Amadeus- Milos Forman

Amadeus, locandina e poster

Hey everyone !

Directed by Milos Forman, Amadeus is an American movie released in 1984 which is inspired by a Pouchkine play intitled « Mozart and Salieri ».                     This adaptation was a real success because of its 50 Awards in numerous competitions.                                                                                                             As its name suggests, it’s about the Mozart’s Life, the child prodigy also well-known as a really talented composer.Fichier:Wolfgang-amadeus-mozart 1.jpg — Wikipédia

Mozart was born in Salzbourg in 1756 and died in 1791 in Vienna. As a child, he composed his first minuet in 4 years old, his Symphony in 8 years and finally his Opera in 12.

He was a virtuoso of the piano of the violin, and he devoted his life to the music : He had one goal : Be the pride of his father, a great musician, that he admired.              

Since his 3 years, he got the perfect pitch and a fabulous memory who anabled him to replay music he heard as will.

The movie talks about a conflict between Mozart and Antonio Salieri, an Italian musician who lived in the same Period as the first one.Amadeus" de Milos Forman (1984) : Les pires erreurs historiques dans ...

It begins with Mozart ( played by Tom Hulce) as young who plays piano for the King of Austria : We follow his evolution age by age and the growth of his popularity in the world. Because of his virtuosity, and his musician talents, Salieri who have to collaborate with him will become jealous and make anything to destabilize him.

The Movie depicts a Mozart really selfish, arrogant and pretentious : Indeed, he amadeus è un film che narra la biografia di wolfgang amadeus mozart ...thinks that he is the « master », perhaps because of his education. Some people hypothetize that the real one had the same state of mind. According to him, his music is something beautiful, great and it’s the best.

That’s why, Salieri wants to get rid of him. As well, he will make everything in his power to become the most musician desired by the Austria nobility.

On the one hand, Mozart lead a very hard carrier : Despite of his magnificient works, like the opera :  The magic flute  or his Requiem , he will live a really precarious life : He give no more piano lessons, his beloved Father died and his works don’t give him enough money to live with his wife, Constanze.

On the Other hand, Salieri seems to have a really easy life : ... Amadeus, 1984 (dir. Miloš Forman) | the diary of a film historyHe plays for the weathiest of the country and is delighted of the financials problems of his rival.

We discover musics in their context : For instance, Requiem was written at the Mozart’s father death : Indeed, it’s a really dark and oppresive music.


At this Time, Mozart is in bad conditions. The death of Mozart is depicted with a lot of tensions, darkness, sadness and he composes until his exhaustion.


I really appreciate this movie : It tell us the story of the amazing Classic composer with a poetic dimension, where the feelings and emotions are conveyed by the musics : It is clearful in particular at the end.

All of the Mozart’s compositions are choosen depending on the moments and the atmosphere of the scene of the movie, and makes it more incredible and deep.

However, we have to know that there wasn’t any conflict between Antonio Salieri and Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart : Indeed, they knew each other but hadn’t collaborate or being in quarrel.

It’s a perfect invention !

I think that this movie helps to understand the animated and restless life of the Austrian composer, without forget the context of that time : The composer didn’t live of them works, they had to give piano or violin lessons.

Do you know this movie ? 🙂

Here one extract of the movie : (Mozart plays one one the Salieri’s compositions. and wants to change it.)

Sophie Scholl, The Final Days – Marc Rothemund

Sophie Scholl, The final Days, (Die letzten Tage in german) is a german film directed by Marc Rothemund, released in 2005. The movie was nominated at the Berlinale in 2005 and won Silver Bear awards for Best director and Best Actress concerning Julia Jentsch who plays one of the protagonist : Sophie Scholl. Even if there was no awards at the Oscar’s ceremony, it was presented as the Best Foreign Language Film.

Who is Sophie Scholl ?

Sophie Magdalena SCHOLL was born the 9 may 1921 in Fortchtenberg in Germany and was executed the 22 February in Munich.

She was one of the main leaders with Hans, her brother, of the Weiße Rose (translated by White Rose) , created in 1942 , a German resistance group against the dictatorship led by Hitler. Today, she’s an inspiration for the germans.

Based on Real facts, the plot is about the Sophie Scholl
and Hans Scholl’s life during the second world war in germany. We follow them into the White Rose Organization.

