The possession

The film  is a Canadian-American horror film directed by Ole Bornedal, released in 2012.

Clyde and Stephanie Brenek see no reason to worry when their youngest daughter Emily becomes strangely obsessed with a small wooden box purchased at a garage sale. But soon, his behavior becomes more aggressive and suspicious father the presence of a malevolent force around him. He then discovers that the box was created to contain a dybbuk, a spirit that inhabits and ultimately devours its human host.

The film is pulled on a « real- true story »…                                                                             This wooden chest gave him the name « dybbuk ». It was for a Polish family and after giving from hand to hand, it was won at auction by Kewin Mannis in 2003. The trunk contained a lot of personal items. According Mannis, it would have taken violent nightmares like the former owners of the dybbuk, each of which also reported that they felt a cat urine odor or jasmine flower near the trunk. Iosif Neitzke was the last person has won this auction mysterious wooden box. The dybbuk was the cause of his health problems (unexplained hair loss, hives, cough with bleeding welts from head to foot). Neitzke kept a blog where he told all his misadventures, a blog to it by a certain Jason Haxton who decided one day to help Neitzke by using a rabbi to re-seal the evil spirit in the trunk. Apparently successful, Haxton has decided to hide the dybbuk we never find him.
The story is not insane, we stay on the beaten track . It’s a pleasant film that will appreciate as well at home to pass the time I think the big screen bringing nothing here. We are far from the level of intensity of classic adjusted to the millimeter. A feature that works on the Paranormal activity series of flower beds with a small budget ($ 14 million) for a very good return on investment.
The film is good and meets our expectations, because you risk to feel uncomfortable in front of some scenes.

Bernard Werber: Les fourmis (The Ants)

This is an animal novel of « fiction philosophy » writen by Bernard Werber appear in 1991.

Jonathan Wells receives the house of his uncle biologist Edmond Wells, where he settled with his family. Gradually, it will update its studies and revolutionary discoveries on ants by venturing into the cellar, despite his uncle who him to deter it in a letter. He also discovered a riddle, the key to the plot: « How can you build four equilateral triangles with six matches? « . However, one day he will disappear and, gradually, other people trying to help him too. Meanwhile, an ant colony lives his life in a town called Bel ant-o-kan. 327th, a male ant warns the queen that his group has been decimated by a mysterious force. He meets 103 683rd, asexual ant. After a strange dream in which Edmond addresses Jonathan’s wife, she decide to go search her husband.
She disappears in turn
The mystery deepens when a gentleman called Gougne seeking to enter the house of Jonathan to regain some Encyclopaedia relative and absolute knowledge written by Edmond Wells.
The father and mother were both gone, the police are notified and an investigation is opened. It is conducted by the Commissioner Bilsheim and Galin inspector, two specialists strange business. The Galin inspector decides to explore the cave accompanied by eight firefighters, who obviously are lost in their turn … So, without kin, Nicolas is brought to orphenage. It’s in watching TV it falls on the presentation of Professor Leduc, in which he recognizes Mr. Gougne. Nicolas understands that there was a relationship between this encyclopedia and the vanishing of his parents, and has the intuition that they are still alive; So he ran away from the orphanage to join them. He returns to his house and resolves the riddle about the triangle and the matches. Late, we discover all people who are down into the cellar are alive. They are in this room..jained, which is actually a former Protestant hidden, buried underground. We discover that the device preventing the return was set up by Jonathan, under the direction of Edmond Wells, who also developed a machine to understand and communicate with ants, in the form of a mini robot ant, and with the surname of Dr. Livingstone. A colony of eighteen millions of ants lives above them, the city of Bel-o-kan, with which they communicate used this gadget.

The other side, I mean about the ants, we discover how they do to protect their anthill.  Ants finally reached the world of « guardians of the end of the world »(Their living dreaming place) seems to them as exotic. It’s really difficult to sum up beacause, there are many and many adventures as Ants wars, nuptial flights, beetle attack and the main adventure: the secret weapon of the enemy ants armies (that decimated an numerous group of ants in less than 2 seconds)

  I advise you this book.. In fact,this trilogy. 


Scrubs, Toubib or not toubib.

Scrubs is a serie TV, created by Bill Lawrence and broadcasted on NBC (an american chanel) between 2001 and 2008. Afterwards, on the ABC channel between 2009 and 2010.

