Indiana Jones

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Raiders of the Lost Ark, also known as Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark is an American action and adventure film directed by Steven Spieldberg and who went of in 1981.

Starring: Harrison Ford, an archaeology professor who lives perilous adventures to get rare artifacts.

Paul Freeman as Doctor René Belloq, the villian of the story. In the film, he is also an archaeologist but he is working for the nazis.

Karen Allen as Marion Ravenwood. She is the daugther of Abner Ravenwood the mentor of Indiana and she is also in love of Indiana.

The story takes place during the year 1936. As the Third Reich continues its reign of terror, Nazis are on a quest for the Ark of the Convenant, resting place of the Ten Commandments, who supernatural powers (like the legend says) can wipe out an entire army. The government of the United States call Indiana Jones to find, before Nazis, this legendary Ark.

It’s one of my favourite film because it mix history, adventure and action. The cast is really good and the film as many humorous scenes which bring some dynamism. It’s also a journey through different countries like Amazonia, Africa and aslo Nepal.


Gotham the good the evil the beginningGotham is an action American TV show based on characters published by DC Comics. The show began on Fox on September 22, 2014 and in March 2016 the series was renewed for a third season. It originally tells the story of Gordon’s early days on the Gotham City Police Department but the show include the childhood of Bruce Wayne and several of Batman’s villains: The Penguin, Catwoman, Poison-Ivy, Two-Face or also Hugo Strange.

The cast is:

  • Ben McKenzie as James Gordon
  • David Mazouz as Bruce Wayne
  • Sean Pertwee as Alfred Pennyworth
  • Robin Lord Taylor as Oswald Cobblepot/ The Penguin
  • Carmen Bicondova as Selina Kyle/ Cat
  • Cory Michael Smith as Edward Nygma

There are many others but I chose to put only the main teachers.

I like this TV show because it’s the universe of DC Comics Batman but we are on the origins of the hero. We can see how the murder of Bruce’s parents act on his mind ans how he becomes a regular kid again. We also can see that Gotham is a city full of danger and criminality and also the childhood of many villains. I appreciate the fact that the main character is not Batman but the police captain James Gordon at his beginning. The show mix criminal investigations and events wich allow us to understand better some of Batman’s state of mind.


Bloody Sunday

Sunday Bloody Sunday is a song from the music group U2, it’s an Irish group who was formed in 1976. This song went of the 11 March of 1983 and tells the story of The Troubles and escpecially the Bloody Sunday. Here is the lyrics of the song:

Hmm hmm

I can’t believe the news today
Oh, I can’t close my eyes
And make it go away
How long
How long must we sing this song?
How long? How long

’cause tonight we can be as one

Broken bottles under children’s feet
Bodies strewn across the dead end street
But I won’t heed the battle call
It puts my back up
Puts my back up against the wall

Sunday, bloody Sunday
Sunday, bloody Sunday
Sunday, bloody Sunday

And the battle’s just begun
There’s many lost, but tell me who has won?
The trench is dug within our hearts
And mothers, children, brothers, sisters torn apart

Sunday, bloody Sunday
Sunday, bloody Sunday

How long
How long must we sing this song?
How long? How long

’cause tonight we can be as one
Tonight tonight

Sunday, bloody Sunday
Sunday, bloody Sunday

Wipe the tears from your eyes
Wipe your tears away
Oh, wipe your tears away
I wipe your tears away
(Sunday, bloody Sunday)
I wipe your blood shot eyes
(Sunday, bloody Sunday)

Sunday, bloody Sunday (Sunday, bloody Sunday)
Sunday, bloody Sunday (Sunday, bloody Sunday)

And it’s true we are immune
When fact is fiction and TV reality
And today the millions cry
We eat and drink while tomorrow they die

The real battle just begun
To claim the victory Jesus won

Sunday, bloody Sunday
Sunday, bloody Sunday

Now we have to replace the historic context to understand the song. The Troubles is a ethno-nationalist conflict in Northern Ireland between 1968 and 1998, at the beginning the conflict was political and nationalist (but it had also an ethnic dimension although it wasn’t religious). On the one hand, loyalist who are mostly protestants and considered themselves British, wanted Northern Ireland remain within the United Kingdom. On the other hand, Irish nationalists/republicans who are mostly catholics, considered themselves Irish and wanted to leave the United Kingdom. It was a complex conflict with numerous armed and political actors.