Their goal is really simple : Raise compatriots’ consciousness and fight in a passive way through leaflet distributed in Munich : However, whereas the siblings were handing out the flyers in the Munich University, they were arrested by the police.

Subsequently, they are asked by the gestapo investigator (political police during the Third Reich) about these flyers : Although Sophie denied being culprit, and told she was apolitical, the investigator doesn’t want to believe her and led her and Hans in the Jail waiting to her Trial.

Guily of High Treason, the Scholl’s siblings and Christopher Probst, a friend who is also involved into this case, are judged by Roland Freisler, the well-known german Judge, president of people’s court in the Nazi regime, who was held responsible of thousands and thousands death sentences.

As in the real life, the Freisler’s Actor plays the role of a very bossy, authoritative, nasty,ruthless man who does not carry of the accused. The Trials didn’t take a lot of time : Indeed, the judgment fell very quickly most of the time.

After having questioned the White Rose members students, the judgment falls : The execution of the protagonist. Whereas someone told to Sophie that she could have 99 days waiting to her killing, she will be executed the same day.


Before leaving the Court’s room, she said  :

where we stand today, you will stand soon“

And the movie ends at her last words  :

« Es Lebe die Freiheit »

( translated by ‘Long Live Freedom » which is not meaningless.)


I saw the Movie in VOSTA (Original Version with English substitles) and I found it really admirable as much by actor’s play as the adaptation of the real history facts. Indeed, we found the historical context of the second world war and the movie present Sophie and Hans as Heroes of their time : They made a lot to improve things during the Hitler’s dictatorship which led to oppression and Terror.

They fight against them in a passive way with a Resistance Group and entered in History like many other groups like Red orchestra, or Edelweiss Pirates. Unfortunately, all of these didn’t be active for a long time before be dismantled by the Nazis.

Through this adaptation we can see how was the situation in this time and how hard it was. The Original Version gives us a lot of shivers because of the Protagonist’s Anger, anxiety, and hopelessness face to the Totalitarian Regime which are accentuated in german (according to me).

Have you seen it? 🙂

Here’s the trailer :

Demain tout commence – Hugo Gélin

Afficher l'image d'origine

Hey everyone ! Recently, I saw Demain Tout commence, a French comedy-drama directed by Hugo Gélin and released in December 2016. The main characters are played by Omar Sy, Gloria Colston and also Clémence Poésy.

It’s a dramatic story about Samuel, a young man who is working in the South of France, near the see : He has an easy life without any importants problems until Kristin, from London, one of his old girlfriend  comes back and announces him that he have a daughter, gloria, still a baby. The problem is that Kristin leave the beach and left the baby behind her.

Samuel, who has any experience as parents-being will going to London to find her, but in vain. Finally, he will live in London, educate and make his daughter grow up alone, give her all his love and become a stuntman. However, Gloria wants to know her mother : Samuel sent her fake e-mails with a fake Mail Adress (with the Kristin’s name), and make her think that her mother is writing her.

But after 8 years, Kristin comes back and wants to gets her daughter whereas  she wasn’t present the last 8 years. We learn that she met somebody else and started a new life.

Subsequently, numerous problems will be added : Gloria is suffering from a severe Heart disease and has 4 years to live. At the End, we learn a tragical news : Samuel is in fact not the Gloria’s father.. At this moment, the world around him collapses, and nothing more exists.


I found this story really sad and dramatic : Indeed, although Omar Sy plays ordinary funny roles, he is also really good in drama movies : At times, it’s really touching, For instance when Samuel and Gloria are together, we can see that he is giving her all his love, the actors  almost looks like  real relatives !!

Although it’s a dramatic movie, there is also Funny’s moments, which give a real interesting side to the story and made us like this even more.

I really found it good and I advise it to you !

Have you already seen the movie ? 🙂

Oedipus The King- Sophocles

Hey everybody ! Let me talk you about one of the Two books we have to read and study this year for the Litterature exams.

Oedipus the King (also called in Latin Oedipus Rex) is a myth rewritten many times into differents forms. Indeed, after the Sophocles’s play, the classical Authors made a new version (like Corneille or Sénèque) or Philosophers Authors like Voltaire.

But Igor Stravinski has also composed an opera called « Oedipus Rex » in 1920.

Let’s talk about the Sophocles’s version today :

Sophocle wrote Oedipus the King in 429 Before Christ, and after Odipus at Colonus which is also very well-known in the litterature field.

