Les Belles Vies by Benoît Minville.

« Mr. Minville, I do not congratulate you. I do not find it very fairplay to make cry the sensitive boys … I do not congratulate you but thank you! » -Simon Roguet.



     Today, I’m going to speak about Les Belles Vies by Benoît Minville, a French author that I appreciate a lot. I discovered him in Le Géant who had been a real favorite and then I found him in Je suis ta fille, a good novel also. In the book of today, Vasco and Djib are two inseparable boys from the suburbs, are sent for a summer pension in the heart of the Nièvre … A shock of cultures, with flamboyant characters.


     This is the beginning of « holidays » that have totally changed their lives ! Youth people from the stuborn who annoy old ladies on buses, Vasco, of Portuguese origin, and Djib, of African origin, find themselves in a hole lost at the bottom of the Nièvre, with sausage and cows. And some racists. They landed in the house of « Tonton and Tata », respectively 80 and 60 years, who welcomed more than fifty children in their life. Among those present that summer, there are Dylan, an apprentice to a butcher, who has great difficulty in containing a violent temperament, and Jessica, a bimbo who spins a bad cotton. They are brother and sister abandoned by a mother unable to look after them. There is also Chloé, a hippie, pationnated by theater, her past remains a mystery for us. And many other small children, some broken by life, others from former residents of Tonton and Tata. All this little world will spend the summer together, they will learn to cohabit, to discover themselves by spending a maximum of time together. They will do what the children do in holiday camps, bathing, cooking, tinkering, cycling, spending evenings together around a good DVD, like simple children gathered in a holiday home. Vasco and Djib will then discover another form of life and fulfillment in this lost village while encountering quite a lot of difficulties, between the racists of the village, the Dylan’s hot boiling temperament, the conflicts with some other young people of the village not really happy to see these younth of suburbs and the nascent attraction for the girls. Our two boys will have to learn to grow and begin gradually to behave differently than they were before they came. We quickly admire the characters of Tonton and Tata, this couple who is retirement age but who decided to give his love and energy to his children treating like theirs.

     The story is simple as life on this farm in the Nièvre where you spend your days preparing meals, gather mushrooms, walk the paths by bike or plunge into the waters of the lake a few kilometers away. What is striking is the sound of the book. the accuracy, the pulsation, the emotion it releases. The text runs, he burns, laughs and the tears come to the eyes, the words are simple, sensitive and generous. To tell you the truth, what initially caught my attention was the fact that this story is happen in the Nièvre. Yes, it should speak to me, since I know rather well the place to live there. I was curious to see how Benoît Minville perceived the region. I have in the book, a familiar atmosphere of rural life. Each member of this « heart » family has its past, its history. The reader attends, silent, the first emotions, the doubts, the evolution of the characters on the road to maturity.Benoît Minville gives us a story full of tenderness and sincerity, with the help of all these destinies struck by life, without, however, embellishing the difficulties that sometimes exist at a very early age. He talks about the social fractures and testimony of a certain talent to tell the jolts of the adolescence. He draws portraits of attracting characters without ever falling into the caricature. This novel, it is a parenthesis out of time, a privileged moment. A summer where wounds begin to heal, even if the path a long. A summer of first time. Little moments of happiness that make everything. It is a novel of tolerance, of life, of humanity, born by true words, in which one senses all the passion, the hope, the tenderness, all the emotions of these children in boiling. A novel of which it would have been desirable that it never end, somewhat like when comes the end of the summer.


     To conclude, I can say Les belles vies is the story of broken children who try to rebuild themselves in contact with each other. Many obstacles will stand in their way because, yes, life is far from being a quiet river. And it’s hard to get up after being pierced right in the heart. So imagine the pleasure of seeing them evolve ! They are so touching that I only can only be encourage them.This summer will be memorable for our characters and I find that it is a perfect novel, although it deals with serious topics.

Unforgettable (Pure Love) by Lee Eun Hee.





Being a fan, since many years, of one of the most beautiful countries in the world that is South Korea. I noticed that I had never written articles about something of here.




     Today I’m going to speak about an amazing drama entitled Unforgettable (Pure Love) created by Lee Eun Hee and Han Chang-Hoon in 2016. This film goes back twenty-three years in a small fishing village where a small group of friends who had lost sight of each other had spent their summer holidays together. This film is composed of two parts : the first is happy and makes us really happy to share these moments with our heroes, and the second most sad makes us cry and suffer with them. In the end it’s a bit like life.

