Emergence: Labeled Autistic, Temple Grandin

Emergence: Labeled Autistic is the Temple Grandin’s autobiography released in 1986.

Temple Grandin was diagnosed autistic at 4 years old, she has the Asperger’s syndrome. This story relate his journey, from the first steps where she must be accepted by others who don’t understand her, to her study in university and her first invention, the hug machine.

Temple Grandin is a very interesting character for she had succeed at create a very affecting book, which can help everybody to more understand this illness and fight against prejudice. With this autobiography, we no longer see autist like stupids, because they are often more intelligent than normal people, but they have only a disorder to express herself and understand feelings. Now she is an American teacher an animal sciences, because she, with is illness, can understand animals, and their pain.

This book is very interesting and I recommends to reading it to understand the difficulties to live with autism and the fighting of Temple Grandin to be accepted.

The Hound of The Baskervilles

After Sir Arthur Charles Baskerville’s death, in very mysterious circonstances, the famous detective Sherlock Holmes arrives at Dartmoor.

The hound of the Baskervilles is a novel written by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle in 1900. This novel is the Sherlock Holmes resurrection after 6 years, because the writer wants to stop this adventures, in the final problem where he’s dead. This novel is consider out the detective’s chronology.

In that case, the famous detective, accompagned by the doctor John H. Watson, the narrator, must protect the ender descendant of the Baskerville’s familie, Sir Henry. This novel is a brutal atmosphere changes contrary to other Sherlock Holmes novels and novella using the Dartmoor’s fog and lot of night passages.


This novel is also the most popular story of Sherlock Holmes, and she is the most adaptated on the big screen and at television.

I really appreciate this novel because the atmosphere is frightenning and the investigation is very clever.

The 5th Wave by Rick Yancey

The 5th Wave is a science fiction novel written by Rick Yancey and released in 2013. It’s the first part of a trilogy, and the second book was just release in november but I haven’t already read. She is called The Infinite Sea. An adaptation in film will be release in 2016 directed by J. Blakeson.

In this novel, Cassie Sullivan, a sixteen years old girl tries to survive, alone, at an alien invasion. She is alone because the world is devastated by the alien’s waves of destruction and uncommon humans humans who have success to survive lives isolated. Cassie will do everything to save his brother’s life removed by aliens.
I like this novel because the story is very original, for exemple, Cassie had never seen aliens and they destroy the humanity by waves.
First is the electromagnetic pulse which destroy every earth technologie, the second is tsunamis destroy lot of cities, the plague is the third eradicate many survivors with a virus and the fourth wave, called « The Silence », it’s the others arrival, the aliens, on earth, disguise in humans. The novel takes place inter the 4th and 5th wave, what we don’t know the action. In this novel, we have lot of suspense also, and it’s a reason what I like this book.
But, it’s probably the french translation fault, but I think the author isn’t a good writer, I dislike his writing style, the descriptions are simplistic, without good vocabulary, so familiar.

So, I like this novel for the scenario, despite the written style.

Doctor Who

Doctor Who is a british science-fiction series release in 1963.

The Doctor is an alien look like an human, comes from the planet Gallifrey. He is a Time Lord. He can travel in the time and space with his spaceship, the TARDIS (Time And Relative Dimension In Space), that seems at a police call box. This spaceship is bigger into inside.
The Doctor travel with companions and he discover with they lot of planets and important history moments. The companions is necessary because the doctor is an old alien who know almost everything and the companion is used to tell us the doctor story with a point of view close to the spectator, to identify at they.
The first doctor was William Hartnell. The actor started to become older to play the doctor and scenarist have include in the serie the regenaration concept to change the actor. The doctor, when he going to die, can regenerate into a new body with new personnality.
This concept allowing to continue the serie 50 years later.

The serie is divided in two parts, first from 1963 to 1989. The series as knew, with this seven doctor, poor audiences, and producer has decided to stop it.
In 1996, the BBC try to regenerate Doctor Who series with a telefilm, but the quality of it hasn’t success to Doctor Who comes back.

The second part of this series start in 2005, Doctor Who is resuscitate. 

