Karoo by Steve Tesich

Karoo is the last book written by Steve Tesich, ended a few days before his death on 1996. And that’s a best seller.

The story talks about Saul Karoo who work on cinema. He is separated of his wife and they have an adopted child. And he is a big liar.

One day he discovered he never can’t be drunk so when he go on party he is farseeing of what happens. But he can’t says he can’t be drunk because it will break social balance of society he is on. He has an image to preserve: it would be difficult for him to assume what he is in real

On his work one day someone ask him to check a movie made by a genius and this movie is a work of art. But when he starts to work on this movie he is faced of the mother of his adopted son because she is an actress in this movie. So he decides to meet her and then, he falls in love with her.

I really like this book because it is gentle, cynical, infantile, modest and shifted in writing at the same time.


It’s a comic written by Fabien Vehlmann and draw by Bruno Gazzotti. It’s published since 2006 and today there are eight volumes we can buy.

The story is about five children who woke up a day and they are alone in their town : Fortville.

-The first character we discovered is Yvan who is 9 years old. He is intelligent, a little crazy (sometimes he thinks he is God) and he is a little coward and at the same time courageous.

-The second character is Leïla, she is 11 years old. She is a tomboy because she loves mechanic but she is very energical and optimist. She never panic and is always realistic.

-The third is Camille who is 8 years old. She is the perfect little girl who works hard for school, very wise, she understand directly the situation but sometimes she is naive.

-There is after, Terry who is the younger (5 years old) he is attachant but also naive and extrem in his reactions and feelings. He just lives to play with his toys, but he is also very courageous.

-The last one is the older (15 years old) Dodji. He is the « leader » at the beginning because of his age. He is ingenious and he is never afraid by anything, but he is also nervous.

So this is the band of five.

During these eight volumes, there happening a lot of adventures of these five kids, like fight again monkeys or meet other children. But during this time there are a lot of mysteries without answers like why them, what happens in this town and the adults.

It’s really difficult to admit these kids do all that like fight and struggle alone or drive a bus because they are just children. And we watch them grow up. But I really like this comic because mysteries are very interresting. And more there are volumes, more we understand with them what it is happening and what happens. The most difficult to admit is that they are very young but they do everything with a lot of realism, they think a lot and do choices sometimes hard. I forgot sometimes they’re children because they knew where they’re gone and give the impression to be tennagers, they’re really mature.

The fifth first volumes gone to be adapted on movie, I really want to know if it’s gone to be great as the comic.

It’s the only comic I read and I advise you to do the same if you like fantastic.

There is also a website and I found it funny :http://www.seuls-labd.com/

The Book Thief

Last week I read a new book and I found it great.

The Book Thief is a novel written by Markus Zusak and published in 2005. The story takes place during World Ward II. It’s about Liesel Meminger who is the main character. She is a little German and she is separated from her mother because she can’t keep her safe. So, she arrived in the house of Hans and Rosa Huberman. Their neighbours are the Steiner and Rudy Steiner became Liesel’s best friend. All this important characters live in a poor street called « Traumen » and this would say « dream », this is important for the story and a little ironical. The last important character is Max Vandenburg and he is Jewish, this is really important. So many adventures happening to Liesel and all these characters and I found it very interesting and touching.The last points I have very appriciated  in this book is that the story takes place in the German camp and that the narrator is the death, and it’s a point of view new to me so this make the story more interesting to me. And of course the story talks about a book thief, but I don’t want to spoil any person who is interesting by this story.

I have already watched the film of The Book Thief. And it’s a good adaptation and this talk about the same subject of course. But I found it less interesting and touching than the book (like every book’s adaptation I’ve seen). And there are scene which have changed and I found it too bad.

So if you are interested by this story I advise you to read the book because it’s really more touching, moving and I found it really well written. So, make your choice, but choose the book.

Sophie’s World

Sophie’s World by Jostein Gaager is one of my favorite books. It’s a novel about the history of philosophy. The history of philosophy is watched by a young girl : Sophie Amundsen. One day she finds in her mailbox one piece of paper with written inside « Who are you ? ». But we don’t know who wrote this and the others question asked after this one. After that, the unknown character gives to Sophie lessons about how ancient philosophers thought about different topics before Sophie. But in parallel of philosophy, Sophie tries to know who gives her letter with philosophy lessons.

So it’s a novel about philosophy and a little about the story of Sophie with her feelings, questioning about who is the philosopher. It’s very instructive for philosophy, it helped me at the beginning and it’s very interesting. So if you want to read something about philosophy, read Sophie’s World !

