If I stay – Gayle Forman

During the last holiday I took the train back to Nevers and bought a small book that look pretty! IF I STAY written by Gayle Forman.

She writes for New York Times Magazine, Elle, and Glamour, and she was born in 1970
His first novel is  » If I stay.  »

I haven’t had time to read it all, but the style is pretty simple but nice, I was especially attracted by the story.
Mia, 17 years old cello prodigy, rock star father’s daughter, drummer’s sister and girlfriend of a rock star, will have a car accident and will become an orphan. She’ll be in a coma and have a choice to make, which depends only on herself. She can stay or die. We will see that the music will have a very important place in history.

The book was made into a film, I’ll probably watch it tonight, at least it’s a nice story!

Terrorist – John Updike

I recently discovered a book by an American author about terrorism.

About the auhor : John Updike was born in 1932 in Pennsylvania. Author of fifty-four books, he has stopped seeing his works awarded since the publication of his first novel in 1958

 »Terrorist » is one of many novel following the attacks of 11 September 2001.

The story takes place un New Prospect, a poo suburb close to Manhattan. Ahmad Mulloy, a young talented high school, son of an Aymeric-Irish and abandoned by his Egyptian’s father, becomes a fanatic Islamist under the influence of the local imam.
His guidance conselor will try to away from it and to enroll in University. But other characters will try to handle him. What will be the choice of Ahmad ?

John Updike, with his distaste of our time and his misanthropy, give us a portrait of a distraught america faced with fundamentalist Islam.

I haven’t read this book yet but it’s interresting. I recommend it !

 »Punch »English satirical newspaper

Today, after  the events of the French satirical newspaper, I have chosen to tell you about a British satirical magazine,  »Punch ».

It’s 150 years old and made the caricature of the poor, strangers, Jews in the last century.

There are 33 000 issues, but this number has been decreasing since the 1940s, yet he remains a symbol of The British press of that time. William Makepeace Thackeray, the author of  »Barry Lyndon  » was one of the journalists.

Willi Wilde, Oscar Wilde’s brother did theater reviews. In 2002, the newspaper was forced to cease  publication.

Today it’s important to read newspaper and help them to survive, like Charlie Hebdo in France.










The writer of The Notebook, Dear John…

It’s really difficult to find a subject which hasn’t yet been addressed ! But I would speak about an american writer, Nicholas SPARKS.

I didn’t know him yet, but I watched many films inspired by his books. It’s essentially about love stories but you know… we must admit that all of us like love story !

So Nicholas Sparks was born on 31 December 1965, and his books have had great success. 11 of his 18 books are adapted for the cinema, like THE NOTEBOOK (N’oublie jamais), DEAR JOHN, THE LAST SONG, A WALK TO REMEMBER (le temps d’un automne), SAFE HAVEN ( un havre de paix) etc…

I was very touched by The Notebook, especially his tragic end, and Dear John too.        Go to watch them !

 » The Queen of Soul  » : Aretha Franklin

I am going to speak to you in this article of one of my favorite artists: Aretha Franklin ! 

This talented American singer of Gospel, Soul-funk, Rhythm and blues and Jazz, nicknamed  » The Queen of Soul  » or still « Lady Soul » was born on March 25th, 1942.

We all heard already doubtless the magnificent version of  » Oh happy day  » (link) and we necessarily tried to dance on its resumption  » Think  » ( link) of the Blues Brothers! 

She sold 75 million records and stays the feminine artist today having sold most of all times vinyl records.
The magazine Rolling Stone places her first in the classification of the best singers of all times.

In 2009, she interprets My Country ‘ Tis of Thee, during the ceremony of the new president of the USA Barack Obama.

In 1968, Aretha Franklin is classified in second position of the Afro-American personalities the most known about the world, just behind Martin Luther King.

I think that I am going to stop there because we could write pages and pages on her.

Robert Downey Jr. is Chaplin in 1992 !


I discovered recently on a broadcast that the actor / American producer / composer Robert Downey Jr ., played the role of Charlie Chaplin in the movie  » Chaplin  » in 1992. The movie was produced by Richard Attenborough, which tell the life of Charlie Chaplin at the age of 5 and its artistic adventure, up to its death.

Trailer :  http://www.allocine.fr/video/player_gen_cmedia=19461209&cfilm=4642.html

I didn’t see unfortunately yet this movie but I am sure that Robert Downey Jr is great in this role. It’s one of my male actors preferred !
I look forward to seeing this movie and I hope that you will want it !