It’s about Oedipus, who became king of Thebes, a city in Greece after he killed the Sphinx which condamned the city. Oedipus managed to solve the riddle asked by it.

Therefore, he became the Jocasta’s Huband, the queen of Thebes. But there is a problem : Peoples are suffring from the plagues : That’s why Oedipus sent Creon, his brother-in-law to Delphi to Talk to the Appollo’s oracle and finding solutions : We discovered that it’s because of the recent Laius’s death, the former King of the country. Oedipus will investigate and meet Tiresias, a mind-reader to find the culprit of the murder. But the surprise is really astonishing because it’s Oedipus himself who would have killed Laius. Althoug he doesn’t take care Tiresias said, he will discover that it’s the truth..

But it’s not the most surprising : Indeed, whereas hAfficher l'image d'originee was educated by the queen and King of Corinth(an another country), they’re not his real parents : When he was young, an oracle said : « He will kill his father and will marry his mother ».                                     

And the curse occured unfortunately.

Discovering all this informations in the same time, with the Joscasta’s death, he decided to pluck his eyes : But became blind is not the only thing we wants : he begs to be exiled with his two daughters: Antigone, and Ismene.

Afficher l'image d'origine

We saw also the Pasolini’s film version directed in 1967:

It’s really close to the Sophocle’s version : Nevertheless, we can see a « before » with Oedipus as a baby and his birth and an « after » with the exil of Oedipus. But there is a lot of anachronism like Twenties’s cars, or Fireworks… Pasolini decided to adapt his life in his film : Indeed, the actress of Jocasta represent his mother and as his father was a soldier, Laius has a service’s man suit . He directed in Marocco, in Bologne in the Italia, his birth and studies city , and gives to Afficher l'image d'origineOedipus a different character : Indeed, Whereas the Sophocle’s Oedipus is really authoritative and smart, the Pasolinis’s Oedipus seems to be really excessive(he screams everytime!!) and doesn’t always thinks.

It gives to the movie a humorous character and sometimes ridiculous.

But, it’s anyway a good adaptation.

Afficher l'image d'origine

Here’s the trailer :

The maze Runner : The scorch Trials – James Dashner/ Wes Ball

Hey everyone ! I’m going to speak you about a very famous movie :  The Maze Runner.

First, it was a James Dashner’s book who became a best-seller. Wes Ball(the director) decided in 2014 to animate the story into a movie. The Maze Runner series is composed of 3 books with « The Maze runner » written in 2009, « The Maze Runner : The Scorch Trials » wirtten in 2010 and « The Maze runner : The Death Cure » in 2011. So far, only 2 films are released and knew an enormous success around the entire world.

Afficher l'image d'origine

The Maze runner  is an dystopian and science-fiction movie.In the first, some people were in a square of meadow surrounded by a gigantic Maze.                                                         Every month, a teenager woke up inside a elevator which led him to the square. But they didn’t know why they were here and had any memories of their past life. The only solution to get out : The Maze.

But there is a problem : Indeed, at the night, it change itself  its corridors.. If  Someone don’t come back to the square, and stay into the maze at night he will be killed/ eaten  by the Maze monsters : The « Grievers ». But only runners can go into the Maze. Thomas, the main character was also brought to this place and will trying to find the exit of the Maze which is more difficult than we can think.

(Because of potentials future viewers i will not giving you the end ! NO SPOIL!)

The Maze Runner : The scorch trials is the sequel of the first movie and set into a deshumanized world. The main characters managed to get out the Maze and are now facing to another test : The Scorch. Thomas and others are brought into a center which receives the survivors of the different Mazes around the World. He met Ava Paige, the Headministress of the WCKD (World Catastrophe Killzone Department) an institute in charge of finding a cure against the Flare, a disease which eat the brains and turns the humans into cannibals. Thomas will discover that WCKD inserted the Thomas ‘s friends and him into the Maze because the teenagers are « immune » against the flare and they wanted to test them (although there were a lot of deads). But their practices are really frightening it’s why Thomas and his friends will trying to escape of the centre : they learning that there is a resistance group « Right Hand » hidden in the mountains. It’s the only way to survive.

Will they manage to achieve their goal ? Afficher l'image d'origine


I saw the movies and i really found it interresting !  Indeed, there is a lot of suspense, (although it’s sometimes really frightening), and we are completely inside the story with the main characters who risk everytime their lives ! It’s a mixture of all which we like !

