie ,the music had an important role in it, it’s an advantage and also a drawback because it really well represents the feelings of the characters but it’s a little too much, it’s quite exagerated. Atthough I think it’s a very interesting movie and it’s agreable to watch it.

Bilbo The Hobbit’s Book Review

Bilbo The Hobbit was published in 1937 by Tolkien.This book is different from the other book :this atmosphere is more fairy and with elements magical (enchanting sword, magic ring). Elves and dwarves were a kind of important characters important.Thanks to that,this book looks like a fairy tale but for a writting style’s Tolkien who give a lot of little details not necessary but agreeable.The character’s description is unusual but it’s not disturbing.So,Bilbo the hobbit is a only book very different from the other book, more fantasy because the main character and a atmosphere is interresting but this book doesn’t has many action and it’s a little boring.