The Rotters Club by Jonathan Coe

Birmingham in 1973, Doug Anderton, Benjamin Trotter and Philip Chase have them small well organized lives between them King William high school, with their family life, girls’ trouble and concerns of their parents. Doug is the son of a striking leader of the automobile factory, is in love with Claire Newmann, the sister of Miriam who is the secret mistress of his father. Benjamin has sister, Loïs, who begins to build her future life, he has a younger brother too, he is in love with Cicely and writes novels and musics. Philip is serious, is secretly too a lover of Claire and he sees her mother having a relation with his plastic arts teacher and his father, furious to know it, participates, juste like Doug, Ben and Claire in the newspaper of his high school and tries to etablish with Ben his rock band.

Their father work on the automobile factory, speak about social unrest, about strikes and about the terrorism of the IRA while they speak about rock, about punk, about their life to the high shcool, about equality between the sexes… But in these years  when the State gives way to the thatcherism, the problem of England catch up them : Loïs sees his fiancé dying under his eyes during an attempt of the IRA, the newspaper publishes more and mores articles on the strikes, the IRA and the politics.

It is a rather long but very pleasant book to be read : funny even satiric, in the not too much looked for style, in the fascinating intrigue, in the multiple themes, in the growing interest, in the touching heroes.

The Fault in Our Stars by John Green

This novel was published in 2012 by John Green, an american writer and it was published in France in 2013 by Nathan Jeunesse. It’s a book which had e lot of success, he was adapted into a movie with Shailene Woodley and Ansel Legort in the respective roles of Hazel Grace and Augustus Waters. The story takes place in Indianapolice and Hazel is old of siwteen years old. She is affected by a disease : cancer.

Her parents obliged him to assist at a group of support for cancer patient. During sessions, she meets Augustus and he is affected by a cancer too. The two adolescents are passionned by a novel wrote by Peter Van Houten and they decided to do a travel for meet the writer and they go there low together but the story ended tragically beacuse Augustus succumb to his disease.

This story is very touching because she deal with the cancer which is a actual disease and the scientits searched Remedies to cured them despite that Cancer are mainly cured nowaday. However, other disease are not cured like Alzheimer. This story deal with to Love too and show that it is necessary to take advantage of people who we love as long as we can.

Brave New World by Aldous Huxley

Brave New World is a novel published in 1931. It’s a kind of « science fiction » Novel and recover of the dystopia. He was written in London and deal of the humans creation. The story takes place in London on a « Center of incubation and packaging » where baby, before have been conceived, are packed in bottles according to different groups. In this system, it is question of caste system. For exemple, the inferior groups, named « Epsilon » and « Delta » are mass-produced and are condamned to doing manual work, So much say that the superior groups, named « Alpha » and « Beta » are the dirigeants and are assigned the highest functions in this system. We can observed a big inequality. Huxley tries to show us that it could arrive because science is in progress and humain prodution could be or will be remplaced by the technological and scientific advances.

Great Expectations by Charles Dickens

It is a novel which is told has the first person and it deal with the life and adventurs of a young orphan  until his maturity. Before being published,  he was published in a Dickens’ Magazine named « All the Year Round ». The story begin on 1812 in Kent and the protagonist named Philil Prrip also know as Pip, he lives on a Middle classe and would rising up above this one and he bing his young maturity in London after have received his « Great Expectations ». It is necessary to know that it is a autobigraphical novel because Dickens spent his youth in Kent too. This novel is an violent book beacause he deal with differents subjects such as the poverty or the death. This novel is full of twists and show that Dickens tell of his life’s events and indirectly on the men society

Macbeth by William Shakespeare

Has the continuation to a victorious battle, the brave Macbeth, subject of king Duncan of Scotland, meets three witches who indicate him as the duke of Glamis, the duke of Cawdor, and future king.  A short time later, Macbeth is informed that king, in return for his courage, makes duke of Cawdor. Macbeth expresses the singular interview in his wife who is going to urge him to murder king to take his place, so realizing the third prediction of three witches. The reign of Macbeth, guided by the fear, the guilt and the misty words of three witches which he questions as for his future, is placed under the sign of the murders and the injustice. Macbeth eventually rises up againts a revolt, and will be murdered

The Catcher in the Rye by J.D Salinger

This novel was published in United States on 1951.

He is written to the first person, the main character named Holden Caufield, who tells his three days in New York after having made sent back to college of Pencey. First, he talks of his camarades of college, particulary Ackley et Stradlater, that he does not appreciate ; then he leaves Pencey for go in New York. He does’nt retourns at his home because his relative do not know sound sends back. He passes three days in New York and go to numerous places (bar, hotel, museum…) and he finished to returns at his home for see his sister. Finally, he must be found a new college and work more for have a better future.
Holden Caufield is a character lost and not sur of himeself. He doesn’t like very much things, only the childhood and his family, but he is very charming and moving…. It is necessary to read this novel !

Night and Day Virginia Woolf

Dedicated to housewife’s life, Katherine is a fiancée to the writer William and the prospect of this marriage makes the happiness of his parents. She does not however manage to deny he feelings for Ralph, modest lawyer, which courts her although he is so closely interested in Mary the suffragette which has itself eyes only for William! Virginia Woolf describes with a lot of humor the customs of the high society of London to defend better the right of the women to work and to marry who well seems to them. This book is very interesting and i would advise you to read this novel!

Hunger Games, Suzanne Collins

I will speak of the novel Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins wrote. It is divided into three volumes and tells the survival of twelve boys and twelve girls. The main character is Katniss Everdeen, is accompagnied bye Peeta Mellark, they must survive together in a reality TV game called « Hunger Games ». The entire population has the obligation to watch the Hunger Games Live, so they see people die. This novel is interesting, it is full of suspense, this is of course science-fiction but i suggest you read this novel, especially for those who love the fight and confrontation! … See you soon my readers and enjoy reading!