» Colonia « 

Hi, Everybody,

Today I’m going to speak about a film entitled  » Colonia  » and realised by Florian Gallenberger. The story takes place in 1973 in Chilli; and was inspired by true event; the camp « colonia dignidad » has really exist just like the characters.


So this story talked about a young woman named Lena and her german boyfriend Daniel, one day Daniel and Lena was arrested by Pinochet’s military like many other people. They released Lena and bring Daniel in a secret camp named « Colonia Dignidad ». Once in the camp Nobody comes out. So Lena decided to join Daniel and risk her life to find him, so she secretly enters in the camp. She was willing to do anything to find Daniel. Life conditions was hard, womens who disobeyed were beaten or worth. To survive they have to do horrible and hard things, Lena wants to find Daniel and escape. Will they get there? Or will they die?

To know what happened you have to watch this amazing film.

He is really touching and throught him we can have an idea of the life in the camp, and see the horror and the terror present there.


I recommend it for everybody, This film gave me a new vision of this period. Wa can feel the intensity of all feeling in this film. It’s different than a documentary. So if you want to have a good time, you can watch « Colonia ».

 » Cyrano De Bergerac  » – Edmond Rostand

HI everybody,

Today I’m going to speak about a drama entitled « Cyrano De Bergerac » written by Edmond Rostand. She was played in december 28th 1897 for the first time in Paris. I think you probably know this story and maybe you read it but I wanted to speak about this drama because she is probably my favourite.

First you have to know that my mother obliged me to read this drama so I wasn’t really determined to read it but I was really surprise and finally I was pretty happy.

Cyrano is known for is intelligence and his face (more specially for his nose.) He fall in love of his cousin: Roxane, however he doesn’t want to tell her because he’s afraid about her reaction. Roxane sees Cyrano just like a cousin and she is attrated to Christian. Cyrano wants before all the hapiness of Roxane, so he decided to help Chrisian to seduce Roxane. However he discover that Christian is « stupid » and knows nothing about poetry. Nevertheless he helped him: Cyrano writte numerous letter and Christian sign them. Finally Roxane fall in love of Christian (more precisely of Christian’s physical and Cyrano’s spirit). Then Roxane and Christian get married just before he goes to war with Cyrano.
And even during the war Cyrano continues to pretend to be Christian in his letter. Christian realised that Roxane loved only Cyrano’s spirit and that Cyrano loved her, so he would like to reveal the truth to roxane but he died.
Out of respect for him, Cyrano is revealed never the truth to roxane except on the day of his death.

I’m not a big fan of romantic novel or romantic drama but this one makes me cry at the end and I was sad to have already finished it, that’s why I recommend this drama.  

« War horse » – Michael Morpurgo

 Hi everybody,

Today I’m going to speak about a novel entitled « War horse » written by Michael Morpurgo, published in 1982 and adapted by Steven Spielberg in 2011.
I haven’t seen this movie but someone told me that he was amazing and very touching. So if he really respect the book it will be interessant to see it. I have read this book in college and if I remember, I think I’ve cried several times. This is such a sad story but it’s allow us to have another vision, perspective and another point of view of the First World War. And the fact that the narator was a horse makes us feel the story differently and it’s allows us to put ourselves in the place of the horse.

So this novel was obviously  inspired by true events. The story talked about a horse named « Joey » who was bought by American soldier at the beginning of the first world war to be a war horse.
We are going to have empathie for Joey and we will also focus on him. You have to know that the entire story is seen and told by the horse, so we can see things differently.
So joey goes to war and lives many adventures, he sees horror and atrocity of the war (during the battle, the bombing raid….).
Joey will go a long way during years, he will be ill, heart … he has just one wish: go back home and be alive.

So if you want to know what happened to this horse and know if he will survive you have to read or watch the movie.
Trust me you won’t be disappointed.

« The perfect murder » – Peter James

Hi everybody,

Today I’m going to speak about a novel entitled  » The perfect murder « written by Peter James (my favorite writter at that time) and published in 2010.
This book is one of the lastest novels published by Peter James.

 So this novel talked about a couple ( Victor and Joan ) that can no longer stand. They are married since twenty years old but things did not happend like they had hoped years ago. Now Victor want to kill his wife and Joan feels the same. So both planned a way to kill his spouse. In some point of view it’s two perfect crime but characters have to keep calm because things can degenerate.
However things will not happened as good as previous and it’s going to be a hell for one of them.
During the story there are suspens and we want to know the following and see the future of the characters because if you will read it you ‘ll see that characters behaviour evolve.

 So if you like suspens, crime … I recommend this book and furthermore this novel is very fast to read.

« Charlie » or « Firestarter » by Stephen King

Hello everyone,

Today i’m going to speak about an amazing novel entitled « Charlie » or « Firestarter » and wrote by Stephen King the famous author.
This novel was published in 1980, later it was adapted in theatre with Drew Barrymore playing Charlie. I don’t know if the movie respect the book because I haven’t saw it, if someone did tell me.

So let me tell you briefly what about this story, Charlie is a 7 years old girl who is born with strong power : pyrokinesique. The problem is that she doesn’t control her power and it’s dangerous.
You have to know that her power comes from her parents who have been subject of an experiment when they are young. This experiment has change their DNA and capacities appears. For example Andrew Mcgee (Charlie’s father) can control peolple’s mind and create illusions.
But unfortunatly they are wanted by an agency from the governement who want study their power or even eliminate the « threat ». So Charlie and his father are constantly on run.               So in your opinion did they arrived to catch them ? 

This novel is very nice to read with a lot of suspens and this story is original and we want to know what happend next. I tell you, you must read it !

« DENIAL » – Peter James

Hi everyone,
Today I’m going to speak about an amazing novel entitled « Denial » and wrote by Peter James an English Autor. This book belong to thriller and published in 1996.

