Rogue One: A Star Wars Story

Hey everyone, I’m gonna talk about the new star wars movies or I should say a spin-off of one of the most famous saga in the world. This episode sets between the episode three and four of the franchise. Starring Felicity Jones, the story deals about the little crew of the rebellion against the sith darth Vader. The order Jedi is now vanished and the Empire controls the galaxy. The fate of the galaxy is between the hands of a young woman, Jyn Erso, Jyn is the only hope of the galaxy thanks to his father. I stop here for the story.

Indeed, I’m surprised, the film is perfectly staged by the young English director Gareth Edwards. The images of some scenes are very stunning as well as the landscapes in many planets. Rogue one is inspired by several conflicts historic like the world war two or also the Vietnam war for the battle of the end. The battle is set on the tropical planet Scarif.

Even if we have no light saber during the film, we have the great comes back of the great vilain Darth Vader. Vader is just incredible in every scenes where he appears. In brief Rogue One is one of the best film of this year. Consequently, this movie was amazing, I kind of wish that some of these scenes were not cut out, hopefully they can make them deleted scenes or an alternate cut. I recommend it for the fans and no fans.

The Revenant

The Revenant

The Revenant is an American drama film starring Leonardo DiCaprio and Tom Hardy. The film is directed by the mexican director Alejandro G. Inarritu famous for his movie Birdman (2014). The film is based on the novel of Michael Punke with the same name, describing frontiersman Hugh Glass’s experiences in 1823. The film deals with the subject of the redemption.

The story sets in a deeply savage America. Hugh Glass, a trapper, goes in expedition with his group and his son. During his journey, he’s attacked by a bear and seriously injured. His group decides to abandon him to his fate. Moreover, a man kills his son in front of him. Glass refuses to die, alone, he decides to undertake a journey more than 300 km in a hostile environment to find man who killed his son.

The film allows us to discover the social frontier between the people of America. Trappers, natives American and more. The character of DiCaprio is very interesting, in search of redemption, he is very fascinating by his construction. He is solitary, he’s tired of life, his only motivation is embodied by his wife and her son. All the film is built on his personal vengeance.

To speak about the director, we can study the light or also the movement of camera in the film. The natural light uses fort the film is just perfect in any shots, the reflect of the sun in the snow, everything is filmed with an unerring rightness.

In clear, The Revenant is not a film like an another film, The long tracking, the angle of shot is very subversive and impressive. Thanks to this film, DiCaprio won for the first time of his life an oscar by the same way, Innaritu won the oscar of the best director movie for The revenant. It’s all for me, see you for the next article.     

The Long Walk

The Long Walk is a dystopian novel published in 1979 by Stephen King but at this time, he uses the pseudonyme of Richard Bachman. But before we begins to start with the novel, let’s talk about the author, Stephen King is an American author of contemporary horror, suspense, science fiction and also fantasy. King is a famous writer known throughout the world. Acclaimed by the critics for the novels like Shining or Mr.Mercedes, It is important to reminds us that in 1979, King is a writer like someone else but he was perceived like a distinguished writer notably for the novel Carry. And during the 1979’s year he decided to write the novel The Long Walk.

First of all, The Long Walk set in a dystopian alternative present. The story deals with a totalitarian regime in USA. Every year, a long walking is organized by the totalitarian regime, we can considered this walk like a kind of road-trip. Secondly, hundred teenagers participate voluntarily. If for any reasons, they decide to stop their walk. At the end of three warnings, they are killed in front all the population. Throughout this walk, We following the path of Garraty (the hero of the story) and his friends Mcvries, Baker… Garraty is a likable guy who tries to survive in this death march.

To conclude, this book is an impressive novel, the novel is gory but intense. King gives us a big lesson of morality with the story that’s one the many reasons why I wanted to speak about this book. The story takes place on more than two days. So we have the time to attach us to the characters. For finish, for me, The Long Walk is a great novel which deserves to be seen at least once.

Little Richard

Rock’n’Roll during the sixties

Hello everyone. For the first article of the month. I want to make an article in relation with our theme at school, The history of United states and particularly Segregation during the sixties. So we’re going to talk about Little Richards.

Little Richard or we can also called him by his real name, Richard Wayne Pennieman. He is an American author, pianist, artist and actor. Born the 5th 1932 december. Little Richards is both a legend of the rock’n’roll during the fifties and one of the first musical artist to recognize favor of white public. In 2008, the prestigious magazine Rolling stones considered him like one the best singer of the world. He makes incredible songs like Good Golly, Miss Molly, Rit It Up, Lucille or Tutti Frutti. One of his famous song was Long tall Sally and she was used (reprise) by many artist or band like The Beatles. I give you the clip video of Long Tall Sally with the lyrics of the music.

