Why not some poetry?


Hi everybody!

Yesterday I was looking for a new idea to make an article and… I was not very inspired. So, to change with books or movies, I would like to talk about the poetry, which is a similar field but not totally the same as literature.
I was surfing on the net when I fell on a site with only english poems. Of course, you can improve your english language thanks to videos on the net,poadcasts [..] which are less pain than the reading ahah!

If some of you are courageous, you could try to read these poems, which are very useful to bring us some new words (yes, words which are employed on the poetry field are quiet different!)

Well, if i should recommand you someone, it would be John Milton, who is the creator of many epic poems!

A room with a view

Hi everybody!!

I don’t know if some of you know who is Edward Forster? Well, he is a british author who comes from london, and more than everything, he is the author of « A room with a view », which is one of his most famous novel.
The principal subject of the novel is about the critic of the english society.
They are also many romantic things in the story (well, globally, the principal character is a woman, and she must choose between two persons) so if you don’t like it I don’t recommand you to read it haha!

What else? If you don’t like reading, good news for you, this novel has got an adaptation in movie, directed by James Ivory (who is also british) and released in 1985.
Perhaps you’ve already saw the film, or read the book!
What are your impressions?

Emma- Jane Austen

Hi everybody! Hope that your holidays are fun!

I am going to talk about the novel « Emma ». When we talk about a novel of Jane Austen, it’s always about « Pride and Prejudice », which I don’t have read but seems to be sooooo boring…
So even if I am not a big fan of this kind of book, I am going to talk about « Emma »: It could be pleasant for some of you who find that Jane Austen is incredible!

So this novel was first published anonymously in 1815. The heart of the story is about Emma, who wants that single persons can find an idealistic love. In this book we also find the notion of mores, a little like in Madame Bovary in french

I found this novel rather « kitch », but I would like to have your opinions, interepretations etc…
And if you have also read some novels of Jane Austen which are less boring, write it down!

1984, The Novel

Hi everybody!

We saw the movie « 1984 » in class, and even if this film is disruping, I found that there are some interesting notions: for example the denunciation of totalitarian societies. Personally I don’t saw the movie entirely, so I tried to found something for know the end, because I was curious, and I found the book of « 1984 ».

These novel is a dystopia, and it’s the most famous novel written by George Orwell (also with « Animal Farm », which I recommand too. We studied it in class last year), and it is very interesting to read it because we found all the notions that we are actually learning at class: the « novlangue » for example.

Even if you don’t have understand the movie, go read it!

Sherlock Holmes

Hi everybody!

I am sure that you know who is Sherlock Holmes, this famous fictionnal character invented by Arthur Conan Doyle!
He is a scottish investigator who can solve any crime or mystery; Sherlock appears in many differents little novels. His first apparition were in 1887, in « A Study in Scarlet ».

Well, I already read some of these books when I was young, and I really like them, but I didn’t watch any movie of Sherlock Holmes. Yet, there is a film, which was produced by Joel Silver in 2009: apparently it was a good film because I saw that it receive a lot of positive reactions.
The film was also reward by many awards.

That’s why if you already saw this film, I would like to have your opinion!!!

Avatar in science

Hi everybody!

I know that it’s not really in the subject of english literature but in class, we had to prepare an oral, concerning the evolution of science and technologies in the genetics and robotic fields. So, I was thinking about the american movie « AVATAR », directed by James Cameron in 2009, which could be considerated as a good example for the notion of progress.

I also find the idea of avatar incredible; moreover graphism are wonderful and we can see it in 3D version. Also, I really enjoyed this movie. As a result, I was wondering if there is a novel, and I found it!
I recommand you to read it if, as me, you loved the movie: First it

Oliver Twist: the movie.

Hi everybody! I would like to know if some of you saw the movie « Oliver Twist »?

The film is directed by Roman Polanwski, and of course it’s an adaptation of Charles Dickens’s novel. It dates from 2005 and was shoot in Prague!

Personally I never read the book, so I don’t know if the adaptation is faithful or not. But the movie is rather interesting, and seems respect the main story line…
I recommand you to watch it, and to tell me here your feelings!

And of course, watch it in english haha


Hi everybody!

I would like to talk about the documentary film about Bob Marley’s life; « Marley ». If you don’t know, it’s a film by Kevin Macdonald, which was released in 2012. It’s a good tribute for Bob Marley, who were a great singer. Also the documentary is rather well, it start from his birth until his death!

Which can be considered interesting? During all the documentary you can hear Bob Marley’s songs,for example Redemption Song or Jamming. If you love Bob Marley, watch this documentary!

English podcasting!!

Hi everybody!
Do you know the notion of « podcast »? Podcasts are some videos about many differents subjects: Generally it’s about video games, or just for laugh. I really like it, and last week I discovered « PewDiePie », who is a swedish podcaster. He is making short videos, and if you enjoy Fanta Bob (or Squeezie for example, who are french podcasters) I recommand you to try PewDiePie.
His subjects are from video games, and it’s a good initiative for improve your English language!

Game Of Throne, the novel!

Hey people…!!
To break with the subject which we study at present (Theater, Shakespeare, the poetry etc… ) I suggest you to try the reading of « Game of Throne » which is, before put into series on the television, a book by George Martin, an american writter.
It exists in two volumes, and it’s an amaaaazing fantasy book, which won a big price of literature because of the quality of the story! I think that if you know and like the Tv serie, you could appreciate the book too, which is having more details…
Everybody is talking about the serie, so why don’t you read the book?

William Shakespeare!

Hey people! We’re actually work on William shakespeare! Is this part of the theme pleases you? Personally, I think that he is a pillar of the English literature, as well as in poetry, even if we often know more him for his books, especially in theater (Romeo and Juliette for example) than about his poems! So successful in the art of the comedy and the tragedy, his talent is undeniable! But, in spite of this recognized talent, do you like his works? I have only read a little of his works but I didn’t have been passionate! But perhaps could you have some other Shakespeare’s works to propose?

Final Fantasy; The novel!

If you know Final Fantasy, the video game created by Square Enix, which is, in my opinion, one of the better role plays than I have ever tried, maybe you could read the written version, « The legend: Final Fantasy VII ».
It is appeared in book in July,2013. This book is a real tribute for the fifteen years of the video game, which was born in 1997. I propose this book, but naturally there are others volumes, all rather voluminous!
All the stories are well detailed, and we really find the fantastic universe of the basic game. It is of approximately 330 pages and for the price, it’s around twenty euros.
I recommend it for all those who having appreciated the video game!

Idea of holiday’s fantastic films

If you like the study of the moment (which is Alice in Wonderland), you will certainly like, in the same category, fantasy movies as The Lords of The Rings, The Chronicles Of Narnia, or Harry Potter, which are all three really popular and recommended movies!

I recommend you to look at them if you don’t know what to do during the holidays!

Old Alice or New Alice?

I didn’t know the first movie « Alice in Wonderland » made ??in 1903 that we saw in class, but only one that was released in 2010, directed by Tim Burton. Progress is huge, cinema has changed very much since then, mainly due to the effects. Despite the lack of material, I found that the movie 1903 was quite well done, although it is clear that the recent adaptation is much better! In more than one century, progress is very visible!

Hunger Games

Last month, I saw Hunger Games, which is a brilliant film realized by Gary Ross. The story is about a girl, Katniss, who has to go to the « Hunger Games ». Twenty four young people had to go there every year. The purpose of the game is to kill all the others and to remain the only survivor. If you like science fiction’s moovies, I really recommand you to watch it!