Have you read/saw the books/movies ? If  not, i adise you ! It must be seen !  🙂

Here’s the trailer of the first movie:

And the second(Scorch Trials) :

Attack on Titan – Hajime Iyasama

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Hello everybody, today i not will speaking about a book, a film or a music, but a Japanese manga which I REALLY love!!!

Attack on Titan  or Shingeki no Kyogin in Japanese original title, was written and illustrated by Hajime Isayama in 2009, it was a bestseller in the entire world among the manga’s world. In fact it’s also now very famous! Indeed, the Japanese mangaka (it’s the name of manga’s illustrator and writer ) has already written 20 series’s book and it’s not completed nowadays.

Moreover, there is an animation of the manga which was created in 2013, whose the second season will come out in 2017!  For the moment, there are only 25 episodes.

The Attack on Titan’s story set in a world where the humans live into walls: but why? Because of the titans. A long time ago, they discovered the titans, giants half humans and half “monsters” which are a threat for the humans (They are eating the humans without any reasons).Because of that, they build 3 enormous walls around the different cities: Wall Maria (the first), Wall Rosa (at the middle) and Wall Sina (at the center).Afficher l'image d'origineDuring about 100 years after the walls’s construction, any titans has entered in the city, but one day , the colossal Titan has broken the main wall and allowed to the other titans to enter under the enormous Afficher l'image d'originewhole. Since that day, the humans had to fight against them.


The mains characters are Eren Jeäger, his adopted sister Mickasa Ackermann and also his bestfriend, Armin Arlett. After the Eren’s mother’s death by a Titan, he was determined to kill any titans in the area of the Earth. Five years later, they joined the “Scouting legion” one of the three division of the soldiers.

Indeed, there is the “Stationary Guard” in which the soldiers are protecting the city and also the walls, the “military police” are protecting the Royal army and the king, and finally “the scouting legion” are going out of the walls and fighting titans.

Afficher l'image d'origine

They will fighting against the titans. Will they manage to kill all of them?

——————————————————————————————————————–It’s clearly my FAVOURITE manga among all I’ve ever watched. The story is very interesting because there is a lot of suspense, and it’s sometimes really frightening: especially when there are humans killed by Titans, or when there are a lot of blood but it makes the story more realistic and better! At the beginning, i was a bit frigtened but in the time, I find it REALLY good ! 🙂

Some people don »t like because it’s certainly too disgusting but it’s not just a story about Titans vs Humans, it’s clearly more complicated and interesting !!!!

I saw also the animated adaptationsubtitled in French and after in original version with English subtitles) and it is REALLY REALLY beautiful, and the OST (Original soundtrack) composed by Hiroyuki Sawano, an Japanese composer are so Epic and fantastic ! (He is  very good  and he made a lot  manga’s musics) It fits really to the manga’s universe!!!

I recommend Attack on Titan to you if you like manga because it’s deserves to be seen!!!

Do you know this manga? Have you ever seen that? 🙂

Here is the trailer (It’English subtitled) :

Waiting for Godot – Samuel Beckett

Waiting for Godot- Samuel Beckett

Hey everyone!! Today is a special day… (No I am joking.), I’m not going to talk you about a novel but about Theater!! Moreover, it fits to one of the topics we saw in LELE… The Nonsense Drama! You know, it’s a Drama where all the logic and the rules of the languages are not applied….

Waiting for Godot is a play written by Samuel Beckett in 1953 in Paris. Samuel Afficher l'image d'origineBeckett was born in 1906 and died in 1989. It’s the first play of Beckett, who wrote a lot of novels before that. Although Beckett is an Irish man, he wrote this play in French!! He’s one of the most famous Nonsense playwright who give birth to this genre. It was a real success and it’s really well-known at this time. There is only 2 act in this play.

But… What is the story?

It’s the story of 2 characters who are called: Vladimir and Estragon. We know that they are waiting Godot, for a long time already, and they are persuaded that this man will coming. He gave them an Appointment, but we don’t really know when and where… Waiting for Godot, they are talking of a lot of things, of the life, of Godot..

At the middle of the first Act, 2 characters are coming: Pozzo and Lucky, they are pretty strange: Actually, Pozzo is holding Lucky with a rope, and treats him like a horse, because Lucky is holding all the Pozzo’s objects. Pozzo discuss with the 2 main characters and they are talking him that they are waiting Godot.

