Warm bodies

I would like to present an american film produced in 2013 and directed by Jonathan Levine called Warm bodies. This  film is post apocalytpic, summoning all the features of that type of film such as zombies, monsters and army forces, fighting against a dark virus spreading across the world and poisoning humanity.

The film starts with a peculiar point of view : a zombie named « R » explains his life on earth with his congeners in an airport, how they communicate and « feel » (which doesn’t happen apart from when they are hungry)  I love this part because we have a comic side of their slow and clumsy behaviour. There are another kind of zombie in their surroundings : the bonies. They have no skin or flesh, and above all no emtions, only empty husks. The bonies patrol in case of a heart pounding creature appeared…

He is going to meet a human girl called Julie, and together will bond a new relationship. R has saved her life during a zombie hunt, and she is trapped with R for days in the airport. Zombies are well-known for their cruelty and their blood-thirsty reputation. they don’t have emotions, but in this film we are going to assist at a discovery that will give hope to the new best friends : R felt his heart beat again, and amazingly falls in love. Humans have built a wall of protection while preparing to exterminate the zombies on the other side, which Julie and R are will lead a fight in order to bring the wall down.

This film is quite original, in the middle of dramatic events and the serious atmposphere, the comic side gives a touch of lightness. I recommend you to watch tthis film because it has a message to give, despite the ever-lasting zombies!

Mathilda (novel)

I am going to present a famous novel of the english literature : Mathilda written by Roald Dahl. This author worths a bit of description because I grew up in his books containing a humorous touch and offering a lot of adventures with original characters. He was born in Wales in 1916, and for a living he was a scenarist and an author, who wrote novels for cildren as well as adults. He became famous by writing novels such as Charlie and the chocolate factory, the BFG, etc…and won prizes : The world Fantasy prize.

Mathilda is a little girl, quiet but very intelligent, endowed with peculiar skills for her age : at the age of 5 she had already read the english classics! Adopted when she was a baby by a couple, she is ignored and mistreated. At school, her precocity doesn’t stay unnoticed  by her teacher named Mrs Honey, and who will bond a mothering relationship with Mathilda and is fascinated. Mathilda would be too lucky to be entirely happy in her school, a tyrannical  headteacher named Agatha Trunchbull, who punishes pupils whenever she is keen on doing it. The girl will develop a new kind of power : to be able to move objects with her thoughts. And she will use it to trick whoever means to harm her, one of the elements which will permit the story to unfold.

Mrs Honey had a cloudy past, she was raised by her Aunt after the death of her father, she even confides to Mathilda that it was quite suspicious. Through this story, there is a lot of love contrasted by violence and injustice, and the touch of magic is typical for the writing style of Road Dahl. I would add that if you wish to read it, you can also watch the film!!

Blood of Eden

I am going to talk about a fantasy-vampire serie written by Julie Kagawa. It was published in 2012. It is an original novel who talks about vampires, nothing to do with Twilight! ^^

Allie, a young woman, is trapped in a post apocalyptic world where vampires reduced the humans to cattle that are meant to feed their rulers with blood. Those humans are called  the registered, they are integrated in the society, whereas the unregistered live in ghettos surrounded by rabids (humans turned into monsters) and starve to death. Allie is bound to live an adventure that will change her life, she is saved by a vampire, but the only way is to be bit and to be turned into the monster she hated the most…

Living as a bloodthirsty creature, she will have to make sacrifices, and learn how to keep her humanity being a vampire.. On the run, Allie will adapt in a group of resistance pretending to be human. But in this adventure, she will lose the only family she had, and the forbidden, falling in love with a human…

This is a fantastic story, the characters let their feelings flow all through the novel, even if it has been a long time since I read this book!! 🙂

Miss Peregrine’s home for peculiar children

This is a book of dark fantasy, written in 2011 and was published in June. Ransom Riggs is a photo collector, and this book would have been published only containing vintage photos, who remained on the pages but are actually the illustration of a fantastic and horrific story.

To introduce this novel, I can say that the main athmosphere is a lot of mysteries and action, that will unfold as you go through the story. Jacob, an ordinary boy, grew up with his grandfather’s stories. He told him amazing adventures about killing monsters, sailing seas, and the little boy’s imagination was bubbling. Abraham talked about an orphanage, where he had been saved from the monsters, Jacob one day wanted to find out more about his grand father’s past. The only problem is, Jacob didn’t know that his life was about to change forever, and very fast. He would be caught in a deliriousl but real adventure : protect the orphanage from the incoming danger, to save the children. What is so peculiar in this orphanage? Were they still alive, after all these years?  Was his grandfather’s stories only fiction ?