« Gonna tell Aunt Mary ’bout Uncle John,
He claim he has the misery but he’s havin’ a lot of fun,
Oh baby, yeah baby, woo, baby
Havin’ me some fun tonight yeah

Well long, tall Sally
She’s built for speed, she got
Everything that Uncle John need, oh baby,
Yeah baby, woo baby,
Havin’ me some fun tonight yeah

Well, I saw Uncle John with long tall Sally
He saw Aunt Mary comin’ and he ducked back in the alley oh baby,
Yeah baby, woo baby,
Havin’ me some fun tonight, yeah ow

Well, long, tall Sally
She’s built for speed, she got
Everything that Uncle John need oh baby,
Yeah baby, woo baby,
Havin’ me some fun tonight yeah

Well, I saw Uncle John with bald head Sally
He saw Aunt Mary comin’ and he ducked back in the alley oh baby,
Yeah baby, woo baby,
Havin’ me some fun tonight, yeah

We gonna have some fun tonight,
We gonna have some fun tonight, woo
Have some fun tonight, everything’s all right,
Have some fun, have me some fun tonight »

It was important for me to make an article about this man. Not only because he is a legend but also Litlle Richard inspired The beatles, Elton John, David bowie or a an amazing singer in 1980 Prince. He influenced his era with his rebel and personalty moreover with his clothes style

I like him, especially his musics, Long Tall Sally is for myself the best. I appreciate this kind of music. It was a time where music still cool and fun. Of course, this is just my subjectif point of view. That’s all for me, see you for the next article. It could probably about a movie, Bye and take care yourself.

Paths of Glory

Paths of Glory is American anti-war novel created and published by the american Humphrey Cobb in 1935. The story speaks about the case of Souain’caporals. Louis Girard, Lucien Lechat, Louis Lefoulon and Téophile Maupas are condemns of revolts and have been shot for the exemple. This is one of many case on the mutiny during the first world war.

First, We need to talk about the context. The big war starts on july, the 28th 1914 in Europe. After 1915, the war continues mainly in France between two power nations, France and Germany. The war is very awful with so many deaths on the field. At the beginning of the 1915’year, many cases of mutiny are seen. The most famous is the case of Souain’s caporals.

Humphrey Cobb critics here, the stupidity of the war and soldiers unfairly killed by their nation without any reasons. I’ve never seen the best-seller not yet but I like the authors’involvement specially here. I think it’s very important to show us the dark side of what the French army did during the first world war. And not just our country but all the countries. That’s one of a reason because why I love this book…

The other reason is the film director Stanley Kubrick. In 1957, he adapted the novel with the same name. The story slightly different is still touching. Finally, we must never forget what these men made for their country.

Drive (Book and movie)

Drive Novel/film

Hey everyone, today i’m going to talk about the black novel Drive written by the american James Sallis and published in 2005. This is the story of a stuntman specialized on the automobile cars in Pheonix, Arizona. He has no name, to make more money, he works the night as driver for any sorts of flights. One day, falling in a trap, his only friend is killed. After this tragedy, the only thing that he wants is the veangeance.

I like very much this novel, with a suspenseful story, this novel is very intense with his big moment of tension. The character of the driver is very surprising not like many anti-hero.

Now, we are going to talk about the movie. Directed by Nicholas Widing Refn and released in 2011. The driver character is played by Ryan Gosling (Numbers 2002) starring Carey Mulligan (The Great Gatsby 2013) and Bryan Cranston (Breaking Bad 2008). The story is exactly the same than the novel. The driver is an interesting character, Both complex and charming, he is never afraid by the world who surrounding him. Winding Refn won the best director movie for the film. Moreover at the 2011 Cannes film festival, Drive received a standing ovation, so I highly recommend to you.

For the anecdote Have you ever heard the song « Nightcall » ? Create by the french electronic compositor Kavinsky. the music was exclusively create for the film.

Star Wars Saga

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far way

Hello everyone, during my christmas holidays I went to the cinema to see the last star wars movie. With a such popularity, and the seven episodes of the franchise which breaks all records, I had to make an article about my favorite saga.

In 1977, a genius creator transmits a long work which took him more five years of his life. This project entitled « Star Wars » is the begining of a revolution in the science fiction movies. George Lucas, the creator, described the adventure of a young man… Luke Skywalker who faced against the evil, the infamous Darth Vader. With his friends named Han Solo, Leia Organa and also c3po and R2D2, you will see a cocktail of passion, epicness battles, sadness and conflicts. Star Wars became the biggest success of his last years in Hollywood and everywhere around the world.

