James Bond (No time to die)

6 October 2021, the last James Bond film is out to the movies in France. This film close the saga of James Bond with Daniel Craig. There are 5 films with the same actor. This film realized by Cary Jodi Fukunaga, this is a spy movie. Because of the Covid pandemic the filw was postponed many times. This film is the most expensive of all movies with Daniel Craig, it was cost 250 millions of dollars for the production.

At the beginning the James Bond was a fiction character created in 1953 by the writer and journalist Lan Fleming. James Bond is a British spy who appeared for the first time in the novel entitled « Casino Royale » in 1953. Fleming wrote 12 novels and 2 collections of short stories. He wrote at this house located in Jamaica. After his death, some people decided to prolonge his work. This novel are great success in the wolrdwide. But these are the movie adaptations that made James Bond famous and mythical character for every generation.

James Bond is aslo known as the number 007. The first zero signified that is authorized to kill, the second that he has already killed, and the last that he is the 7th to receive this authorization.

I really liked this last film, there was many actions, but I still a little sad no to see Daniel Craig again in this role.

The tatooist of Auschwitz

This book is the truth story of a man who found love with a woman in a concentration camp. The man accepted to testify how he managed to survive this tragic war. This story is full of hope. The main characters are Lale and Gita, two people who were deported in the Auschwitz camp during the Second Wolrd War.

The author named Heather Morris, she is an Australian journalist and a scripwriter. She met Lale Sokolov. He accpeted to tell his story to conserved a memory. Since 2003 the author listens to the story of this man. And in 2018 she published her novel. Her novel becomes a best seller who that has been translated in fifteen languages and that will be adapted to the cinema.

I really appreciated this novel because on the one hand I love this part of history, every aspect of this part of history, I am very interested in all aspect of this part. And on the other hand I loved how the authot wrtites. She succeded to make a jus testify, and she made a hard story into a beautiful story full fo hope. At the beginning I was afraid to read a harder story like that because it is a terrible situation with lot of inhumanity and violence. It is may be the darkest period of history. But although the hard moment the author managed to make the story « softer » and not darkest. The novel was not full of darkest moment. Heather Morris is focused on the love story and thta’s what made a beautiful story. The end make me full of emotion, it was stay in my mind forever and I recommed it to everyone.