Endgame, Samuel BECKETT

Samuel BECKETT show, in his plays, the misery of the humans conditions by the theatre of the absurd like waiting for Godot written in 1954, Endgame in 1957 and Happy Days in 1961 for example.

His plays show the absurd of the humans conditions.

As Ionesco, he uses tragic and comic. The characters use of meaningless words that give illusion of the dialogue.

In Endgame, Hamm is in blinded and paralysed, waiting his drug, he tells him story alone and tyrannize Clov, his adopted son, and his old parents, Nagg and Nell. This four characters live in grey house, without furnitures, and are maybe, the last survivors of an humanity destroy. The plays is a long conversation, pace by a silences and a repetitions.

I love this story because I find it very funny with the absurd characters.

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Animal Farm by George ORWELL

Hi everyone, today i’m going to talk about a famous book intitled « The Animal Farm » written in 1945 and published in 1984 by a famous writter George Orwell.

This farm is not as the other farm. In fact, she’s not ordinary, she have animals who speak !

We have in a first group the pigs, they manage the farm and all the animals, the pigs who have the supreme authority : Boule de neige and Napoléon. They instaured this followings regulation: « All two legs is an ennemy. All four legs or all fowl, a friend. Any animals don’t will sleep in a bed. Any animals don’t will wear they locks. Any animals don’t will drink of alcohol. Any animals don’t will kill an other animal. All animals are equal. »

The time progress and the rain erase they regulations. The donkey, a cynic, decode again : « All animals are equals, but some are more famous than others ».

To conclude, I liked this book, because he refers at the World War II but we don’t know directly the message with the animals. I’m a big fan of that historical period so it’s for me an amazing thing to present you this literature.

« Harry Potter at the school of the wizard »

This story is magic. The day of their 11 years , Harry Potter a high orphan by an uncle and an aunt that hated him, sees his existence upsets. A giant comes look for him to bring in Poudlard, the famous school of wizard where a place wait him since always. Fly in the broom, cast spells, fight the trolls : Harry Potter is a wizard very gifted, but what mystere round this bord any who is the terrible V…..!!! the mage whose nobody dare pronounce the name?

Harry Potter at the school of the wizard is a book fills of suspence written by J.K.Rowling in 1999. She had written seven Harry Potter.It’s a world fantastic with they wizard Ron, Hermion this friends.

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Aldous Huxley ~ « Brave New World »,1932

« Brave New World » is a novel of science- fiction by the British author : Aldous Huxley (1894-1963); It’s just a fiction novel : the author imagine what will the world in 2050.

In Aldous Huxley’s « Brave New World » (1932), genetic engineering and conditioning have eradicated pain, old, age and emotions.bred in bottles, babies are predestined to their various functions in society as they are divided into five groups : Apha, Bêta, Gamma, Delta and Epsilon (they each have their characteristic).Everyone is controlled through their minds. So every one is « happy » until an outsider comes and disrupts the order of society.the author have created a terrifying world ,babies are created with a line work. Aldous Huxley believed in progress through spiritual life rather than through science. this is why Brave New World is a dystopia about the condition scientific.


Thomas more was a politician and humanist. Chancellor in 1529, he abandoned this charge in 1532, because he disapproved the rupture of Henri VIII with a pape. He was imprisoned in 1535, sentenced to death and decapitated. He published a lot of novel, especially a politic and social in Latin appointed « UTOPIA » in 1515-1516. »UTOPIA » is a book in two parts : In the first place, we have a dialogue between author and a friend retourning from travel and they ask a lot of politics and social questions of the time they have addressed. Still, the parts two, reveals the fiction because the traveler clearly stated he discovered an island is call « UTOPIA » and speaks of Thomas MORE. « UTOPIA » is a word wrought by Thomas MORE which means « ideal world ». This book was a great description for notion of « UTOPIA »,I like this book because it’s interesting adventure.