     We go back in time to find ourselves in the 1990s, twenty years ago. The charm of vintage operates (besides the clothes like the overalls that our heroine wear). We follow the holidays of these teens. They always smile, they’re happy, they’re best friends. I also greatly appreciated the gone back in time and all the questions that our protagonists raise. For example, their questions about « What is the age to become an adult ? 20 ? 30 ? or 40 years » ? Gave me a lot of thought. As they say, the common idea is that you become adult when you are responsible, then people who are not adult will never be adults ? If Pure Love is presented as a love story (from the title) to me, it goes much further. I would even say that before being a love story it is a story of friendship, a testimony of life, of a generation. Throughout the film, he has several things that are pointed with the finger and it offers a lot of depth to the story. Their friend, Soo-Ok is disabled and for them they will break all the rules to help her and realize her dreams. Being together makes them happy. Besides, almost all the moments they share in this first part made me smile. The atmosphere was really cool, warm, cheerful, the perfect vacation.

     In the middle of the movie, the clouds darken the sky under which our friends band was amusing. This part was really sad. I don’t cry a lot, but I can say, with this film I shed a torrent of tears and that I put a little time to recover so much I felt sad and unhappy for our characters. The moment when we learns that she can no longer walk has been the click to make all the intrigue tip and everything has become more poignant, sadder, harder. A little as if reality was always catching up. Because for there to be happiness, we must also have misfortune, without this duality we would not be able to appreciate our moments of joys. The second part shows the love. In the first part, it is clear that Beom-Sil has a weakness for his friend, but there is no advantage of elements, not romantic scenes. And I want to say : fortunately. While with this second piece of film, we have a beautiful scene that touched me very much : the umbrella scene. I found it so beautiful and poignant when he drops the umbrella and kisses him in the pouring rain. The other scene that struck me (that made me burst into sobbing) is when he goes down to look for it under water while it drowned and pressed against him. I Found it so hard…And sad.

     This group of friends particularly moved me for all their moments of complicity, of help, but also, somewhere, their disputes which makes it a kind of mirror of each one of us. Regrets, fears, anxieties, dreams, etc. The mistakes that we can make, say under anger, tenderness and the sharing of happiness when we feels united. Everything blends as if to depict a picture of adolescence and of that age so complicated that leads us to the moment when one will be adult. Soo-Ok, is afraid, desperately, of being left behind because of her handicap, she can’t have the same life as them. Going to school, going out into town, all this is impossible for him because of her leg that drags on. She clings to the hope of being able to be operated on, when she learn that it will be impossible, she said, « Am I a human being ? Not being able to walk alone, I am only a burden for others », and these are her last words before she committed her suicide into the wild sea.

     To conclude, I can say that it’s a really touching film that ended with a little note of hope, like the light at the end of the tunnel. I advise him with great force for human adventure, all these contradictory feelings and because this film will mark me for a long time, I am sure. Once again gathered, to meet and return near Soo-Ok. Their homage made me think again of the beautiful procession that they had made to her and to the full strength of their friendship. Soo-Ok said they had to be friends until they were 40 years old but it was at that moment that they found themselves, in her memory. I was also pleased to see that they had never forgotten when they each took their turn out of their door leaf that famous photo they had made younger. 

The characters :






Everything, Everything by Nicola Yoon.

« My disease is as rare as it is famous. Basically, I’m allergic to the world. I don’t leave my house, have not left my house in seventeen years. The only people I ever see are my mom and my nurse, Carla.  But then one day, a moving truck arrives next door. I look out my window, and I see him. He’s tall, lean and wearing all black— black T-shirt, black jeans, black sneakers, and a black knit cap that covers his hair completely. He catches me looking and stares at me. I stare right back. His name is Olly. Maybe we can’t predict the future, but we can predict some things. For example, I am certainly going to fall in love with Olly. It’s almost certainly going to be a disaster. »

[The official back cover of the book]


Today I’m going to speak about Everything, Everything by Nicola Yoon, a not famous author but promising and talented. The novel is American and published in 2015. We are in a sterile universe of Madeline Whitter, a teenager with a rare disease that affects her immune system and forces her to live at home, locked up, without contact with the outside world.