I highly recommend this book, the story is amazing and the pictures are very unusual and interesting, I just can’t wait to go and watch the film!

Fool’s assassin by Robin Hobb

The book Fool’s assassin is an epic fantasy novel part of the Fitz and the Fool trilogy, written by the american author Robin Hobb. Published in 2014, this modern fantasy novel tells the story of Fitz Chivalry Farseer and his peacefull retirement at Bukkeep Castle.

This is a world with a monarchy reign ruled by the six duchies, who watches on the education of magic and the people who have that gift. Living his retirement with his wife as former assassin of the king, his life will be suddenly longing for his past activity, his « wit » will awake. Mysterious visitors came during the winter festivities, who were part of the Fool, with pale skin and claiming to be musicians, that night a scream came  from the upstairs of his home, blood trickling to the floor and apparently no sight of the Fool…

In this world of beauty, mystery and the proof of family love, I find this book really rich in english vocabulary and love the described landscapes, the style and in this period of time where you ride only by horse, the style is authentic .

Beetlejuice, a film by Tim Burton

Beetlejuice is a film by the director Tim Burton in 1988. It’s first version was a horror story, but they decided to change the scenario to put more fun and comic. It won an oscar of the best makeup and was one of Tim Burton’s success.

The film tells the story of a young couple who just died in a car accident. On the return home, they pass infront of a mirror and realise that there is no reflection: they have become ghosts. After the discover of their death, an excentric family decides to move in and tranform the house with modern sculptures and painting, but the lovers are not going to let them stay forever, they have to make a plan.

An underground world is run by dead people: secretary, the workers, and the manager, the lovers will seek help there and will be warned to not go and see the famous beetlejuice, a filthy pervert and claimes to be a « bio-exorsist ». Stuck between dispair and fear, they will accept his help, but will use drastic mesures to scare the family away. The daughter, quite depressive and wierd will see them and will save them from beetlejuice’s claws.

This film is one of the most bizarre I’ve ever seen but one that made me laugh alot, if you love Tim Burton, I recommend this film at one hundred percent!

Talon by Julie Kagawa


Talon is a novel written by Julie Kagawa and was published in 2014.

This book is part of the serie of three books who takes us into a world where dragons and humans live prosper together, but not in the way we would expect.

Ember Hill and Dante Hill, both brother and sister, were born in Talon and raised to one day discover their destiny : work for Talon by being Basilic, Vipers… which are litteraly Killing machines, trained to fight against st.George, their legendary ennemy. Sent to Crescent beach in a host family, they have been trained to stay in their human form to not be uncovered, as well as many more expectations of complete obedience. Ember is a rebel character and her only dream is to fly, so she learns how to surf and makes human friends, even if you’re in human form it isn’t that simple to be sociable. Throughout the story she will become impatient and stubborn with her brother, and will brake the rules, but she doesn’t know that in her friend groupe one of them finds out to be part of st.George and has one mission: to find those hatchlings detected in the area and take them down.  An impossible love story will tangle up the soldier’s plans and Ember will be torn between a peacefull life and the worlds that seperates her and the people she loves.


Coraline is a dark novel of Neil Gaiman published in 2002, and nominated the best novel for Young readers in 2003.

Coraline is a little girl, who has just moved in a new house with her parents, Mel Jones and Charlie Jones. The house is quite sinister, they are in the countryside. Her parents never have time to look after her so she decides to explore the house while they are working. She discovers the « crazy man upstairs », M.Bobo who is slightly mad, he wants to show at Coraline his mouse circus. There are two other neighbours who are retired from a dance and acting career. In the film they are friendly and offers her tea and biscuits. During the visit, she discovers a door at the end of a corridor, blocked out with bricks. One night, she heard like mouse singing in the corridor, so she decides to go and see. They lead her in the corridor and just in front of the door, but that time it wasn’t blocked. She continues into a black and dusty tunnel until she finds herself into her living room, although she did’nt turn back. Coraline is intruigued and goes in the kitchen, she finds her mother. The only problem is that she had buttons instead of eyes ! At first she isn’t scared and Coraline considers her as her « second mother » who cooks and is always there for her. Her « second dad » is in his office, but instead of working plays franticlly on the piano and many instruments, Coraline is having fun in her new home. This other world is magic, the dolls and toys play with the girl and she finds a cat, who will help her in the story. Coraline will slowly live a nightmare in this parralel world, her second mother is actually a possesive monster and will want to sew the girl’s eyes with buttons. Not wanting that treatement, she is sent into a locked cell with three ghost children.  Coraline will make a deal with her second mother : she has elements (marbles) to collect scatterded around the house and if she finds them all, she will be released. Will her mother stay trustfull? Through this odd and imaginative world, Coraline will learn that having everything you want isn’t as important than having the people you really love.


