The Lord of the Ring

« The Lord of the Ring» is a english novel by John Ronald Reuel Tolkien between 1954 and 1955.

This novel is the suite of The Hobbit, another roman of J.R.R Tolkien where the action takes place average 100 years before the Lord of the Ring.

In The Hobbit, Bilbo Baggins (and not Bilbon Sacquet ) find a ring what gives him the power of invisibility.

But, in the Lord of the Ring, we discovered that this ring is linked with a dark power, and was forged by Sauron, a dark Lord who want to rule all the Middle Earth.

In this ring we can read :« Ash Nazg Durbatulûk, Ash Nazg gimbatul, Ash Nazg Trakatulûk agh burzum-ishi krimpatul », that mean in the Dark language of Mordor « One ring to rule them all, One ring to find them, One ring to bring them all and in the darkness bind them »

So 100 years after the adventures of his uncle Frodo Baggins , an young hobbit is charged to bring the ring in the Mordor and throw it in the volcano, where the ring was forged, to destroy it and then destroy Sauron.

Frodo is follow by three other habbits Samsagace Gamegie the brave, Peringin Touque, Meriadoc Brandebouc but by Aragorn from the Gondor, Legolas the elve, Gimli the dwarf, Boromir from the Gondor, Gandalf The Grey the wizard.

And together they all constitute the Followship of the Ring.

Finally succed in their quest, after many battle, joice and crys, death and resurection and defeated Sauron the dark.


« Arrow » is a American serie, created in 2012 by Andrew Kreisberg,Greg Berlanti and Marc Guggenheim and diffused on TF1 in 2014.

In this serie, we can follow the adventures of a billionaire called Oliver Queen, allias «The Arrow». This character is based on the DC Comics’s Super Hero Green Arrow.

Oliver Queen a billionaire, playboy and selfish man. He’s living in Starling City. (a ficticious city created by DC Comics)

But one day, when he was on a boat with his father and his lover, the sister of his fiancée, he was shipwrecked. On a lifeboat, his father told to him that he have failed their city and gave to him a notebook, then he suicides.

After that Oliver arrived on an island and spend 5 years alone. During this time, he learn how to fight and how to use a bow.

He fand a way to go home, and he have only one goal, to « save his city ».

To do this he «became someone else, something else». He became the arrow and armed with a bow, he tracks all the bad peoples who makes illegual money and he gives their fortune to poor, like a modern Robin Hood.

Because this serie is created by DC Comics we can see many many other super heroes too.

DC Comics created many other interesting series like « Constantine » « Gotham » , « The Flash » or films like « Man Of Steal »

Arrow respects the spirit of the comic book, I advise this serie that is a good mix between action, romance and adventure.


Vikings is an Irish-Canadian historical drama television serie , directed b y Michael Hirst.

This serie is inspired by the mythological Norse hero : Viking Ragnar Lothbrock.

Ragnar was a farmer but he was courageous ans he want to go with a raid in the west and discover this rich civilization.

But his Jarl , Haraldson refuses his proposition and insist that they go to the east. He was afraid of losing his boats.

But, Ragnar with his friend Floki have built their boat and went in west.

He discover the english kingdom of Northumbria.

With other warriors he attack an English Monastery. After his return , he went often in Northumbria to many others raids.


I started to watch this serie because tree weeks ago i was gone in a Murder Party , where we have play Ragnar’s story.


This serie is a little violent but it’s a good historical reconstruction.

« Pride Prejudice Zombies »

Written by Seth Grahame-Smith in 2009 , this is an parody of Jane Austen’s « Pride and Prejudice »written in 1813. The autor has put in this classical book new fictionnal and modern elements : zombies and ninjas. Seth Grahame-Smith has keep 85% of original text but he gives to Bennet girls and to Mr.Darcy a prodigious talent to fight.

Story : England is attacked by a mysterious disease: the zombies come out of the ground and contaminate people in the countryside. The army is present in the most dangerous compaigns. The Bennet sisters when they were little attended a combat training in China to learn to defend themselves. They were strong warlike with their « Pentagram of Death ». But Elisabeth is most stronger and most famous. Mr Bingley arrived in Netherfield and Mrs.Bennet wanted to marry one of her daughters with him.
In Maryton’s ball sisters saw his kindness ans charm but his friend Mr.Darcy , a very rich and with an horrible character man , refuses to dance with Elisabeth. So she decided to KILL him, vexed. But they were attacked by zombies and Elisabeth kill them with her sisters.
Her way of fight and her character impresses Darcy and he begins to fall in love while she still hates him…

This Story is verry funny ! Read it ! It is in the school library !

Who’s Tom Sawyer ?

Tom Sawyer is a fictional character invented by Mark Twain in 1876. The Autor talk about him in « The Adventures of Tom Sawyer  » and in other books too as in  » The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn  » what we have began to read in class.

His story : Tom is orphan . Mark Twain invented him in memory of his childhoods friend. Tom Sawyer is generous , courageous , free ans anticonformist. Withs Tom’s character autor criticized American Society .

Everyone think Tom is an symbol of freedom because hewas an rebel.

But Twain decide to stop written his history because he’s become arrogant. But he continued to written about Huck , Tom’s friend. Contrary Tom who’s imagine his adventures as an child, Huck lives  and support reality of life.

The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1

Wednesday in cinema we will see : The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1

This film is an adaptation of 3rd tome at trilogie The Hunger Games written by Suzanne Collins in 2010.

It is the last tome of trilogie.


Resume :

First Tome :

Katniss Everdeen is an resourceful young woman who lives in Panem ( Post Apocaliptic America).

When Panem was built it was divided in 13 districts to promise a pleasant life. But people are
repressed and they’re revolted. The capitole have destroyed 13rd district and have invented The Hunger Games an cruel TV Show.