     Madeline Whittier is a teenager with SCID (Severe Combined Immune Deficit), a rare disease that, with the slightest bacteria, can kill her and his father and brother are died when she has 4 months. Maddy (her nickname) is therefore confined to her room disinfected since her youngest age : she has never been able to feel the slightest ray of sunshine caressing her skin. She adapts, she has friends on the internet, she reads a lot of books and creates articles, she takes lessons online. She lives normally because she only knows that. I felt this confinement and the weariness of the repeated tasks : Maddy always plays the same games, often watches the same films, it’s a sort of comfort because it is the only thing she knows and she can share with someone (her mother or nurse), but it’s also depressing because the heroine feels prisoner, useless, with no future. But one day, the outside intrigues her and offersher unknown desires so far. The outside has a name : Oliver (Olly). He is his age and has just moved in front her house. He’s a good character, and he also has family problems. We learn in the same time of Maddy that his sister, his mother and him are beaten by their father. The conversations between Olly and Maddy are simple but invigorating. Maddy tries to resist to Olly, but how can she refrain from observing her only source of comfort and joy ? She knows very well that no matter the nature of this possible relationship, she is doomed to failure : who would like a friend whom one can not frequent or a girlfriend that you can not even touch ? And yet, it is well known that Olly may well be the only person on earth to take an interest in Maddy. She can’t talk about her existential problems with her mother without adding more guilt, so Olly is the first person with whom she can open up. And for Olly, Maddy represents something healthy and cheerful, the opposite of what he finds in his home when he’s returning from classes.

     I had already heard of the SCID but it is a little known and a little neglected by the media or literature. Nicola Yoon touched a sensitive point with this disease, because if we complain about our small everyday problems, we realize how we are ridiculous. This story is just beautiful. I encountered a multitude of emotions over the pages. Compassion, frustration, joy, anger, sadness, hope,… I wanted to fight for Madeline as she did herself. It is the desire to live one’s life, to take risks, to exceed the limits. A life without having lived is a waste of time. And in front, we have fear, anxiety. Everything, Everything reads very quickly and has its small peculiarities. Nicola Yoon brings us even closer to her character, she has personalized certain thoughts, we find them in the form of drawings, explanatory diagrams, diaries, notes with humor and freshness. I had started this book with no hope for the heroine, the SCID being incurable. I was expecting the relationship between Maddy and Olly to stop, it was clear to me that even though Olly was in love with Maddy he could not stay with her, because a relationship without touching one another, kissing oneself, without dating really, seems to me impossible. As much to say that I had not seen this end coming, until this famous mail from the doctor of Hawaii. Frankly, the idea that her mother had not recovered from the trauma of the loss of her husband and her son had not even occurred to me. For me she suffered (normal) but I thought that the shock had passed. So, I understood the reaction of Maddy who saw her life pass under the nose, but I had compassion for her mother who never recovered from this accident.

     It was a great discovery. This novel is cute, poetic, and filled with love. It is the kind of light romance that must be read from time to time and that does good to morale.

« The greatest risk is not taking one ».

When the night becomes day by Sophie Jomain.

    Today I’m going to speak about When the night becomes day, a shocking and realistic novel by Sophie Jomain on the desire to die. The novel is French and published in 2016. The author seizes on a serious subject, that of euthanasia, through a young woman, Camille, who has suffered fromsevere depression since her teenager.

     There are novels that one does not want to let go, and that one is nostalgic to close, once the last page read. This is the case here. If the question of euthanasia is not new, the way the author treats it comes out of sight and revision. When the night becomes day is written from the point of view of Camille, a young woman of twenty-nine years old. She recounts her life as in a newspaper, she invites us in her head and introduces us to the one that accompanies her from her early memories of youth until the present of her story : her suffering. Yet the young woman, an only child, lives in a loving family, with parents with a comfortable financial situation and infinite love for their daughter. But Camille can not bear : a violent physical rejection that causes her to make several suicide attempts and lead to violent physical pain like headaches or vomiting.This hatred towards her body begins at twelve years when she is very skin. Then as a teenager, she becomes obese and then alternates phases of anorexia and obesity for several years. When she decides to ask for euthanasia in Belgium, she is almost thirty-years old. This is accepted despite the fact that she does not have an incurable disease, as doctors consider it an incurable depression. She then goes to a medical-psychiatric clinic about two months before her scheduled death.