Today the series continued with this eight season of the new series.
Totally, this series have 812 episodes and one telefilms for 34 seasons and 12 doctors.

The series concerned also the literature because lot of books extend the doctor who universe. To keep the series concept, and renew the experience at any book, any book is written by different writter. The exportation of a concept to other support for enrich the experience of a story is called crossmedia.

It’s very difficult to describe why I love Doctor Who. This series is so complete, because any episode is different and the series have very lot different subject. The renew of scenarist and actors supply a new breath at this series, and we can’t tidy up this series, she was know lot of kind. So I love Doctor Who because story is very interesting and renew at any episode, the characters are cools and I like the concept of travel in Time and Space and all complication what they can have, like time paradox.

« Timey Wimey, Wibbly Wobbly Stuff »

Harry Potter

Harry Potter is a serie of fantasy novels writing by J.K. Rowling unter 1997 and 2007. The serie has seven novels, to the first magical school year, to this ultime battle against Lord Voldemort. This story telle us the evolution of the young witch Harry at 11 to the adult at 18.

Harry has lost this parents, kill by Voldemort, and he lives with this uncle, aunt and his cousin, the Dursley. This family seems doesn’t like it, and all attention is to his cousin.
One day, Hagrid comes to the Dursley’s house to takes Harry Potter and go to the Poudlard wich school.
Quickly, he becomes friend with Ron and Hermione and the story tell us their Poudlard adventure’s.
But the murderer of Harry’s parents want to revenge against Harry and he try to come back to the world from the death.

Now Harry Potter must fight the Lord Voldemort to try to restore peace in magical world and with the moldus, person without magical power.

I really appreciate this serie of novel because we feel the character emotions and the evolution of the characters over time.
Also, we recognize into the main characters because we have feel this life period and the novel describe scene who are very similar to the reality.

A study in Scarlet

Sherlock Holmes is a famous detective create by Arthur CONAN DOYLE in the detective novel A Study in Scarlet release in 1887. The novel is writing with the Watson’s point of view.

This novel is split in two parts,
First at London with the doctor John H Watson who come back from Afghanistan War and he’s now retired from army because he’s wounded at shoulder. He was military doctor.
Now, he hasn’t enough money to lives alone and he search a flatmate to divide the expenses.
He meets the detective Sherlock Holmes and he decides to share a flat with him. They lives at the 221b Baker Street at Miss Hudson’s house.
Sherlock will show to John’s is detective’s talents and he will guess this past at the army.

One day, Sherlock receives a letter from a member of Scotland Yard (London’s police) who ask him to help for an investigation.
Sherlock will take Watson on board and he makes him his assistant.

In the second part, the narrator changes and we follow Lucy.
Lucy is the victim of the murder what Sherlock was call to help.
We discover the Lucy’s past to his death.
At the end, this second story meet the story and with this method, we understand Sherlock’s deduction methods.
This method of deduction, based on scientific facts is new for the age, contrary to now where all detectives movies/series/novel uses this method. At the age, policy deduces who is the guilty with the suspect’s reputation and expressions.

A Study in Scarlet it the novel were we can discover Sherlock Holmes and his works methods.
It’s a fantastic novel because the story is good writing and very interesting and Sherlock is a fascinating character what we want discover in the follows story.

Bilbo Le hobbit

The Hobbit is a novel written by John Ronald Reuel Tolkien and published in 1937. This story relate the travel of Bilbo in the Middle-Earth, to recover the dwarf treasure, stolen by Smaug, the dragon. They travel with Gandalf, a wizard, and 13 dwarfs.

This novel belongs to Gothic literature. In this novel, we can defined an anti-hero. Bilbo does not have qualities of a hero, but, he reveals over the novel his bravery,  and he are loyal with his friends. I like in this extract the wish of Bilbo to save his friends, and he break te appearances, he exposed his bravery and strength while he seemed, at the beginning of this novel, fearful, and uncourageous.

Before read this extract, I have already seen at the cinema, the film, « Lord of the Rings » and I already know the universe of the Middle-Earth, and the similarity with this two writnigs are appreciate.