Walking Dead

Today, I’m going to talk about the comic book series Walking Dead created by Robert Kirkman and Tony Moore in 2003.

Before reading the first volume, I was watching the serie The Walking Dead (which debuted in 2010). But one day, my friends offered it to me so I started to read it…even if I didn’t agree to read the comic after having seen the serie but finally I really liked it and we learn more about the characters through the comic!

(so that’s why I really love it and I suggest you to read it if you know the series!)

The story of Walking Dead focuses on Rick Grimes, a man who was shot and who was in a hospital, in the coma, during a long time. When he woke up, nobody was around him, not even a nurse or his family, he was alone so he asked help, when he started to walk, he found some strange people in the hospital, who were disfigured, with a face and a body full of blood, who was walking in a very slow way… and we call them :

« the walkers« 

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Afficher l'image d'origine

After leaving the hospital, Rick returns at his home to meet his son and his wife, but they are nowhere. Will he meet them again ?

What is interesting is the fact that we follow a group of people, we learn what the true values are, and it is an atmosphere based on reality, I’m addicted to the characters, to the story…

Who will help him to survive and…

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And don’t forget, it’s better to hunt than to be hunted…

La piel que habito

La piel que habito is a spanish psycholoical thriller film written and directed by Pedro Almodovar, released in 2011, this film is based on Mygale, a novel by the french author Thierry Jonquet.

La piel que habito means « The skin I live in » = when I heard for the first time the title, I was curious and intrigued by what it could be, so I decided to watch it and discover what was hidden behind this title.

I made a very good choice, I adored and really appreciated to watch this movie to the very end. The end is an enormous fall, I didn’t expect it !
If you like movie with suspense, with twisted stories, it is made for you, really, make the good choice too !Résultat d’images pour la piel que habitoI am going to talk about the plot !  Robert Ledgard, an esthetic surgeon, tries for twelve years to create a synthetic skin which would have been able to save his wife, dead burned. Robert Ledgard keeps a woman as prisoner in a room of his house to do tests on her. The film is based on flash back which show us the pst of this woman. I can’t tell you more, but, really : WATCH IT ! If you don’t, you miss a really beautiful, amazing and moving story.

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« I’ll slit my throast, and then you will have no toy »

Never without my daughter

Never without my daughter is an autobiographical novel by Betty Mahmoody.  Betty Mahmoody is an american writer who is known thanks to this novel where she tells us about eighteen months of calvary when she lived in Iran before to escape from it with her daughter.

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« My fight to return in the United States with my daughter »

« One day, while she suffers from migraines, Betty consults a doctor : Bozorg Mahmoody, of Iranian origin. Betty falls under the spell of this delicate and obliging man whom she marries and whose girl she has. After wedding a few years, the growing political tensions between Iran and the United States are going to weaken their personal and professional situation. The religious extremism, influenced, in particular, by friends and some members of his family who visit them » and… this is the beginning of her hell. Betty can’t do anything, between the threats of her husband, the domestic violence, she is trapped. Will she be able to escape of this hell ? With her daughter ?

I really liked this autobiographical novel because I just found it moving, fascinating, interesting.  I like so much having different points of view on different situations. (And I am fascinated by this kind of story, like Natascha Kampusch by Natascha Kampush or Sold by Betty Mahmoody…) Here, I learnt a lot of things about the Iran. And, it’s an autobiography and I think it is something which denounces someting, indeed : « this novel and the movie were judged by Iranians  and a part of the Muslims as racists, généralisants and offensive »

There is also a film that I’ve never watched, but my mum told me that I should, maybe one day because I’m a little bit scared about being disapointed ! (But, it’s true, I should to do my own opinion! I chose some shots of the film because I find them amazing)

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Mauvais genre (or « bad kind » in English) is a comic by Chloé Cruchaudet, a french scriptwriter and cartoonist.
Inspired by real events, she tells us the story of Paul and Louise during the First World War.

Paul and Louise love each other, but one day, in 1914 in France, during the First World War, they have to be separated. Paul, who wants at all costs escaping to the horror of the trenches, becomes a deserter and joins Louise in Paris.
To be hiden, Paul has to disguise himself in woman. His wife helps him to seem like a real women. He becomes Suzanne.

(The writer declared to have drawn voluntarily indistinct facial features of Paul’s face. In this way, she can feminize him without needing to realize big modifications.)

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I think this is one of the best comic which I read. I really liked it, and I found it funny sometimes, for example when Louise tries to disguise and to shave, to wax Paul. I found different messages through this moment, like the fact that the society imposes to women to be shaved, to have make up to be a woman, so Paul has to be perfect, whithout male aspects which could betray him.