     The story continue and we attach ourselves to Camille, we hope that each pages will be sweeter for her. And this is the case. With the arrival at the clinic, the novel is less black, one even smiles and one has the impression that the weight that carries Camille is less heavy. But it is without counting the days and hours that pass, bringing the young woman closer to her death. The story told is very violent. From the very first lines, the reading is difficult. We’re wondering if we should continue. When we continue to read, we follow Camille gradually from childhood to her twenty-nine years old. We see the difficulty of adulthood, the first emotions in love, the doubts, the difficult self-acceptance, etc… The author describes extremely well the pain of Camille and the rejection of her body, all the more so as the author tells the story in the first person. And yet, one can not imagine the pain she feels. For the character, the violence of these questions is multiplied. We do not know if it is she who has never accepted her body, or if society has never allowed, accepted her. The author has found the words and the way to speak of a very hard subject, and still taboo in France, without falling into the psychological tearing or the excess. It’s written with accuracy and for my part, I understand the choice of Camille. In a sort of introduction, Camille summarizes her life and the why of her choice. The rest is the countdown between the date of her death with the management of the situation, the declaration for theparents and their reactions, her accompaniment with the medical team, and also more.

     I like to read real stories, or those that could have been. I think it’s because the world is so complex, so rich, so diverse, so tragic and so beautiful, that its own stories enchant me enough. I can’t get out of the story, detach myself from the characters. I live through the characters and their emotions. When the night becomes day is a fictive story, and yet it has taken me to the guts like an autobiographical novel. It’s a short story but really touching with a tormented character that is sometimes difficult to understand. But really a great story. The issue of euthanasia is addressed in an interesting way. 

After Lucia by Michel Franco (2013).

     Today I’m going to speak about a really sad movie called After Lucia. Sometimes the movie is an ordeal while being exciting. The second feature by Michel Franco, noted Mexican filmmaker gives this double sensation with a very controlled art of staging.

       A man who lost his wife (Lucia) in a car accident, desperately trying to resurface. It is often seen lying, heavy body, tired, depressed. With him, he has his daughter, Alejandra, 17 years old. It seems she overcomes better test. It’s almost that she supports her father for this hard life. Their relationship is touching, made of complicity and tender care (sometimes it looks like a couple, this is what I thought at the beginning of the film). They seem to get along, but they don’t have conversation.

 Everything is precise : the plans, the actors performances to the script, etc. It’s dense, confusing, but surprisingly smoothly. We are in extreme voltage from the first minute to the last. The voltage represents the suffering, inner turmoil and the gradual removal. While the father sinks into depression, the daughter undergoes a series of physical and psychological abuse by pupils of his school. This violence is formidable since it manifests naturally ; without shouting, without reactions from Alejandra victim. She’s silent, that is most violent.

     I liked this film because we avoids the scenes where she breaks down in tears. Remaining completely neutral, it does not become complicit in the violence but becomes as elusive for the viewer than it is for his father. All this is done in a very coldness which makes this even more disturbing violence, at the limit of gratuity. This film is touching and powerful. Congratulation to Franco, it show the real reality.

PART ONE : LET ME MAKE YOU A MARTYR by John Swab, coming 2016.

/!\ WARNING /!\

Today, you will read a special article. It will be the Part 1 because the movie is not released yet.


  LET ME MAKE YOU A MARTYR is the first feature of Corey Asraf and John Swab. This is a project that asked them five years of hard work. They fashioned a film that literally mocks taken insipid views and poor camera work most independent titles out right now. With boldness and by jumping up over the barrier of the genres, they avoid the worst stereotypes which have one if large number of contemporary stories of crime.

     Featuring two familiar faces from the series SONS OF ANARCHY, Mark Boone Junior and Niko Nicotera and the (perfect) singer Marilyn Manson. LET ME MAKE YOU A MARTYR is a hybrid of melodrama, crime and romance of history, where the content and form are equally remarkable. Enjoying excellent cinematography, the film shot in Oklahoma can capture all the sublime grotesque of a sad Midwestern town. But this is not just a thriller taking place in a backwater ; the roots of the genre are juxtaposed here with other rather sensitive issues such as child abuse and life after death.