The song tells the story of the Bloody Sunday wich took place the 30 January of 1972. It was a shooting Attack in wich British soldiers shot 26 anonymus civilians during a paceful protest march against internment without trial. 14 people died: 13 were killed instantatly and an another man four months later by his injuries.

Analysis of the song:

The first stanza: The singer, Bono, can’t believe his eyes. He saids that he can’t rest insensitive and powerless : « I can’t believe the news today, I can’t close my eyes and make it go away ». He calls up the gathering of Irish people.

The second stanza: the tone is darker and the anger present « Puts my backup against the wall ». Bono describes a battlefield full of dead people  » Broken bottles under children’s field »

The musical bridge: The singer asks stop crying « Wipe the tears from your eyes », we have to keep hope.

Chorus: The singer repeats « Sunday, bloody Sunday », it’s a mark of insistence.

Third stanza: It’s a criticism of the media wich trivialize the violence to the point that it doesn’t shock anymore  » And it’s true we are imune when fact is fiction and TV reality ». However some poeple are still crying into indifference  » And today the millions cry ».

But the battle continues, not the one who will see the Victory of catholics or protestants but the one who will see the victory of Jesus « to claim the victory Jesus won ».

Oscar Wilde

The Picture of Dorian Gray

The picture of Dorian Gray is the only novel of Oscar Wilde published in the July 1890 of Lippincott’s Monthly Magazine. The editor of the magazine explained that the story was indecent and censored five hundred words before the publication. Despite this censorship, The Picture of Dorian Gray offended the moral sensibilities of British book reviewers : they said that Wilde violating the laws of public morality. First, Wilde defended his novel in correspondence with the press. Then, he delete the most controversial words and publicated his book the following year,

The Picture of Dorian Gray begins on a summer day in Victorian era when a famous artist : Basil Hallward is painting the portrait of an handsome youngman named Dorian Gray. Through Basil, Dorian meet Lord Henry Wotton who convinced him of the value of beauty and pleasure above all things. Dorian is really disturbed by Lord Henry’s words and terrify of his own image and fears that his youth and beauty will fade. Dorian becomes jealous of this painting wich remain forever young while he is have to to aging and passionately whishes that the marks of life appeared on the portrait and no on his face. Lord Henry is fascinated of Dorian’s innoncence as much as Dorian is impressed by Henry’s way of life, they become fast friends.

Dorian soon falls in love of a poor but talented young actress named Sibyl Vane. They become engaged and he brings Henry and Basil to a theater. Sibyl plays here but her acting was inexplicaly terrible. On backstage she tells him that now she loves him but that her feelings are going to pass away. Disgusted, Dorian breaks of their engagement and leaves Sibyl. He returns to his home and discovers that his portrait had now a slightly different facial expression. He realized that the portrait was alive : a linving mirror of his soul.

Berenice by Poe

Hi everybody ! It’s Halloween time and I really want to talk about a horror story after the name of my favourite writer Edgar Allan Poe.

It’s a short story went in 1835 in the newspaper Sourthen Literary Messenger and extract from Extraordinary Tales translate by Charles Baudelaire called Berenice.
Although I’ve already talk about one short story of this book, the plot is very dark and lugubrious and it is entirely appropriate for the atmosphere of Halloween.
In this story, the narrator named Egaeus mary his cousin Berenice. He suffers from a disease which he called monomania: it’s characterized by a sick obsession for objects or parts of a body. Berenice is also ill, she suffers from catalepsy ( she seems dead) and from epilepsy.
Egaeus being a strong consumer of opium, he tends to sink into delusions wich separate him from the reality. Time passes and Berenice’s health deteriorates in further by an unknown disease, her husband continues his excessive consumption of opium until seen his wife as an abstract and unreal being, he also develops an obsession for the teeths of Berenice.
His wife succumbs and is burried on the same day, Egaeus still obsessed by the teeths of her.
One night a horrifying shout rings and Egaeus is wake up by one of his domestic. Berenice was found alive in the middle of her grave with her face full of blood. Egaeus gets up from his bed and discovers that he is covered with ground and blood. It’s an horrific vision for him, in the panic he brings down a small box and discovers, on the ground, 32 small pieces of white enamel.
I love this short story, the suspens is here from the begening to the end. We don’t understand why the obsession of Egaeus is so important until the end when t he discovers the horrible action he commited. At the time, people were horrified by the violence of the story and ask to remove it from the newspaper.

Sister Rosa

« Sister Rosa »

This song is from the rap group The Neville Bothers. The song tells the story of a famous african-american woman Rosa Parks.