I recommend you this beautiful story, this emotional story, which will question you.

I would like, one day, a film adaptation even if I am a little afraid of not finding the moments which are in the comic, like the graphic novel Blue is The Warmest Color by Julie Maroh, (there are many similarities with Mauvais genre, that’s why I mentionned it!) and I was (and I still) really disappointed. The film adaptation by Abdellatif Kechiche is not what I expected, I do not like this film… BUT THE GRAPHIC NOVEL, WOW!!!Résultat d’images pour blue is the warmest color bd


So I have mixed feelings, but it won’t change the fact that I really really really love this comic !!!

Blessed With A Curse

Blessed With A Curse is a song by Bring Me The Horizon. Bring Me The Horizon (or BMTH) is a band from Sheffield, in England. This (hard rock) band has done 6 albums since 2004. It is my favourite band, the singer is Oliver Sykes. I have been listening them for 4 years. I started listening to them with the album Suicide Season, a powerful album (like the others…)

Blessed With A Curse is a music from the album There is the hell believe me I’ve seen it, There is a heaven let’s keep it a secret (haha, yes, so long) it was of my favourite songs, I really love listening to it because it is…POWERFUL! (I will explain what I mean, after…)

SOME LYRICS (MY FAVOURITE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) :

« Ever since this began,
I was blessed with a curse.
And for better or for worse,
I was born into a hearse.
I know I said my heart beats for you.
I was lying girl,
It beats for two.
Cause I’ve got your love
And I’ve got these voices.

Take back!
Every word I’ve said ever said to you.
Take back!
Every word I’ve said ever said to you.


Everything I touch turns to stone, turns to stone.
So wrap your arms around me,
And leave me on my own. (x2) »

In this song, Oliver explains that he doesn’t know how to fix things, because he breaks everything, he is powerless, he lies, and « Everything I touch turns to stone », he needs to take things out of him.

I think it is a powerful song because, when I am angry, I need to put my earphones and to listen it several times until I am better… Sometimes, I watch this video, it frees me, because we can see Oliver shouting, he takes out all the pain and the hate which he has inside of him, and when I listen to this music, it’s as if I was in his place, as if I also take my pain out of me, like him.  


I saw BMTH in Paris yesterday, the April 14th 2016. It was the best moment of my life and it still the best moment of my life, they played this song, I was like « OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! » haha, it was so powerful, more than the song on Deezer or on this video. I can’t wait to see them again, I enjoyed this moment, every song was…wow.

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Afficher l'image d'origine


Today, I want to talk about the song Dark Paradise by Lana Del Rey (her real name is Elizabeth Woolridge Grant), an amazing and talented American singer, she writes all the songs she sings. Lana Del Rey makes of her songs something beautiful, something full of softness.

The first song that people knew by her is Video Games (« it’s you, it’s you, it’s all for you… ») and that’s why I have started listening to her songs, and I fell in love with Dark Paradise (and other songs like Radio, National Anthem, Sad Girl…you have to listen to these songs, really!!!)

« All my friends tell me I should move on
I’m lying in the ocean, singing your song
That’s how you sang it
Loving you forever, can’t be wrong
Even though you’re not here, won’t move on
That’s how we played it
And there’s no remedy
For memory
Your face is like a melody,
It won’t leave my head
Your soul is haunting me
And telling me
That everything is fine
But I wish I was dead 
(dead like you)
Every time I close my eyes
It’s like a dark paradise
No one compares to you
I’m scared that you
Won’t be waiting on the other side
Every time I close my eyes
It’s like a dark paradise
No one compares to you
I’m scared that you
Won’t be waiting on the other side
All my friends ask me why I stay strong
Tell ’em when you find true love it lives on
That’s why I stay here« 

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In these lyrics, she talks about her lover lost, someone who’s dead now, and she can’t stop thinking or dreaming about this person, she miss this person. There are some metaphors, like « your face’s like a melody, it won’t leave my head » she references the person at a song, a melody that stays in mind, and we can’t do anything to stop that. Or « it’s like a dark paradise » she calls her life without her lover « dark paradise », two opposite words, dark reminds us the death, the sadness, the loneliness, and paradise reminds us a beautiful place where everybody is happy. So I think she loves thinking or dreaming about her lover, about her moments she spent with her lover, but when she realizes that her lover is dead, she feels empty and she is scared « I’m scared that you, won’t be waiting on the other side« 

I really really really love this song because I love sad songs, emotional songs, songs that make thrillings, songs that sum up my different states of mind, and that song reminds me something that happened to me in the past, so this song does mean so much to me, and there is one of the only songs that I can listen again and again, without stop, I could do this all the days (and that’s what I do!!!)