Eragon is on of the books of the saga The inheritance cycle written by Christopher Paolini.

Of the genre of fantasy, This book tells the story about a young boy named Eragon. As he lost his mother, he was sent to his uncle. It takes place in a time considered near the middle ages, in a village where traders pass every year. Eragon loves hunting in the Shade, a huge forest full of danger. No matter what his uncle says, he is a stubborn boy and will always go and explore, further and further. On day in winter, he discovers in the woods a stone in a crater. It is glowing and intruigues Eragon so he decides to take it back home but will discover that it isn’t like any other stone. One night a horrible screeching woke him up and discovered his stone moving. It cracks and gives birth to a mighty dragon. From that day, the fifteen year old boy is bound to raise his dragon Saphira, to learn how to communicate with her and to realize that he is one of the last Riders apart from the king of the realm : Galbatorix. Discovered by the royal authorities that he was in posession of the egg, he is in great danger. He will have to learn magic and manage sword fighting by the help of his friend Brom and Murtagh. The journey is full of action, overwelming and the hero is on the quest of discovering how to be a rider, to gain courage and overcome the dark forces.


Chappie is an American and Mexican film directed by Neil Blomkamp, released in March 2015.

We are in a futuristic period, in a city where criminality is the most reported: Johannesburg. Robotic force patrolls are created to deal with these lawbreakers and assure to keep the city prosperous. Deon, an employee of the company, is working on a secret creation of his own: to be able to insert a memory card in a robot capable of giving to the robot a real conscious. It would have feelings of his own, to be able think and decide of his actions. A robot called no 22, is pointed out in the first scenes: he is destroyed he is on every single mission, not a lucky one I suppose. He is at the end sent to be crushed in a pile of robots. Deon creeps into that room and picks him up, he is chosen to test his experience. On the way home, he is attacked by a couple named Ninja (Waktin Tudor Jones) and Yolandi (Yolandi Visser) they squat an unoccupied factory and deal with drugs and all sorts of illegal doings… he is forced to pull up at there « home ». Ninja dreams of having one of these robots for his own and while Chappie (his conscious name) is growing, he will try to train him as being a gangster.  Even by the protection of Yolandi and Deon, Chappie will be torn between a child innocently discovering the world and himself and the toxic behaviour and treatement Ninja imposes him. After being caught several times commiting criminal acts (he doesn’t realise what he is doing) the robot company considers him like a potential criminal and decides to destroy Chappie. Vincent (another employee) has possession of a giant robot connects human consciousness to machines with a helmet,and sets off to kill them all.What he doesn’t know is that Deon has one of those helmets and will try to transfer Chappie’s conciousness into a new robot body so he would live much longer. Will he succeed? Are they going to face Vincent ant his monster and survive? I will propose you to watch and find out!

I really found this film amazing because I love science fiction and the theme of human feelings and concsiousness, a really good idea. I find it really good to put in a touching film that is based on robots, who are cold and emotionless. And it astonished me to find two popular singers as actors aswell (olandi and Waktin).

The Iron saga, Julie Kagawa


Julie Kagawa is an american author born in 1982, living in Hawai. She is the author of aswell Blod of  Eden, the Talon series and the saga I am going to comment.

The Iron Fey is a serie of books in the genre of fantasy. Published since 2010, it defines a story filled with mystery, suspense ansd a lot of magic. Meghan, the main character is a normal teenage girl who lives in Louisiana. She doesn’t fit in school as much plus lives in a

farm with her step dad, her mother and her little brother, pretty normal until here.

On her 16th birthday, her life will change completely, she discovers that her brother has been kidnapped and been replaced by a monster. She will discover the existence with the help of her friend Robbie (who is fey) the world of the Nevernever. This world is full of dangers and with her friends (the cat, Ash,Robbie) she will face many quests and near death with many magical creatures (mermaids, goblins, oracles…). She will discover that her fate is to save tis world endangered by the corruption of technology which is poisoning the land but her first aim is to save her brother. She will become the Iron queen, able to control the corruption and to interwind nature and technology.
This is my favorite saga which I have read over and over again ! So many unravelling plots and this saga is a mixture between Lord of the Rings and Narnia. I love her writing style and the description is just enchanting.