In the 2nd Act, it’s the next day, and Godot is still missing. A boy said to the main characters that he works for Godot but he don’t know if he going to coming.

Will manage them to find Godot?


I really liked this play! In fact, I never read a Nonsense play in French and I found it really funny, strange and it wasn’t hard to understand!

At the beginning, I was like: “What? What are they saying? It’s so illogical!”, but I remembered that it was a Nonsense Theater! But, after, we understand better what the main characters are saying (even if there isn’t logic).

We find a lot of elements of Nonsense like neologism (a knouk > a slave), nonsense tautology…

The fact that they are talking of everything and anything, and are changing all the time the subjects of the conversation, make the play really funny and interesting.

For instance: As they are in front of a tree, they decided to hang themselves. They are saying that it’s for spend their time! If Godot is coming they are safe! And as they have no rope, they are talking of another things.

Afficher l'image d'origine

And during the play, at any moment, when one of the two characters wants to move, the other said : “ we can’t” “We’re waiting for Godot”. And they stay in the same place…

According many people, Godot is a sort of religious character. Indeed, the name Godot is made of God, but there isn’t a really specific explanation at this time… We can suppose that Vladimir and Estragon are waiting a saviour…

It can be really strange at time, and it’s REALLY REALLY different than the others genre like the novel…

Oh, I forgot to say that it’s a really short play to read (I read this in only 2 hours!).

I advise you to read Waiting for Godot!! Have you already read that? 🙂

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Silk- Alessandro Baricco

Hey everyone! How are you? I’m going to speak about a book that we had to read for the French class! It is pretty different from all the books that I presented before, because there is not a lot of humor….

Silk is a novel written by Alessandro Baricco, a young Italian writer, in 1996. The original title is “Seta”. It was a real success in few months and It was a bestseller!Soie is the 3rd novel written by the author.  There was a film adaptation in 2007 by François Girard.

So, I’m going to talk about the book!

The scene takes place in the 19th century in France. It’s the story of Hervé Joncour, a French man, who decided to travel to Japan to buy another silkworms, because his production was contaminated by a disease.. After crossing Russia, he arrived in Japan, he met Hara Kei a Japanese village headman, and his mistress, who gave him many silkworms. After many travels, Herve felt in love with the Hara Kei’s mistress, and began a mysterious relationship with her, although he has already a woman, Helène. And one day, he received a letter which is written is Japanese.. He didn’t know who had written this.. He discovered that it’s the Helene’s letter, and she explain him a lot of things, she knows about the mysterious relationship between Herve and the mistress ( we don’t have her name..).

There is the war in Japan, and Herve can’t return in the country, and he decided to stop his journeys, and tells his experience to the inhabitants of his town.


It’s a pretty good story, but as I said before, there is not a lot of humor.. It’s a really serious book, with romance. I know that many people don’t like this sort of book, and usually I don’t like it!

It can be sometimes a little bit boring, especially when Herve tells us his travel, it’s always described with the same words.. But there is however suspense and mystery, because we don’t know who had written the letter to Herve, and when he returned to japan, the village wasn’t here, they had moved, all was destroyed by the war in Japan.

The Novel is filled of numerous metaphor, and poetic pictures.. It is really beautiful at times!

Do you know this book ? Have you already read it ?

Afficher l'image d'origineAfficher l'image d'origine

? Sweet Honey ? – Cathy Cassidy

Sweet Honey

Hello everybody ! I want to speak about one of my favourite book series? called “ Chocolate box girls” ,written by Cathy Cassidy, a English women author ! There are 6 books, but, no… I’m not going to tell you about the 6 books, because it could be very boring…

Ok, so I decided to speak about «Sweet Honey», the 5th book of the saga. It was written in 2014,. Every book’s titles are cute ! For an example : “Cherry crush” , “Marshmallow skye” “coco caramel” or “summer’s dream”!

Cathy Cassidy is one of my favourite author, with John Green, and also J.K Rowling (Yes , the author of Harry Potter ! I read all of the book , and saw all the movies, I can say that I AM A POTTERHEAD!! < a fan of Harry Potter ) But, here, don’t care of Harry Potter !! (Although, It’s a really good saga !)


First, I’m going to  explain the situation ( which is written in first novel..)