     I know, I’m taking risks because I can’t explain you the story of the film, or even say if the movie is good. But I’m so IMPATIENT to watch it. And don’t forget that the movie have big actors and also prices. I’m sure it will be a perfection. Also, I wanted try something new in this website. So the second part will be arrived when the film will realease.

The Danish girl by Tom Hooper.

     The Danish Girl is a movie by Tom Hooper. We have to know that this film is taken from two books. The first was published in 1933 : Man into Woman: The First Sex Change. In 2000, David Ebershoff published a novel inspired by the life of Lili and Gerda.

     The movie takes place in 1930 in Denmark and tell the story of Gerda and Einar Wegener, a couple who share the same passion for arts. However, Gerda has trouble, she have difficulties to sell her paintings while Einar is successful. One day, the young woman asks at her husband to play her model dressing with women clothes. Einar is upset because he discovers that he loves it and realize that he was born in the wrong body. To laugh, Gerda request to Einar to impersonate a woman during a party. Einar took the name of « Lili » and is approached by a man who's fell in love.

     This is not surprising, but in 1930 (and again now), « the feminism » is dramatically expressed by the appearance and coquetry. Gerda and Lili talk about sexism in their writings. Today, doesn't be conform to the society exposes to disapproving reactions and also violence. The Danish girl celebrates the courage to be oneself. Einar underwent, surgery to change sex. During this time, Gerda don't want,don't understant. She's angry, desesperate but she sacrifices herself for the great love of her life.

     I wanted to write about this movie, because I'm a big fan of Eddie Redmayne. And most precisely because I like the « historical » films who critic society. Here we have a stereotypical view of femininity, shocking those who still suffer from the rigidity of these « gender cases ». But I was more affected because in 2016, we are still behind stories similar to that of Lili. A transsexual person should not have to « conform » to be accepted.

Torn by Cat Clarke.


After to be non-fiction author, the British Cat Clarke dedicates himself to literature for young adults. Her novel, Torn was published in 2013 and was a great success in England.

This novel talk about Alice King, 16 years old who leave with her class for a trip to Scotland. She did not expect dream vacation but she would never have imagined the nightmarish twist that will take the events. The girl and her best friend Cass find themselves having to share a cottage with Polly, the asocial, Rae, the bipolar Gothic, and Tara, the queen of plagues, popular, beautiful, and cruel. Tara have a real bad comportment with the girls. She likes nothing better than putting people down. Cass intends to take this week to give to Tara a lesson she will not soon forget. The victims have decided that the time for revenge has come.

The book tells the story « after » the life of Alice and her friends, following the death of Tara. When Alice tells what happenned, it was horrible and intense. The atmosphere was ponderous. The rest of the book is based on it and on her insecurities, doubts and guilt. And of course, love is mingled with this story. Except Alice did not really have the right to love the man that she loves. Cat Clarke has a black humor quite excellent, I found that although we do not know how would end this story. Because for morality, she could not let Alice get away while she played a role in the murder. But at the same time, Alice is not totally guilty. She’s a good girl.

To conclude, Cat Clarke written again a good book who gives goosebumps until the end. We have engaging characters. We feel and understand how guilt for some people, how everyone handles grief as he wishes. Above all, we understand that it is important to bear the consequences of our acts.

Antichrist Superstar by Marilyn Manson,1996.




Brian Hugh Warner, also known as Marilyn Manson come from the United States of America, and grew up in the state of Ohio. Solitary, the boy lived in an almost alarming indifference. In addition, Bryan crossing a succession of events that led him to withdraw into himself : studies in a strict Catholic institution and inadapted to his personality, victim of racket and violence on the part of his comrades, etc… In the end, the teenager he was, turned to rock culture, a passion he shared with his father. Then, out of pure rebellion, he committed thefts and other petty offenses, and was introduced to drugs. At the end of his studies he became a journalist, specifically music critic for several magazines. The fact to interview many celebrities decides him to turn to music. And this is where the real fun begins ! Bryan invents an avatar, a character symbolizing everything he hates in the right-thinking American. It is a kind of fusion of all the fears they have lived during his youth. Marilyn Manson is the combination of two distinct facets of U.S.A. On the one hand we have glamor, superficial aesthetics, richness with Marilyn Monroe. On the other we have violence, death, unhealthy, madness with Charles Manson.

