Sherlock Holmes

Sherlock Holmes  made his first appearance in the novel « A Study in Scarlet » written by the author Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and appeared in 1887.

The character of Sherlock Holmes still gives nowadays an iconic interest in the genre of English literature, thanks to his tactical sense and his logical reasoning that makes him unique in its kind. Plus, the Sherlock Holmes’s universe has also made famous John Watson, the assistant of Sherlock with a cult phrase pronounced, or rather « would have been » pronounced by Sherlock Holmes : « Elementary, my dear Watson« . It’s important to notice that this phrase, known by all, is not really true in itself. To say, one of the closest novel written by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle‘s « The Adventure of the Crooked Man », presents this sentence in the following dialog quoted directly from the book :

“Excellent!” I cried.


Then, we can say that the character of Sherlock Holmes was so successful that allowed it to be transcribed through time, in various books, films and cartoons. (for example, the « Detective Conan« )




The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn

« The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn » is a picaresque novel written by Mark Twain and published in 1884. Huckleberry Finn, nicknamed « Huck » or « Huck Finn » is a motherless orphan boy about thirteen or fourteen years old. Huck flees the civilization in the company of an escaped slave. He tells them wandering about 1 800 km on a raft down the Mississippi.

I found this book and moreover the humor of Mark Twain very pleasant. In addition, this novel seems to be an anti-racist novel by the fact that Huckleberry helps a slave called « Jim » to go in the free states on their raft.

However, this is a satirical and realistic novel, because we find characters representative of the social category. It is also a pessimistic novel because of the hypocrisy of the men.

Oscar Wilde

Oscar Wilde was a British writer born in 1854 and died in 1900. He grew up in the middle of the Protestant bourgeoisie and began to write novels in the years 1880-1885, moreover he wrote plays of theater and poems.


Among his works, one of them  destroyed his literary career : « The Picture of Dorian Gray » which he published in 1890. This book sparked protests among the English critics because of the present homosexuality in the novel. Although Oscar Wilde chose to transmit human thoughts through his novel, he ends up going to jail. (« harm to public morality »)

Tom Sawyer

« The Adventures of Tom Sawyer » is a novel published by Mark Twain in 1876. Mark Wain tells the stories of Tom Sawyer, a young boy who grew up in the Missouri, along the Mississippi river in a fictional village entitled St. Petersburg.

Most of these adventures were inspired by the childhood of the author and these fictional events happens before the civil war, although the novel was published after.

« The Adventures of Tom Sawyer » is probably the greatest book written by Mark Twain, the success was so high that an animated series was created several years later by a Japanese production, which was aired in 1980 for the first time.

I watched it when i was a children and on top of that, Tom Sawyer is the character who, in fact, gave the name « Tom » to my brother

Edge of tomorrow





Edge of Tomorrow is an American Science-fiction movie, directed by Doug Liman and produced by Erwin Stoff, starring Tom Cruise and Emilie Blunt.
The film takes place in the near future, where an imposing alien race has invaded the Earth and defeated the human's military units.

The aliens that humanity must fight are called "mimics" - Most are more higher than 2 meters, they fight with their corps covered with thorns and spikes. Some mimics may use lazer beam.

It's look like Bill Murry in groundhog day, but with some explosions.

This movie is like playing a Game, you are on a mission and you die and then you restart the mission and play again , everytime you loose , you try to make next time different action.

Did any one feel the same after you watched the movie?

Adventure Time !

Adventure Time is a great Cartoon created and produced by Pendleton Ward.The cartoon deals with the adventures of Finn, an human boy and his best friend, Jake the dog. (who has strange and amazing magical skills)

Finn and Jake live in the magic land of "Ooo". Episodes are accompanied by some (weird) characters. The most important are :

-The Princess Bubblegum (Scientist & Queen of the Candy Kingdom)

-The Ice King (He always kidnaps princesses throughout Ooo to force them to marry him, he govern the ice Kingdom)

-Marceline the Vampire Queen (She is a vampire who has terrifying powers, to survive,she does not need to drink blood. Rather, she needs to eat the color red out of objects)

Adventure Time is my favorite cartoon, everything i want is in : This is funny (so funny), The story is really good and there is a lot of hidden references (which requires to be old enough to understand)

6 seasons were released until now, so now, let's watch it, let's have an Adventure Time !


The test with Alice and the Mock turtle

I don’t wear a real interest in the work of Alice in Wonderland, however, one of the controls of literature we did who is focus on Alice pleased me as strangely. I find this text really interesting because i had never heard about this. This turtle who changes every school subjects in something strange like Washing or Seaography and Alice who tries in vain to understand, it was quite strange for my interest.

Django unchained

I recommend to all the movie «Django uchained», if you have not already seen it.

It’s a movie directed by Quentin Tarantino, starring Leonardo DiCaprio, Christoph Waltz and Jamie Foxx as the main actors.

 This happens two years before the Civil War, the superiority of whites over blacks is alive at this moment ! I find some moments really enjoyable, the characters are endearing and I think that thestory-board itself is very good. Good viewing

From Apartheid to Democracy

South Africa became a dominion in 1910. After the African National Party won the elections in 1948, it established Apartheid in South Africa, I mean a system of racial control and separation between blacks and whites. Blacks were exploited and lived in poor conditions, mixed marriages were banned, and the regime became oppressive. It was only in 1994, when Nelson Mandela became the first black president of South Africa, that the country’s Constitution became fully democratic.

The years of Apartheid marked a lot of South Africans writers, who used themes as the relationship between races, the confrontation with violence and violations or the rights of whites writers to speak about the blacks rights. In this category we have a lot of writers : John M. Coetzee, Lewis Nkosi, Zakes Mda, Nadine Gordimer, André Brink and many more.