So this story talks about a man named Thomas Lamark who lived in London with his mom, an older actrees: Gloria Lamark. You have to know that Thomas loved his mother and when I said love I mean love that you’re not allows or not suppose to feel for someone on your family.
But unfortunatly she decided to kill herself. Thomas found his mother dead and he reject the fault on Mickeal Tennet (his mother’s psy), So Thomas decided to revenge his mother by hurt then kill the guilty.
However this revenge will completely degenerate and engedered numerous murder. Thomas doesn’t want only punish the guilty he also want to hurt everybody who was an obstale for his mother.

I don’t know if some of you already read it but if not you had to, because suspens is here in every pages and we want to know what happend next. This story also makes me thinking about things who really exist, about the reality.
I tell you this book is Amazing and I recommend it for every people who loved suspens and thriller, you won’t be disappointed !

 » Under The Dome « 

HI Everyone,

Today I’m going to speak about a TV show entitled  » Under the Dome » produced by Brian K. Vaughan. This series is an adaptation of a book  »Dome » written by Stephen King.
I haven’t read this book yet but someone told me that it was quite similar.
And it’s belong to fantasy series.

So the story talked about people in a small country who suddenly find themselves trapped uder the dome. So they will find why it’s happened and how get out of that Dome.
Since the appearence of the Dome strange things are going to appear and it’s make people in danger. Characters are in tensions, quickly people became crazy.
We are discover that some people are linked with the dome and they can have an influence of him according to their feelings …
Characters are going to be strong to survive in this hardship.

I love this TV Show because there are suspens and I also try to found why the Dome is appear and I like fantasy.
I recommend it for all people who had read the book of Stephen King and for evebody who like fantasy series.

 » Graal » by Christian De Montella

Today I’m going to speak about a trilogy entitled  » Graal  »written by Christian De Montella.
It’s belong to fantasy novel.

So the strory talks about Merlin (son of devil) and his fight against good and bad when he was young and it’s speak also about every event and adventure before king arthur birth and the round table. In this book we can face with the famous Morgan, Lancelot ect….
It show the beginning of the quest of Graal with every characters’ difficulties.
This novel allows us to travel through legends of king arthur but also to travel in a new world and delve into the adventures of Merlin.
There is a lot of suspens in this book we are always trying to know what are going to happend next and when we strated the trilogy we feel like obliged to continue.

I like this trilogy because when I read it it’s like I retourned in the past and see everythings that happend it’s very amazing and I like this feeling.
I recommend this book for everybody who like this type of book and also for people who like King Arthur’s legends because it’s very interresting.

 » SIMETIERRE  » Stephen King

Today I’m going to speak about a novel written by Stephen King entitled « Simetierre ».
This novel is a fictional story but it can considered also as little bit horror.
This work exist also in movie but I don’t know if he’s more known or not .
The story talks about a family « Creed  » who moves in a other town,in a big house near to an animal cimetierre …. they becames friends with their neighboor, days pass and things strange happened and nobody can explain it. One day their cat is found dead, the father going to burry him in the animal cimetierre and the next day …the cat came back to life …
An other day their son ( 2 years) died, so their family is overwhelmed sorrow and the father decided to burry him in the cimetierre ( for his son come back too) but things are different this time, the child come back to life but he was looks possessed by a demon …

I loved read this book because there are a lot of suspens and at the end I was anxious for the family , I recommend it for all the people who love suspens and horror !

« Ellana » by Pierre Bottero

Today , I’m going to speak about a novel entitled « Ellana » (an trilogy) written by Pierre Bottero .

It’s a fantasy novel with a lot of suspens and talk about a youg girl Ellana .
Ellana is an orphan and was raised by little creature in a forest , Then she left to see the world and living her life , she lived few years in a poor city with other orphan and she learned to fight .

One day she met Sayanel lyyant he suggest Ellana to became a « Marchombre » , she accept and she became the apprentice of Jilano Alhuïn .
Is she going to follow her fate?
It is the beginning of a great adventure . It’s a sad story and the end is very touching .

I have loved read this Trilogie because there are a lot of suspens and if we start to read we can’t stop and we felt the need to continue .
I recommend it for all people who like fantasy novels .

« The perks of being a wallflower » by Stephen Chbosky

Today I’m going to speak about a novel entilteld « the perks of being a wallflower  » that waswritten by Stephen Chbosky.
this novel is an realistic fiction but he is presented as a diary , charlie talk about his life by means of « letters to his imaginary friend ».
This novel exist also in movie who is probably more famous than the book.
the story talk about an young man « charlie » who is very smart but a little bit strange for the other people. He had a difficult past and hadn’t friend , but one day in a new school he met Patrick then Sam and becomes friend or even inseparable .
Charlie break up with his commute and so he discover another world with party , friend and girl…
I have loved read this book because it’really interesting and could be real , he makes me feel emotions and we could be identify at the caracters and the fact that it’s present such as a diary makes it even more real . It’s a beautiful story and he is very mouving and everybody can read it .
I recommend it !

Looking for Alaska

I’m going to speak about a novel entitled « Looking for Alaska »
Thougt it is a realistic fiction it’s also a romance.
The autor of this book is John Green the same who writing « The fault in our Star »
It’s a story about Miles Halter 16 years old who is feeling alone and who need to make experiences . He left his familly to study in an University , he met his veritable friend and Alaska Youg a girl who Miles fall in Love .
A beautiful adventure begin with more or less probleme.
This novel talk also about many firt experience of life like smoke , drink , the first love and Accident….
I loved read this book because the autor know how make suspence and he makes me feel a lot of emotions and it is very mouving for all people can read it because it can be make thinking about a friend or a person in our family , this is why you must read it .