Charlotte Tanberry and Greg have 4 daughters : Summer and Skye are twins, coco and Honey. But, one day, Greg and Charlotte divorce and currently, the girls are living with their mom. After, she met Paddy Costello, a young men, who has a girl too, named “Cherry”. They move in Somerset, always In England to live with the Tamberry Family. After, they created an Chocolate industry, called “Chocolate box”, and they make their chocolate themselves. It is a real success !

In every book we have the side of each character. For an example, in the first “cherry Crush”, it’s the point of view of Cherry, “summer’s dream”, it’s summer and it’s the same for every book !


But, now I’m going to speak about Sweet Honey, the 5th book of the saga.

In this book, it’s the point of view of Honey, the oldest girl (14years old). Honey is one of the least nice sister, because she is really nasty with Cherry, and other people… Since, Greg, her father is gone, she became an another person.  And, she is bad at school and disrupt the class. And now, she is out of school because she hacked the school’s website (thanks to her friend who is very good in hack) and changed her marks. So, his father, Greg, invite her in Australia, where he lives, in this way, she could be far away of her problems. She is accepted in a Australian school, and met Tara and Bennie, and she will become friend with her. Honey decided to create an account Spider Web, a social networks: it enables to talk with her sisters far away from her, in England. But, quickly, Honey become friend, in the social Network, with “surfie 16”. She doesn’t know who it can be, and little by little, this person begin to harass Honey, hack her account , post many things horrible in the page of her sisters, and make a bad reputation of her. Honey is desperate and she  looks who it can be…

Will Manages she to discover, who is hidden behind the pseudonym “Surfie 16” ?




Yes yes, I KNOW it was pretty long… SORRY !


There is a lot of suspense, love, humour… Exactly what I love! I love read Cathy’s books ! Even if Honey, is a nasty person, at the beginning, we are understanding, because Greg, his father and Charlotte, his mother, are separated, and it must have been very difficult for her… In this novel, we learned a little more of her, because in the others, we don’t know a lot of things on her…

Honey is in fact, a desperate girl who want some love… Moreover, Greg, isn’t that good…


It’s pretty different of the others books, except “Summer’s dream”, because it’s talk about Summer(the twins of skye) who is passionate of Classic dance and want to be an famous dancer. (principal dancer) But she became really sick, and skinny, and can’t achieve her goal..

Summer is also a desperate girl..


I want to try to read the English books.. yes I know it’s really ambitious, but it could be very interesting !

At the beginning, i wasn’t not very enthusiast to read the first novel.. maybe because of the front cover…(which is not very… beautiful! Especially in English ! ) And the blurb is not very complete !  But, I read 1 page, and I found this really good !

I advise you these books ! 🙂

Did you read it ? Did you know it ?

English cover :

French cover :

The extraordinary Journey of the Fakir who got trapped in an IKEA wardrobe – Romain Puertolàs


The extraordinary Journey of the Fakir who got trapped in an IKEA wardrobe

Hey guys ! I want to speak about a French book .Yes.. I know… when you saw the title, you thought: WHAT IS THIS TYPE OF BOOK ??? It’s pretty strange, i know… But, it’s a really good book ! Personally I love !

But first, let me introduce this novel…

The extraordinary Journey of the Fakir who got trapped in an IKEA wardrobe( a very long title…) was written by Romain Puertolàs, a French Author, in August 2013, and it’s now a bestseller, and it was translated in many languages.

In fact, Romain Puertolàs, was a perfect unknown writer, and, when he wrote this book, he became very famous! Thank to success, he wrote too “The little girl who swallowed A cloud as big as the Eiffel Tower”(always a very long title…)

I’m sure that, a lot of you doesn’t know this book, and it’s why, i’m gonna to tell you the story.

It’s the story of an Indian Fakir, Ajatashatru (A name which is a little bit difficult to prononce!!) who came in Paris, just to buy an IKEA bed of 15 000 Nails !! (You must think that, it’s a really strange wish… you’re right!).

In fact, when he arrived, he has stolen the Taxi driver, to come in an IKEA store.. He met Marie Rivière, a French,who he has stolen too(I don’t tell you how because it’s a spoil if you want to read this novel.. ) but she became in love with Ajatashatru….

After, he was confined in an IKEA wardrobe, and travelled in many countries in Europa, like England, Italy, Spain, France… and even in Libya… Despite him! The Indian Fakir is really dishonest, but during his “travel”, he will meet many people and he will change!

He became an illegal passenger despite him, and has many problems… Will manages he  to return in Paris and buy his Nail Bed ?