The Host

The Host is a thriller published in 2010 and written by Stephanie Meyer.

Humanity is surrounded by alien and there are not many humans left. The main character is a teenager, Melanie Stryder and Wanderer who is a old alien. To dominate the Earth, alien need to take possession of people’s body. Wonderer is like a soul in Melanie’s body. So Wanderer try to dominate Melanie but Melanie’s feelings are very strong and it becomes dificult for Wanderer to control its new body. With Melanie’s memory, Wanderer knows where the last resisting humans are and where Jared is: the man who Melanie loves. To survive Melanie and Wanderer needs to beame allies.

The film was released in 2013 and it was directed by Andrew Niccol it’s an adaptation of Stephanie Meyer’s book. So it’s the same story without some details present in book.

I’ve read the book and watch the film and to my opinion it’s a good adaptation even if I prefered the book. I found the story interesting and I really liked read the book, so one day if you can reading it and like sci-fi,I advise you to do so.

Looking for Alaska

During my holiday I have read « Looking for Alaska ». Before I bought it I just have heard about this book but I didn’t know the story, so I really didn’t know what happend. Written by John Green and published in 2005, this book is destined to teenagers.

The story is focus on Miles Halter who leaves his parents for university campus of Culver Creek, in Alabama. He meets his room-mate Chip and Chip’s friends: Alaska Young and Takumi. Together, they do jokes to annoy rich students in the campus.

Wathever the story of love is already seen, the story talks about important question if we are able to see them. So the story is interessant but is not my favorite book.

My favorite book.


I want to talk about one of my favorite book : Complètement cramé ! It is written by Gilles Legardinier who is french writer. He was born in Paris on 1965 but he wasn’t a writer at first. At the begining he worked on American cinema as a pyrotechnist. Now he writes novel and manages communication for film studios and large scenarios. He wrote five books of whom two are international success: L’Exil des Anges and Demain j’arrête !. The first is a thriller and the second is a comedy.

Complètement cramé is the story of an English man: Andrew Blake. He is the boss of a compagny. This man leaves England to come in France and becomes a butler but he has never done that before so he tries to find his place in the house with Magnier the gardener, Odile the cook, Manon the young maid, Mme Beauvillier the hostess and Maestro the mysterious cat. A lot of adventure happen to Andrew during his stay but it’s very funny.

I really enjoy to read this book because it is easy to read and it is very funny. So if you want do a break and read something light and funny, this book would be the one.



The Help

The Help is a novel by Kathryn Stockett and was published on 2009. The story takes place in Jackson, Mississippi during the 1960s. The story is about Abileen and Minny who are both African-American maids in houses of white families and Skeeter who is the daughter of a prominent white family. When Sketter comes back to university she talks with Abileen to know were Constantine – the maid of his house – is gone. After that, she talks with Abileen and she wants to write a book about the story of different maids in Jackson. With the help of Abileen, Minny and many other maids Sketter wrote his book, but is not without danger because there are conflicts between black and white, it’s why they write this book in secret.

The film adapted by Tate Taylor on 2011 is not a very good adaptation to my part because in the book we know about what Skeeter, Abileen and Minny thinking, but in the movie the actors played very well and it’s why I like this movie.

If you have the opportunity to read the book or watch the movie, do it, it’s very interesting.

Eragon : another magic world.

I want to talk about Eragon’s books written by Christopher Paolini, because the film Eragon doesn’t respect the story of the book. Christopher Paolini wrote the first book when he was 16.

The story talks about a poor young man : Eragon; who lives with his uncle and his consin. He doesn’t know who his mother and his father are. The land is called Alagaësia and different kinds of people live inside like humans, elves, dwarves, urgals, ra’zac and before a war many dragons lived there. The Kingdom is ruled by the last man with a dragon : Galbatorix.

One day Eragon goes hunting and when he wants to kill a doe, there is a big flash. When Eragon open his eyes, he sees a blue stone ! It is a dragon’s egg ! But Eragon doesn’t know that so he come back with this blue stone and one day the dragon was born.

After that the story explain adventures of Eragon and his dragon Saphira. Magic is very present and important in Eragon’s world and there are many battles and romances. Like Bilbo in The Hobbit, Eragon evolues during the story. I would like to live in this world because is my favorite book and I adore this kind of story. This is a book to read for people who love fantastic stories.