This serie tells us, the adventures of the staff’s Hospital named « Sacred Heart » and more preciselly that of John Dorian surnamed J.D and played Zach Braff. In spite of his Job: doctor, he is a big kid who lose himself in his thought  rebroadcast by his off voice. He always imagines zany scenes inspired  by the reality which it’s shows on the screen sometimes in the middle of a talk between the characters.

Early in the serie, JD is a young resident who enters the Sacred Heart Hospital, as his best friend and roommate, the apprentice surgeon Christopher Turk. They are accompanied in their first steps in their comrade Elliot Reid, a young brilliant but neurotic woman charm which JD succumbs immediately by Carla Espinosa, a nurse with a strong character who does not leave indifferent Turk. On his first day, JD quickly became the main scapegoat of special concierge hospital. At the same time, he quickly finds a mentor in Dr. Perry Cox, whose perpetual bad mood and work addiction hide its inability to manage his personal life; it is the main bulwark of patients and internal against cynicism director of the Sacred Heart, tyrannical Dr. Robert « Bob » Kelso.

Emblem of the Hospital

The series features a narration in the first person, realy talkative characters, subplots that intertwine, waterfalls, and surreal scenes that represent the daydreams of the characters. Those comic aspects are correct by poignant scenes on the challenges for doctors to manage death and problems in their personal lives. This combination of comic and dramatic elements distinguishes it from other medical dramas such Urgences or Grey’s Anatomy, which is often seen as a pastiche. At the end of most episodes, JD summarizes the moral or the theme of the episode which took place in a series of plans that generally shows how this has affected each character.The series has many references to American popular culture, including movies, books, and other television series. Many are parodied through the many thoughts JD.

From Left to Right: Carla Espinosa, Perry Cox, Elliot Reid, John Dorian, Robert Kelso, Christopher Turk

I find this serie really amusing, funny and sometimes embarassing. So if like this king of series I advise you « Scrubs ».

The Adventures of Tom Sawyer: Moral and Humor


The moral is presented in numrous way in the novel, usually negative.With the character of Huck and the fact that Tom is involved in an association to ban tobacco and alcohol, we shows the desire of the forbidden, which shows that Twain morality is the main source of immorality. In test like What Is Man? Twain developp this idea, considering that it is the moral freedom given to the man that makes man capable of do evil. At the Church is hypocrisy and vanity of the Reverend Twain ridiculed throughout the episode good point shared by Tom with his friends. This hypocrisy is also directly criticized by Twain when he evoques the responsability of the girls, and the absurd moralistic constraint they are required to applied. lines or moral feelings that are not the subject of irony or it’s critical are these from the feeling of the characters: Aunt Polly is an old generous woman, which prevents punishing Tom: this defect is a nice trait of character.

Twain uses forms of humor. A typical example is the practical joke, which involves placing a person in a situation of  victim, like when Tom pretends to be dead, and all of the village cry him. This kind of humor is not without cruelty, like Twain shows with Tom back to his village, hesitating to prevent his aunt that he is alive to saved him from her grief before giving it to not spoil the surprise effect of this kind of jokes.

Jeff Dunham and Jeff Panacloc the best Ventriloquist ever!

A ventriloquist is an illusionist who is speaking his belly. He lends voice to another character, usually a puppet, emitting the words without moving their lips.

Achmed is a former suicide bomber. Died using his mobile near a gas pump. It is a skeleton (but he says that a "superficial wound") with a beard and a turban. It is used by Dunham to perform comedy based on the contemporary issue of terrorism. He is known for his shouting "Silence! I kill you!".  In the audience who dares to laugh, as well as "Holy crap!" and "You racist bastard". It is not really aware of being dead, "feeling good." Although he appeared to be Muslim, Achmed does not believe he is, because of "Made in China" tattooed on his buttocks.

Jeff knows how to capture the attention of the public. With his puppet Jean-Marc, a coarse, a wanton and very politically incorrect monkey. His performance was praised by comedians known as Jean-Marie Bigard or Jamel Debbouze.

I like ventrilloquism, i find that funny.. Jeff Dunham and Jeff Panacloc do very funny sketch. I like how they criticize the actuality, and the problem that the world meet.


Ace Ventura ‘s animal detective

This film, is totally crazy! I love how Jim Carrey play, how he soaks of the main character, who is really crazy, and mostly delirious!

In fact, Ace Ventura (played by Jim Carrey), want to find out who stole a daulphin. There are many sentence turn in the scene funny, like.. When he say : » If I don’t come back in 5 minutes… wait more longer! » This man is a detective,  but nobody take him seriously.. Simply because, he deals disparition of animals! But he has a mind perspicacious, and understand many things that people don’t figure out. He see what others detective can’t see. In fact, he is gifted in his speciality..