Today, i’m going to talk about the album Antichrist Superstar released by Marilyn Manson in 1996. At the time, nobody expected such a shock because Marilyn Manson was a band as others, which was especially marked by his cover of Sweet Dreams (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QUvVdTlA23w) and a certain aesthetic research. But with this album, the band made its debut in the rock’nroll circus.

In this album, the band delivers a vicious music that makes feel the chaos and confusion through aggressive music, sound rather dirty and full, sometimes sticky. Manson, weak and strong contrasts with the music Beautiful People and violently rejects religion as the source of weakness with The Reflecting God. Brian Hugh Warner, with this disc want rise and reach the summits and it’s why he decided to go as far as possible in the destruction to get out more stronger. Sleep deprivation and food, drug and sexual wanderings, everything has met to put us in an extreme emotional state. His singing is affected, especially skinned and threatening, like his words, especially collection of twisted metaphors in Tourniquet.
Manson uses the rebellion. Fallen angel, Luciferian, he won with strength as the new nightmare of America who is a victim of religious fundamentalism, handling, commercial and moral perversion, hypocrisy and fear that must be abandoned. Man must regain confidence in him, but for this cause shall a positive Apocalypse. Destroy to rebuild in a better shape. He opened the lid of his suggestion box for a furiously filthy and nasty result degenerated witness of his time. The album nevertheless reached with almost minimalist Man That You Fear, strange lament that the image of the clip finally offer a human and fragile face to the group.

To conclude, Antichrist Superstar retains the venom that made his reputation, and remains for many the best album of Marilyn Manson. Real shout of victory over oneself and call to transcendence, it is also the opportunity to measure how much more a Marilyn Manson album goes beyond just music. By his aggressiveness, aesthetic care of his videos, concerts violence that accompany. He imposed as the new rock sensation metal and the public enemy Number 1 in the US.

If you want discover the album, you can clik here : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rMV6M2Vnqpc 🙂

The Nightmare Before Christmas by Tim Burton.

The Nightmare Before Christmas is a Disney and Touchstone movie directed by Henry Selick, produced and co-written by Tim Burton in 1993. In this film, we find the love of black story, the fascination for the myths, and the defense of a lonely and misunderstood character. The movie is in first a musical comedy.It is from the ten songs composed by Danny Elfman as the architecture of the scenario is established. Although, some musics from the film was covered by popular singers, such exemble “This is Halloween” which had a great success for the famous Marilyn Manson (If you want listen the music, you can here ? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jU6iP0WLsU8).

The movie tell the story of Jack Skellington (the Pumpkin King in the Halloween town). He was preparing the next Halloween party. But the terrible Jack is tired of this repetitive and monotonous life, decides to leave. Then he discovers the Christmas Town. After this adventure, he returns in his home with an original idea : and if, this year, the Halloween residents would celebrate the strange celebration of Christmas ? I think, the Halloween town is the dark figure of the hidden face of American society is the central context of the film.

The Nightmare Before Christmas show an opposition between two worlds. This film summons two worlds, like Halloween that represents the “city of the excluded”, deprived, with ugly characters. But also the city of “good citizens” who represents all that is clean, perfect, everything is smooth and waited. These two worlds are opposed. First on a symbolic level : these are two legendary symbols of contemporary American society. Secondly, visually because Halloween represents the gothicism who opposes the Christmas sentimentality. The architecture of the image in the Halloween world consists of broken lines, diagonals, architectures and corresponding to the physical aspect of the residents. In the world of Christmas, the architecture obeys the usual horizontal and vertical. Everything is calculated on very rigorous and scientific bases, as the “mathematics” contours of the physical residents. There is desire to show that the unexpected is not appropriate.

At the end, of this super and amazing movie, a question arises : “Who are the monsters ?” Because the character of Jack (a priori the villain) is looking for something positive and his friends too. The “good”people, in the Christmas town, don’t want them, and don’t want learn to know them. Finally, we have a trap but also a moral lesson. It’s not because you don’t look great in the exterior, you are bad in the interior. You can look a beauty people in the exterior but really bad in the interior. The Nightmare Before Christmas is the perfect exemple.

We need to Talk about Kevin by Lynne Ramsay.