I hope that one day I can see her, I can hear her singing Dark Paradise, I really hope, I think she will make me cry during this song : I am fragile, yes (hahahah) but, look! In this videos, she sings Dark Paradise, and she seems very sad and affected, a lot of emotions 🙁




            Southpaw is for me the best movie that I’ve seen in 2015, I cried several times during watching the movie because it is a emotional movie. Usually I don’t watch action movies because I don’t really like this kind of movie, I prefer horror movies, fantastic movies and tragic movies.                                                                                               But this movie changed my opinon because there is a beautiful and emotional story in this movie : the story of Billy Hope, a famous boxer, this is the synopsis :  « Billy Hope leads a lavish lifestyle with his beautiful wife Maureen and her daughter Leila. He was able to offer this life dream thanks to league titles in world boxing. His perfect world falls apart when his wife is killed. At the bottom of the hole, Billy is ruined and lost custody of her daughter who is pulled, because justice believes he is no longer able to fulfill his role as father. While his entourage abandoned him, Billy tries to rebuild himself from Tick Willis, a former boxer now coach and manager of a boxing gym . Billy will have to start at the bottom of the ladder to regain the trust and custody of her daughter »                                                                                                                           The story is very sad, he had a wife, a daughter, many friends, a luxury house, a luxury car, a career  and overnight he has no wife, no daughter, no house, nothing. He was at the height of glory and he is now at the bottom of the hole, he lost everything.

My favorite moments are when his wife died because it looks like so real, he cries and he asks help and he holds her in his arms. This moment is very intense

And this moment when his daughter is angry about him so he tries to get her out

Afficher l'image d'origine

I think this story was already happened to someone, because somepeople already lived this kind of story, lose everything overnight. But Billy Hope keeps hope to recover his life, his daughter and recover his career.

The Lovely Bones

I’m going to talk about the novel « The Lovely Bones », it was written by Alice Sebold and was published in 2002. It’s one of my favorite books, I love so much the story, it’s…wow !
So I want to share with all of you the story of Susie Salmon !
She was a 14-year-old teenager, who lived very well and was fascinated by photography, she had a sister, a brother and parents who loved her very much.
But one winter evening, while she returned of the high school, she walked by fields to join her house, and a paper that was in her pocket fell down of her pocket, the wind took the paper to a man, his neighbor Mr Harvey, he took it from the floor and gave to her. She thanked him, but he began to speak to her about the hut that he built in the ground,  » I don’t have time, I have to be at home » she said, but he insisted, so she went into the hut, she felt anxious. He looked at her and told « It’s warm here, you don’t find? »
Susie didn’t feel good and she was afraid… so she ran to the ladder to run away but she felt the hand of Mr Harvey on her ankle and…nothing more.

What happened to her ? Is she dead ? Is she in the coma ? Maybe she’s between the life and death…

There is also a movie, maybe the trailer will tell you more about the story…

the 100

It’s a novel, with three volumes, writes by Kass Morgan and published in 2013. This novel was adapted in series, with only (at the moment) 2 seasons. It’s a science-fiction novel.

During an atomic war on the Earth, 4000 people protected themselves on a big space station called  » The Arc « . The Arc helped the people to survive during 100 years, and people of the Arc were called « sky people », they created their own justice which is not a justice, even if everybody aggred with it. But one day there was a lack of oxygen. The 100 prisoners of the Arc were chosen to go to visit the Earth, to know if there is a possible life. All the prisoners wear a watch connected to the Arc, if one of them dies, the Arc knows it. Are they going all to survive? If yes, how? Will they be alone on the Earth?

« I was born in space, I never felt the sun on my face or breathed the real air »

The Red Riding Hood


The Red Riding Hood is Catherine Hardwicke’s american movie, directed in 2011. It’s a fantasy movie inspired by the tale « Le Petit Chaperon Rouge » by Charles Perrault, it’s a continuation of the story. The main actors are Amanda Seyfried, Gary Oldman, Shiloh Fernandez, Max Irons.
Valery, a girl who lives in a village, she has to get married to a man who she doesn’t love. One evening, while she wants to run away with Peter, the boy who she loves, her sister is killed by a wild and killer animal: it’s the werewolf who returns to the village. Nobody knows which is the werewolf, the werewolf is an inhabitant of the village who is turned in every full moon. Who is it? A friend? A neighbor? A sister? It’s necessary to find him before he kills again. But nothing unfolds as expected… Valery will try to escape the werewolf, he will propose her a very strange proposal. Will she agree to sacrifice herself for her village?