Your name – Makoto Shinkai

Storyline :

Mitsuha, teenager stuck in a traditional family, a dream to leave her native mountains to discover the hectic life of Tokyo. She is far from imagining to be able to live the urban adventure in the skin of … Taki, a young high school student living in Tokyo, occupied enter his casual job an Italian restaurant and his numerous friends. Through its dreams, Mitsuha sees herself literally propelled in the life of the young boy to the point that she believes to live the reality … Everything falls over when she realizes that Taki also dreams about a life in mountains, surrounded with a traditional family … in the skin of a girl ! A strange relation settles down between their two bodies which they monopolize mutually. What mystery hides behind these strange dreams which unite two fates which everything brings into conflict and which never met ?


A movie to be absolutely seen. Please, go to see it in the cinema once, five times, ten times…

This movie plays enormously with our feelings; we laugh (much more than we could expect it), we also cry, and we navigate constantly between these feelings and a lot of others.
The graphics are naturally magnificent, in particular the landscapes, whether it is city or countryside.The music is really very important, the pieces are played at the good moments to increase our feelings. (And fortunately the words are translated, because they play an important role in the understanding of the story. They correspond perfectly to the movie, and at the end we just want to get itself the album to be able to listen to them at will by remembering ourself the movie.
The scenario is very good, he can seem complex at times but made think and obliges us to remain hung on well on the movie to understand all the ins and outs, without preventing us from taking advantage of the atmosphere.

At the end of the movie I just wanted to go to see it again because I have the feeling that there will be always something else to notice, other elements to be understood, while laughing and by crying so much every time. This film is definitely one of my favorite now, and i think we should have more Japanese movies like this, in France.

Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children

At the very beginning when I heard about this book, he caught the eye to me at once but the opportunity had appeared never really. But that’s it I finally took the plunge and I plunged into this magnificent book.

Jacob is a very normal young person, with a family which has its secrets and a grandfather in the delirious stories ! But is Grandpa Portman as well crazy as we think of it?

I did not think of being allowed embark so by this history and nevertheless it was the case. Once gone into the novel I wanted to know the end and to understand  if all that we tell to Jacob since he was a child is true or not! But once the quest begun, I began to find it a little bit long, and then the more and more interesting photos arrived and my interest woke up! From the moment Jacob finds « them » I did not know how to any more release the book. I always wanted to learn it more, and especially to learn it more on the monsters which populate this novel.

And then we make THE decisive meeting of the book, that of the Miss Peregrinates, and the story takes another scale. The fantastic part is justified by « monsters » which we know very well in the end … I shall let you discover about whom I speak, but from front pages you will understand very well!

The end of the novel is full of new developments and maintaining it delays me only a thing, to have the continuation to understand where is going to lead this quest. Because we suspect although what we saw in this first volume is just the top of the Machiavellian plan! Deeply!

At the level of the characters I loved a lot Jacob who finally is lost as well as we him would be at his place. He is a just man catapulted in this story. Emma and the other children have this young something who makes that we can only love them, and now I want to have of them news !

The style of the author is really pleasant, even if there are moments longer than others. But photos and drawings which there is throughout the book bring us a discovery furthermore.

To finish, a first volume which makes the mouth water to us for the next !

And you can here, check the website of the author, there are few things about the author, his books and more !

The Wolf Of Wall Street

For this first article I’m going to talk about a film. The Wolf of wall street. Directed by Martin Scorsese in 2013. Inspired by a true story, the film is about the ascent of Jordan Belfort, a stock broker ( interpreted by Leonardo DiCaprio ) at New York in the 80s. From « the american Dream », He is going to pass in a life of corruption and excess, in big part because of the business world. His accumulated fortune and His success is worth to him the name of " Wolf of Wall Street ". He will be attracted by the power, the drug, the women and more ! But for Jordan the modesty doesn’t exist any more, He literally thinks he is indestructible.

I really loved watching the film but If I have to say something negative about it, it is the length ! ( The film is VERY long ! ) A few times I found there was long scenes, and it's disturbed me a bit. But I was amazed by actor's game of Leonardo DiCaprio, this actor confirms that he can interpret any role and be excellent in each of them. Matthew McConaughey amazes me too, I didn't know him so much than that before that film.
The history is gradually set up during the first part of the movie. We laugh a lot, ( I expected it when I saw the trailer ). All the characters are really important and all of them are particular and give a touch in more in the film. So maybe that's the reason why I liked it ! So, If I have one thing to tell you is that you should watch this movie !