So, I REALLY love this novel, because it’s REALLY funny ! Yes, the story of the Indian Fakir, who come from Indian to Paris, just to buy his Bed nails, and the many things which happens to him is really incredible !!

Moreover, there are many comments of the author in the novel like ( Ajatashatru : Pronounce “Achète un chat roux”) and it makes the story funnier !!

Although it’s funny, it’s also serious and a bit sad, because it speak about a current event : The illegal immigration. Ajatashatru met some Africans, who wanted to go from Calais, in France, to London, to work, and they tell him their tragical stories.

I advise you to read this book, which is (According to me) really good and it denounce pretty good the illegal immigration.

Did you know and read it ?

The fault in our stars – John Green

Hey guys ! I’m going to speak about a famous book (i’m sure you know it ! ) which is also adapted to the cinema.

It’s The fault in our Stars , a Young adult novel/ realistic fiction , written in 2012 by the American John Green and later , released in 2014 to the cinema. It’s the sixth Novel after “Looking for Alaska” and too “An abundance of Katherines”. It was a best seller in the world ! (I’m serious !).

It’s the most famous book of John Green now. Do you know that the title of the book is inspired by Act 1 , scene 2 of Shakespeare’s play Julius Caesar ? ( “The faults , dear Brutus is not in our stars ! But in ourselves, that we are underlings”)

It’s the story of a sixteen-years old girl, Hazel Grace Lancaster ,who has a serious disease : Thyroïd Cancer. She is seriously sick and must have a cannula with an oxygen cylinder to breathe.

Her Mother wants her to go to a support group “the literal heart of Jesus”. She met Augustus Waters, a seventeen-years old boy, who is an Amputee because he is suffering from a very serious disease too. He is here to support his bestfriend, Isaac, who is blind. Hazel and Augustus become friends immediately!

Hazel love a book “An imperial affliction” written by Peter Van Houten , and one day she decided to lend it to Augustus. It’s the story of a girl who is suffering from a cancer too, like them.But there is any conclusion… Augustus love this novel and as he wants to know what’s happen next ( like hazel! ) , he write a mail to the author and hope that he is going to answer.. It’s the beginning of a beautiful story of love and friendship between Hazel and Augustus.


It’s a sad story because it’s about 2 teenagers who suffer from cancer, and they know they are going to die, Hazel said she is a “grenade” , she can explode at any time !

John Green is an excellent writer and make of it a beautiful story with love, friendship, humor, it’s just amazing !

When I read this book ? It’s the first book I read, written by John Green, and personally I love !

I saw the movie and it is really close to the story of the book ! It’s a good screen adaptation! I recommended it to you ! I have no preference between the movie and the novel….

Have you read the book or saw the movie ? Have you a preference ? And did you like it ?

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An abundance of Katherines, John Green

Hello everybody ! Today, i’m going to speak about a book (really?) which i love ! I hope you are gonna to like it !

An abundance of Katherines is a book (Young adult novel)written in 2006 by John Green, an American author famous with « The faults in our Stars » released in 2014. John green was helped by Daniel Biss, his friend and an American mathematician for wirte the complex equations made by the main character.

It’s the story of a seventeen year-old boy, Colin Singleton, a prodigy who felt in love Nineteen times. And the Nineteen times , the girl was called Katherine. Not Kat, Katie, Kittie, Cathy and ESPECIALLY NOT Catherine but K-A-T-H-E-R-I-N-E ! And… Nineteen times he was dumped !(Poor Boy !)

He doesn’t understand why he is so unlucky ..As he is pretty (Or rather excellent!) good at maths, he decided to create some Theorems to solve his problems. Because he is prodigy he hasn’t lot of friends except Hassan ! After graduating from high-school, with Hassan, he made a trip in car to change his ideas and met Lyndsey Lee Wells, a charming woman. Will manage he to find love ?

I love this book because it’s a little bit funny, and the story is very interresting.

How and when i read this book ? Firstly i had read « The faults in our Stars » the most famous book of John Green and then i decided to read the others books of him ! (And finally i love!!)

What I like in this book ? In fact, John Green make us like the personnality of Colin although he is a prodigy and little bit pretentious at time, contrary to Hassan who is very lazy ! The love situation of Colin is very incredible, there are many equations in the book even if i’m VERY bad in maths, there is any problem to understand the book!(and fortunately!!)

Have you ever read this book ? And did you like ?