Star Wars V: The empire strikes back released in 1980 is composed of one of the most popular scene in the cinema history with one epic moment at the end of the film. When Luke faced Darth Vader, this one tells him…

Luke lost his first figtht against his father but he makes his come back in Star Wars episode VI: The return of the jedi released in 1983 and directed by Richard Marquand (and producing by Georges Lucas). In this episode, Luke wins his second battle against his father in a big planet named « Death Star ». And by the same way… he defeated the master of his father who is Lord SIdious. He brings back peace in the galaxy.

Luke vs Darth Vader (his father).

To complete his puzzle, Lucas realizes sixteen years after the episode VI, the epiosde I called « The fantom menace » in 1999. The story tells the youth of Darth Vader formerly known as Anakin Skywalker. In the episode II, he got married with Padme. His story continues until the episode III named « Revenge of the sith » where we see the fall of the hero.

To conclude, Star Wars is for me the best saga in science-fiction. With his 2097 planets, and characters (more than 200). The saga lets us travel between differents fantastic worlds. Moreover the story shows us how a young boy who has everything promised descends into madness which destroy his life and his family. And even after thrity eight years after the episode IV, Star Wars continues to crownd unleashed with the « The force awakens » the seven episode of the franchise realised by JJ Abrams in 2015.

A Clockwork Orange

Hello everyone, today, i’m gonna talk about A Clockwork orange, a short novel of science-fiction written by Anthony Burgess and published in 1962. Burgess find inspiration when his first wife has been attack by soldiers in 1944. A Clockwork Orange was adapted by Stanley Kubrick in 1971 .

The book talk about a young offender, sixteen years only. Whit his Gang, the Doogis, Alex Delarge rob, break the law and finally kill innocent people around him in the streets of London. A day like another, Alex is captured by the police when he killed accidentally a  woman .

At this moment, he can not imagine what happened. Alex go in jail and finish used as a guinea-pig for a science experience financed by the government. The Ludovico treatment. When he go out the jail, he’s not the same man. when he heard the song of Beethoven, the nine symphony. he can do something and suffering terribly.

So without saying more, A Clockwork Orange is for me is a great short novel. Funny, musical, exciting, bizarre, political, frightening… that’s the all words who resumed the book   for me. Enjoy your reading and see you for the next article.

The Walking Dead

Everyone must know The Walking dead as the famous series but in fact, you should know that it is a famous comic-book created by Robert Kirman and Tomy Moore in october 2003. The story shows us how a sheriff’s deputy named Rick Grimes try to survive in a post-apocalyptic, zombie-infested world with his family and friends. Still existing right now, The walking dead’s comic is one of the most influential comic of his generation with 24 volumes to his credit. The success of the comics have brought the creation of a TV show named also “The walking dead” adapted by Frank Darabont in 2010.

The walking dead show made its debut on AMC (which is a satellite television channel) on October 31st 2010. Since then, we can say that the show is the same that a movie experience.

The comics (such as the TV show) is a post-apocalyptic series focused on survivors. Some people can think that is only about zombie, but it’s more than that. Indeed, The walking dead is centered on the primary character of Rick Grimes. He is a sheriff’s deputy who wakes up from a coma after a shot in his body. He wakes up in an abandoned hospital. He discovers that everything he had know, is gone. And the world is now surrounded by zombies. Rick journeys to a safe zone in Atlanta determined to find his wife Lori and her son Carl. That’s the starting point of the story.

In my view, The walking dead is one of the greatest comic story and serie of the decade (with the tv show Breaking Bad). All mains characters have something to show about their personality. That’s why, I think, we love them.

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory by Roald Dhal

this book was written by Roald Dhal and published by Alfred.A Knopf in 1964. The book tells the story of the little charlie bucket, charlie lives with his family in a small wooden house on the edge of a great town. One day, charlie goes to a store to buy a chocolate bar, the seller does not give him any chocolate bar… it is a chocolate bar of the very famous and incredible inventor mr.Wonka. And in this chocolate bar, charlie find a golden ticket who will allow him to visit the famous chocolate factory of the master confectioner mister Wonka.

I wont go further because for me Charlie and the chocolate factory is a novel which have to be read by everyone to fell like a child again. As for as i know, it is a great and it’s my very first book i have read. Everything in the book give you the desire to eat chocolate. From the beginning to the end, the book will transport you into the biggest chocolate in the world unfortunately which doesn’t exist in real life. All the characters are touching, they have got their own personalities that allow us us to identify with them. Finally, i will end my speech here. Enjoy your reading !