Three new films derived from Harry Potter in cinemas in 2016


After the great emotion at the premiere of the latest Harry Potter film in 2011 (photo attached) the Studios Warner Bros announced three new movies around Harry Potter’s universe.

The writer J.K Rowling, whom I like particularly, works at the moment on these scenarios, for the biggest happiness of « Potterhead », the fans of the saga ( including myself) 

The first film titled ‘fantastic animals’ will be directed by David Yates, producer of the last four Harry Potter.

The second film is provided for 2018 and the third in 2020, a long wait for the impatient like me!

Hans Zimmer

I would speak about a musician that I like very much, Hans Zimmer. He makes many theme music as Inception, Twelve Years has Slav, Transfomers…
Born German, Hans Zimmer is naturalized American and lives from now on in Los Angeles. It is known as one of the biggest composer of theme music to the world.

Fast go to discover these compositions !

Hunger Games

Hunger Games is trilogy, writes by Suzanne Colin, an American writer, who has a very big success with the young people but who also convinced the grown-up readers.

When to begin you to read this story, you cannot stop any more, as if your life depended on it. It is moreover one of theme of this story.

I became a fan because there is a lot of action, contrary to movies. I find that it is one very beautiful story because when we analyze it, it reflects that our society can become. Violence, war, poverty, power, corrupt politicians…

When you finish books, it is as if it you miss something. The characters are very charming, and there are many different characters, we can become identified thus easily with somebody.

Try the experience, and do not trust to you in the rumors, make you your own opinion by reading them! For the least brave, try movies, but compared with books them are disappointing.

Tristan and Iseult

Tristant and Iseult is one very old myth, of origin concretes. The numerous poems on this love story are of origin Norman. Numerous poems were passed on in the oral, and numerous papers were lost. But the first writer to have reconstituted a complete version is Joseph Bédier.
His story thus became that of the reference.

« Tristan and Isolde » tells the story of Tristan de Loonois, an orphan invisible knight, adopted by his Uncle, king Marc of Cournouailles. They live in England, where the country is divided and attacked by king of Ireland, who sows the terror and massacres whole villages. This king has a magnificent girl, Iseult, of whom Tristan goes fallen madly in love. But the lovers are going to know numerous obstacles to their idyll.

This story is one of my preferred, because we go into a completely different world, with beautiful principles, such as the chivalry, the loyalty, the courage, and unconditional love.

Personally I preferred the adaptation of a French writer, Jacques Cassabois. He also tells the story of the parents of Tristan, wars on the English territory and French Bretagne.

Are not afraid of reading this wonderful story which is absoluement not childish.

Big Fish

Big Fish is Daniel Wallace’s novel appeared in 1998. The original title is Big Fish: to Novel of Mythic Proportions:  » a novel in the mythical proportions « .

I would like to talk to you about this book which was also adapted in a magnificent movie by Tim Burton. I have never red the book but I watched it last year with other classmate.

It is a fantasy movie, a comedy drama. Ewan McGregor is the central figure, he also played in the movie Frankenstein. His partner in these two movies is also Helena Bonham Carter!

Big fish is Edward Bloom’s story, a south America, at the end of his life, endowed to tell fantastic stories, who fell out with his son. He is going to tell his life of young adult to his son and his daughter-in-law, played by Marion Cotillard.

I like this story, which has a very beautiful morality, great actors and great director. If you haven’t seen it yet or not read, don’t wait longer!
The trailer : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AEh2eRhZNkA

Bilbo and Harry: heroes of fantasy books

I would like to talk to you about Harry Potter, a similar hero to Bilbo.

As the hobbit, the best-seller Harry Potter written by J.K Rowling, is a fantasy novel.
In the first book, Harry is an eleven year old shy boy and he is orphan.
More he grow up more his qualities of hero are remarkable.
He is a wizzard. He has a magic wand and a cape of invisibility.

Harry Potter is brave and always defends his friends.
Like Bilbo, Harry Potter has a magic sword (of Gryfondor is going to appear to help him in his quest).
So the hobbit and Harry Potter become gradually a hero.

Harry Potter by J.K Rowling is a great book which is maybe a little more childish than The Hobbit. If you are fan of fantasy books go to read it , or watch movies !