Each year , each district must give two tribes. One male and one female

They will be sent into an artificial arena and they must kill each other. The winner is the tribe who is not dead.

To 74th edition Katniss is volunteer to remplace her little sister who was chosen. She represent 12th District.


But in the end of show they are 2 winners. She and Peeta, the young man at 12th district too. They pretend an passional love and try to suicide for not to kill each other. The President Snow is very furious and promise to kill Katniss.


Second Tome :

75th edition of Hunger Games is particular ! And will go to TV show the winners of the previous editions. Peeta and Katniss participate too. But Katniss succeeds to destroyed arena and rebels recover she in district 13. But Peeta is recover by Capitole.


Third Tome :

Katniss accepts to become the symbol of Rebellion against the Capitole. But rebels will save Peeta and other winners.


It is in the Third Tome , who begin this film. The trailer is catchy ! I want to see this film !



Batman was created by Bill Finger and Bob Kane in 1939. After Superman it was another hero from DC Comics. At the beginning it was only comics but now we can find Batman in Films and cartoons.

Who is Batman ?

Batman , alias Bruce Wayne…It’s a rich man who saw, when he was children,  his parents dying killed by a robber Joe Chill for a necklace. After that , Bruce decided to fight the crime. And he wears a mask to scare his enemy. With this mask Bruce Wayne become Batman

Batman was created to be opposite of Superman. Superman has Powers and fight the crime the day while Batman hasn’t powers but he has gadgets and very sophisticated technology and he fight the crime at night. And he lives in Gotham City. The city with the biggest number of crime.

Batman Has many ennemy like Double Face , Nygma , The Pinguin. But the worst is the Joker.


Games of Thrones

I have recently began to watch Games of thrones an television series and I know all of people have watched it much times before me. Games of Thrones is an adaptation of romans at George R.R.Martin. Directed by David Benioff ans D.B  Weiss. It’s an american mediaval fantasy films.

We can to say that series is bold and a little outrageous ! But it is representative to hardness to life in this period. We can distinguished three stories who’s spend the same time : In Westeros, nobles families fights each other for throne. In North of Westeros , « the  night watch » care the wall who separated people and fantastics and dangerous creatures who killed someone who pass the wall.  But Winter returns …and an season can last many years. In Winter , horrible things arrived and people die to hunger , tired or killed about someone….

And in Essos , brother and sister want revenge to king. Because their father was a king of westeros , but he was crazy and he was killed. His son would to recover his ring. To that he married his sister to a leader of a savage people , to they help him to fight to a throne.

I am just in Episode 5 to first season but i found this serie captivating even it’s violent


The Big Bang Theory


Who knows this serie?

It speak of  two scientifics Leonard and Sheldon who lived quietly together when moved in next door to them Penny a pretty young woman.

Leonard falls in love for her
This series is very funny because it mixes very cultured people but who are not very comfortable with people and a single waitress not very educated.

Sheldon is very snobbish and does not really help Leonard to seduce Penny

It’s really very funny

Romeo and Juliet

Nobody can say William Shakespeare without thinking « Romeo and Juliet ».

This play is an tragedy. It talk about an love story between two young persons who were separated by their families who hate each other because they wanting to be the most powerful in Verona. Romeo is the heir of Montagu family and Juliet is one Capulet.

They met each other at a ball and they fall madly in love and will marry in secret.

After a series of tragic events between the two families, they die together. And finally their parents were reconciled

This is one of the most famous plays of Shakespeare and it’s a good picture of human stupidity and the closed mind  representated by Montagus and Capulets.

The Amazing Spider-Man 2

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 is the second film of the new story of Spider-Man and the fifth of the studio Colombia Pictures who speaks about this hero.

Spider-Man is an hero who was created by Marvel Comics

The movie went out in 2014 and was realized by Marc Webb.

In that movie Peter Parker ( Spider-Man ) has graduate. His life is very chaotic and he spend his time has to fight the evil in New York and sees little Gwen his girlfriend because he was haunted by the memory of his dead father. But one of his old friends Harry Osborn is back at New York. His father is died and herited from his company.

Between stories with Gwen Stacy, a new monster Max and his friend Harry, Peter is going to discover the reason of the disappearance of his parents.

This movie is magnificent, the effects are very good and fall (double sense) is very sad.

Clearly this film is amazing !

« Pride And Prejudice » by Jane Austen

I would talk about this book because I watched the 2005 film adaptation by Joe Wright , with Keira Knightley and it gave me desire to read this book.

Pride and Prejudice is a love story written by Jane Austen between 1796 and 1797 but the book was edited in 1813. The Main Character is Elisabeth Bennet , the second daughter of an familly of five girls. Their Mother wants to marry them. And one day , to a bal Jane the eldest daughter encount Mr.Bingley a charming young man. He has an great friend Mr.Darcy , very rich but not very talkative and proud. At first impression , Elisabeth and Mr.Darcy haven’t appreciated each other.

But with time and knowledge of each other they fell in love. But still the problem of social gap separated them. Mr.Darcy’s aunt Lady Catherine is clearly opposed to this union because he has to marry with her daughter. But Darcy has overcome people’s opinions and has to married with Elisabeth because he loved her. The same day that Jane and Mr.Bingley.

It was a short summary . But clearly I think it is an very good book what wrote Jane Austen.



The Hobbit : The Desolation of Smaug

In class we studied an extract from The Hobbit. And on  the 11th of December , The Hobbit  : The Desolation of Smaug was released at cinema. It is the second film of this saga. Bilbo continued his aventures with his companions and trys to help Thorïn to get back his mountain , and the treasure which is there. But to do that , they owe to kill the horrible dragon Smaug. It’s in this film that we can see Bilbo fight against the giant spider.

That film was very appreciated by the public.