Remember me

Hello everybody,

Today, i’m going to talk about an american film wich is entitled « Remember me ».

I found the script very affecting, indeed the story  presents a young man who is named Tyler plays by Robert Pattinson,  he is 22 years old he rebels against his family and the society after his mother dying. During a party he fought against a policeman and he goes in custody so his father who is lawyer payed for his release.. By strategy he starts to hit on the policeman’s daughter : Ally a young woman who is very sensible. Tyler falls madly in love with her.

In this film there are lot of reference to Voltaire and a reflection around the human in society, we can see that Tyler is a morose boy and he always lives in sadness. Despite at the heart of the film with find the relationship inside a family. Tyler has conflicting relationship with his father and we can see that he suffers of that and he’d give anything for his little sister who trys to help him everyday to move forward. There are also good and funny moments that I adored particulary when Tyler is with his roommate !

I tought the character of Tyler and the story very charming.. I could had others importants details but I prefer you go see the film to know the dramatic end 😉

I recommand you so much.. Really !

See you soon !

Thérèse Raquin

Hello everybody ,

Today I choose to talk about my favorite novel ! It is entitled Thérèse Raquin, it was written by one of the most famous writer of the 19th century, Emile Zola. This novel was published in 1867. Normally, I do not like love story but this novel make a deep impession on me…

The story starts with three characters : the main character : Thérèse ; Camille and Camille’s mother. Thérèse was raised by Camille’s mother, Camille is sick since he is a little boy, adult, Camille and Thérèse get married. They live in Paris, in their shop where Thérèse sells jewelrys and clothes with Camille’s mother. One day Camille returned to the house with an old friends of him, Vincent. He is a painter and at the first look Thérèse fell in love with him… Zola uses the description and insist on the love at first sight…

So, Thérèse and Vincent start an hidden love relation, they have sexual intercourse in the marital bed. But Thérèse and Vincent want to live thier relation freely so they decided to kill Camille. On one summer night they go eat in a restaurant and they decided to take a walk on a lake in a small boat and Vincent drown Camille.. Nobody saw them.. This extract is very intensive we attend at the drowning !

But after the murder the lovers do not feel free, on the contrary, they become to be crazy and the murder haunt them.. so they kill themselves because they do not manage to be happy.

I recommand you so much this novel !


Hello guys!

Today, i’m going to talk about 1984 the most famous novel wich was written by the famous english novelist Georges Orwell and was published on 1949.

It was considered like a science fiction novel and it was a dystopia.

This novel is about a totalitarian regime while the war against Eurasia. We find the Big Brother in the story, it´s a very important chatacter because it keep order in the society, in face they are supervision camera…

Main chatacters are both in love in secret while this war, they are Julia and Winston.. They usually meet on a bedroom, until they were discover thanks to the Big Brother, so Winston is tortured..

Despite, in 1956 the novel is adapted to the cinema it´s an english film directed by Michael Anderson.

This novel shows us the reality with the violence and the cruetly of the totalitarian regime and the society under control..

See you!

A clockwork Orange


I’m going to talk about the famous film produced by the famous filmmaker Stanley Kubrick. Before being a movie it was an english novel wich was written by Anthony Burgess and adapted to the cinema in 1971. We talk about a si-fi movie.

It’s about a teenager called Alex DeLarge who is a violent boy, they are on the margins of society with his friends who are deliquents, they are always in violence the commit crimes like rapes and burglaries, and that, just for the pleasure to do wrong. they have the sames costumes, and they do not obey in rules been imperative by the law. Alex is the leader of his clan wich is named « the droogies » Alex lives with his parents and is passionate about the celebrated composer Beethoven. We are often sacred about the madness of Alex.

At the end Alex go to the prison and is transferring to a center to try to helps him to cure him against the violence and others crimes he could do again. There is a very a visible change when he gets out the medical center, he became nice and polite. With the treatment that he is suffered he is sick when he becomes to be violent..

He is a new character, he was changed, and the last sentence that the main character said (Alex) is « Oh yes, I was cured for good »

Personnally, I recommend you the book or the movie, both are great !

Waiting for Godot

Waiting for Godot is an absurdist play written by Samuel Beckett. The first representation was in 1953 in Paris. This play is qualifies like a tragicomedy in two acts. The original french text was composed in 1949, and it was translate few times later. It’s the Nonsense genre.

In this play there are four charaters. Two main characters are Estragon and Vladimir and during all the play they are waiting for Godot, Meanwhile they meet Pozzo and his slave Lucky, these two characters are very strange. Pozzo is very tirannic, indeed he is very cruel with Lucky, we talk about a deshumanization of Lucky.