     We Need to Talk about Kevin is an american film by the Scotish Lynne Ramsay. She comes back with a brutal movie. Through a hate story between a mother, Eva and her son, Kevin. The film tell a flashback and adopts the perspective of the mother devastated. Indeed, the movie begin a painful history of her relationship with her son, step by step, we see the trajectory from childhood to teenager, Kevin led to commit the unthinkable.

     After a painful birth, their relationship already bathed in blood, tears and cries. The baby will not stop screaming, and the mother realizes she has lost her tranquility and does not support it. In a terrible scene, Eve stops near a construction site with her baby in a stroller, but she prefer the sound of the jackhammer to the cries of her child.

     Then, she « sacrificed » her career to raise Kevin. She must give up city life that she loves, to give to her son the advantages of the suburb. So many sacrifices she made for her son and she will not reward. At 8, Kevin wear again diapers, probably to annoy his mother and force her to change them. Kevin repainted with his paint gun the room freshly decorated of his mother. As a teenager he spend his time on porn sites, to masturbate in the bathroom without bothering to close the door. He never stop bully his little sister Celly.

     We need to Talk about Kevin, is a psychological movie, interresting to watch. In brief, Kevin made a big splash in the gallery terrible children to the movies. The movie is a death struggle between a mother and her son.

« Confusion » by Cat Clarke.

After to be non-fiction author, the British Cat Clarke dedicates himself to literature for young adults. Her first novel, Confusion was published in 2012 and was a great success in England.

This novel presents a daughter called Grace, aged 17, who have a bestfriend, Sal and a boyfriend, Nat. She wakes up trapped in an all white room where is a table with paper and pens.

The same night she decided to commit suicide, but Grace meet for the first time Ethan. After a bottle of vodka as a last meal, she wakes up trapped in a mysterious white room with the young man for goaler. He brings her paper and pens to writing the meanders of her life.

Grace writte in the paper this sentence : “That’s when I’m alone that doubt intrudes, it’s like that for years. As long as I am surrounded, I can pretend that all is well. But I need the public to play comedy. Otherwise it does not. Only, I’m not so easily deceived”.

As the days pass, we understand the desperation that drove Grace to want to take her own life. She opens the veins since she was 15 years old, regularly drunk and sleeps with every boys she meets. His father who abandoned her missing it, and she is angry against her cold and distant mother. Grace confides in the papers her dreams, while his stay drags on.

Gradually, his questions are answered, and she is about to know the end of history of her story’s life.

Confusion, is a disturbing book, full of feelings, challengring because it’s the story of a girl who is struggling to “feel”. This novel is really inspires about the real life. To read it, we must have the heart hung and do not do like Grace.



Lolita is a novel by Vladimir Nabokov, written in English and published in 1955 in Paris, in 1958 in New York, and in 1959 in London. It is critized and censored book. It owes it’s success to the scandal that led to his publication.

The story of this novel set the scene a pedophile called Humbert Humbert aged of 40 years attracted by a « nymphet » called Dolores Lolita and aged of 12 years. We read his confession, written from his prison cell in which he awaits trial for murder.
Humbert Humbert, professor of literature live in the house of Charlotte Haze -widow- to write and continue to read in peace. A complicity is born between the young girl of 12 years and him. Charlotte, the mother of the girl is jealous of their rapprochement because she’s in love with the professor so she decides to expel her daughter by sending in a holiday camp.
The pedophile will marry Charlotte to be closer to Dolores. His wife will one day read his diary in which he reveals his sexual attraction to girls aged to 9 and 12 years and more precisely on his daughter. Charlotte ran away but in her flight she accidentally hit by a car, killing her. His wife died, Humbert Humbert becomes the legual gardian of Lolita. He will recover in the camps and traveling through America. The nymphet becomes the mistress of his stepfather.
Lolita fled with another man and Humbert wanders looking for them for 3 years, repeating the path backwards in order to find clues from this man. At the end of the novel, Lolita wrote, he joined, and including he still loves although it is no longer a nymphet, decides he must see her again. He snatches the man’s name with whom she fled -Clare Quilty-, will kill him, then dies of a heart attack in prison before his trial.

Lolita is a confused and murky book shared between two contradictory wills. But we can wonder if is a work apart, which arouses discomfort as much as fascination, inconvenient as it seduces. Why, indeed, the reader can not help, page after page, to enjoy a story he should hate yet ?