More whe forward in the story, more whe realize that he is clever.. Indeed, he succeed in discovering who stole the daulphin. (I know who do that, but I can’t tell you!)

Personnaly my favorite scene is when he act someone crazy and at the limite of the possesion or dementia.. In fact, he dressed with a tutu, and attire of hospital. His hair are not caffed. So with that rig-out he comin in psychiatric hospital to find document of someone who is important for the investigation.


Legion, Army of Angels

What happen when God loses faith in mankind ?

The story takes place in a roadside restaurant.There are 7 characters, when an old woman comes in the restaurant and asks a raw steak . The waitress who is pregnant, wonders why, and I understand, because we must be really crazy to ask a raw steak when you are old
So, after she was served, the old woman tell at the waitress that she wants to kill her baby, and mainly… Burn her baby! Afterwards, she becomes an angel, and kills one man in snatching a piece of his neck!


Ok, that’s crazy! And that’s just the four first minutes of the film! The following is really great! We discover that an Archangel Michael wants to rescue the world even if he must derogate from the rules of God, who ordered the destruction of all Humans! I won’t tell you all of the story.. would not it be funny
If you like the Supernatural, Fantasy, Thriller, Horror Movie, Action Movie I recommend you this film!

? Look out, sometimes this is really boring and repetitive. ?

W.H Auden, nice words..

« Stop all the clocks, cut off the telephone,
Prevent the dog from barking with a juicy bone,
Silence the pianos and with muffled drum
Bring out the coffin, let the mourners come.

Let aeroplanes circle moaning overhead
Scribbling on the sky the message He Is Dead,
Put crepe bows round the white necks of the public doves,
Let the traffic policemen wear black cotton gloves.

He was my North, my South, my East and West,
My working week and my Sunday rest,
My noon, my midnight, my talk, my song;
I thought that love would last for ever: I was wrong.

The stars are not wanted now: put out every one;
Pack up the moon and dismantle the sun;
Pour away the ocean and sweep up the wood.
For nothing now can ever come to any good. »

I absolutely love poems, and all of kind of texts.. Philosophy, Essay etcetera. So, when Ms.Charlette gave us the poem of W.H.Auden , i was happy. I find this poem really affecting and touching. In fact, When you read this text, you understand that you can be important for some people. But, you’re just a grain of sand, on a beach. You’re really little. Reading this text; made me understand that I’m not nothing, but someone. We are all important, even if we are very little.Tell me if you like it or not.

Pan’s Labyrinth

The Magic world of Alice in Wonderland reminds me the world of « Pan‘s Labyrinth » wich is a very good fim.

I’m going to tell you the story… Spain , 1944. Under the dictatorship of General Francisco Franco, a pregnant woman , Carmen, accompanied by his young daughter , Ofelia , left to join her new husband in the mountains. This man , Captain Vidal, is a cruel man acting on behalf of General Franco . Its sole purpose is to rid the mountains last guerrillas eliminating them one after the other . One night , the little Ofelia is guided by a mysterious bug that causes outside his residence. She then discovers a strange labyrinth where she meets a faun named Pan. It reveals the existence of a lost world of which it is the princess and tells her she must overcome three tests in order to gain access. Through these tests , Ofelia must be bold and courageous to protect his little brother and his successful mission. Pan’s Labyrinth was released in 2006 . It was written and directed by Guillermo del Toro. The film was first made ??its appearance at Cannes where he immediately received very positive reviews. He was subsequently awarded the Hugo Award as best feature film , as well as several film Oscars.

Tell me if you like this film or not!

Alice in Wonderland.

Among the two videos we watched in class, the first one I liked
I found that the « special » effects (such as narrowing of the door …) were well done. Precisely at the time, I thought the movie was well filmed. It is true that the film « suffered » (as said Mathys), but it stay interesting.

However, the second extract me seemed boring and very long. I think it is because I do not like to give me the reading. The illustrations were however very nice and well done

Representation of a story

I saw a picture which sums up fairly well the story of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde:

They are two people in the same body: The right one, seems wicked, evil, naucious..whereas the left one looks nice and kind ! The only colors are black and white, that remind me the yin and the yang: the good (in white) and the bad (in black). What is good with this picture is that it shows the bad in each of us, that we can have two personnalities.