The play has no sense because characters are waiting for Godot but public knows that he will never coming and sometimes it’s very funny for example when Estragon and Vladimir do same movements or when Pozzo asks to Lucky if he can think, it’s a screed very funny.

But we feel also sorrow for them because they waiting someone who will never come.. It’s why we can sa that it’s a tragicomedy.

Personnally, I loved this play, it makes me smile and sometimes laugh



The Catcher in the Rye

Hello everybody,

Today I am going talk about a famous novel of XX century. This novel is intitled The Catcher in the Rye. It was written by J.D Salinger and published in 1951. This book was a success.

The novel’s story is about a teenager who is unsure of himself, in fact he tells his story and we can feel that he is not very happy. He tells us his life in his boarding school with his friends, he talks about his dead brother, his parents, his sister.

Holden is a character very charming, personally I like him a lot for his way o thinking and others little things. We feel that Holden feels nostalgie of his childhood wich he is trys to find with his little sister, Phoébé. During all the novel we are charming by the story and the character.

I recommand you, I liked it.

good reading, bye

Brave New World

Hello everybody,

Today I am going to talk about a famous english dystopian si-fi novel, Brave new world wich was written by Aldous Huxley. It was published in 1932. The novel’s title results from a William’s Shakespeare but it’s also results from Candide wich was written by Voltaire in XVIII century.

This story is about society where mans are create in laboratory because the author make disappear the sexual reproduction and love in his society. In this novel we produce embryos adjusted by our caste. There are differents caste, in fact there are uppers caste wich are Alpha and Beta and there are lowers caste wich are Gamma and, Delta and Epsilon. All the story is about this.

It’s a very famous dystopian si-fi novel like Fahrenheit 451 and 1984 wich was written by two differents authors. Brave new world has represented a pessimistic view of consumer society.

Personally, I like it so much even if I don’t like si-fi !

                                 Good reading to you guys !

Romeo & Juliet

Hi, I’m going to talk about Romeo and Juliet it’s a famous play wich has written by William Skakespeare and published in 1597 for the first time. The first theatral performance was in 1598. This story is about Romeo, a young man, a heir of M.Montaigu, his father. Romeo meets Juliet Capulet for the first time at the dance, in Verona, their hometown, in Italy.

They fall in love but in fact it’s an impossible love because their families are rival so they decided to married them with the help of Brother Laurent and the Juliet’s nanny. After that, Romeo is banishes of Verona to killed his best friend’s murderer.

Before he goes, Julet gets to spend her wedding night with her lover, Romeo. Juliet’s parents want to married their daughter with Comte Parî, but she refuses and she stimulates her death with the Brother’s Laurent help. The Nanny discovers Juliet is dead, anh there are her funeral according to Brother’s Laurent plan

The messenger who was required to bring the Juliet’s letter to Romeo is sick so Romeo only learns the Juliet’s death. He comes to say goodbye to Juliet and after he drinks a sealed vial of poison and he dies. Juliet wakes up and she see him dead… So she suicide her with a dagger.

Finally, Romeo’s and Juliet’s parents are reconciling, despite, they owners get a statue of their children’s memories.


Personally love the film too, I recomend you so much !

Alice’s adventures in wonderland

I’m going to talk about Alice’s adventures in wonderland,

This book was written by Lewis Carroll and illustrated by John Tenniel, 2 famous English men. This fantastic novel published in 1865.

It’s about Alice, a young children who waking up in wonderland, first she is trying to catch a white rabbit who says that it is late. Thanks to this extract, she is meeting the cat « dina » it represent the passage of the reality to the fiction. She is also meeting lot of strange people and strange things like the « red queen » who is a nasty woman who plays to games card, it’s a famous passage of this book. In the Alice’s wonderland everything is very strange. In fact, we can interpret these adventures as we want it’s can be Alice’s dreams.

It’s a world where the logic has been abandoned benefit of madness, it’s a surrealist world very colored who is become almost nightmarish.

After this very famous fantastic novel, there were lot of video games, movies, musics etc.. about it. In particular a tim burton’s adaptation with Jonny Deep and a older adaptation by Walt Disney who is the most famous of all and for everyone.

Good reading everybody !

Harry Potter

Hello everybody,

Today I’m going to talk about Harry Potter , it’s an English saga very famous. It’s talk about wizards who are in school calls Hogwarts and they practicise magic. There are 3 main characters thier names are Harry, Ron and Hermione. Throughout the saga we follow their adventures of their lifes everywhere. This saga is written by J.K Rowling , a famous English novelist knew for had written Harry Potter saga.  Personnally I usually read it. I recomend you Harry potter’s books so much ! Good reading to you !