In the 50’s racial segregation was present in all the America, this segregation imposed specificts rules for black and white people such as drinking in a water fountain, using public toilets and even riding on a bus. Blacks and Whites were separated in society.

In December, 1st of 1955 a woman will change that discrimination, she refused to gave up her seat in the section reserved for « white people » to a white passenger. The bus driver odered her but she resisted and she was arrested by the police. This woman was Rosa Parks. She become the symbol of a social protest against the racial segregation because after this event, all black people decided to boycott Montgomery bus.

But let’s see the song:

December 1, 1955
Our freedom movement came alive
And because of Sister Rosa you know
We don’t ride on the back of the bus no more

Sister Rosa she was tired one day
After a hard day on her job
When all she wanted was a well deserved rest
Not a scene from an angry mob

A bus driver said, « Lady, you got to get up
‘Cause a white person wants that seat »
But Miss Rosa said, « No, not no more
I’m gonna sit here and rest my feet »

Thank you Miss Rosa, you are the spark
You started our freedom movement
Thank you Sister Rosa Parks

Thank you Miss Rosa, you are the spark
You started our freedom movement
Thank you Sister Rosa Parks

Now, the police came without fail
And took Sister Rosa off to jail
And 14 dollars was her fine
Brother Martin Luther King knew it was our time

The people of Montgomery sat down to talk
It was decided all God’s children should walk
Until segregation was brought to its knees
And we obtain freedom and equality, yeah

Thank you Miss Rosa, you are the spark
You started our freedom movement
Thank you Sister Rosa Parks

Thank you Miss Rosa, you are the spark
You started our freedom movement
Thank you Sister Rosa Parks

So we dedicate this song to thee
For being the symbol of our dignity
Thank you Sister Rosa

Thank you Miss Rosa, you are the spark
You started our freedom movement
Thank you Sister Rosa Parks

Thank you Miss Rosa, you are the spark
You started our freedom movement
Thank you Sister Rosa Parks

Thank you Miss Rosa, you are the spark
You started our freedom movement
Thank you Sister Rosa Parks

Thank you Miss Rosa, you are the spark
You started our freedom movement
Thank you Sister Rosa Parks

Thank you Miss Rosa, you are the spark
You started our freedom movement
Thank you Sister Rosa Parks

This song is a committed song dating from 1989 and it remember all what happened,  it’s a kind of tribute for the strength and the courage of this woman who rose against the racial segregation and discrimination. The group has particulary insisted on the fact that this protesting has created a real change on the mind shift in this era and I realy like the anagram between the word « sparks » and the last name « Parks ».

The Black Cat

Hi everybody ! I am super excited to introduce one of my favourite Gothic author, he is one of the most famous and I am pretty sure that you have already heard his name: Edgar Allan Poe.

I really want to speak about is novel named « Extraordinary Stories » or « Histoires extraordinaires » translate by Charles Baudelaire. Of course why Baudelaire have translaste Edgar’s tales ? It’s because his stories were not popular in his homeland. Poe’s work travelled Atlantic Ocean and Charles Baudelaire translated several Poe’s tales. Unfortunately in 1867 Baudelaire died and his translation was so important that it became THE french transaltion of Edgar Allan Poe’s tales.

Today, I want to talk about the short story called: The Black Cat. It was published in August, 1843 for the first time in The Saturday Evening Post. The unnamed narrator is obsessed by animals from the day he is born. He gets married and had a black cat named Pluto. He loves him during a time but when the character strats drinking things turns for the worst and he did some tortures to his cat and Pluto died. The narrator will be haunted by his crime and gets thrown into the madness. It’ a psychological story oriented by the obsession and the perversity for alcohol.

The Enemy

Hello everybody, the last week I have finished a book that I have discovered at the library: The Enemy by Charlie Higson. This book is an apocalyptic tennager novel went of the 3 September 2009 and it’s the firts of a series who has seven volumes.

The seen takes place in London after a pandemic virus who has turned adults in kinds of aggresive zombies like. We are focus on a group of survivor who took refuge in a desert Waitrose supermarket. Arran is the leader of the group, Achilleus the warrior in helping kids and in figth, Freak and Deke two adventurous best friends who tag every places they go and finally Maxie, the pacemaker. She organizes the life of the kids and makes sure that no one gets left behind.

When a stranger arrives here with a picture of Buckingham Palace and says that there is all the food and safety they need; Waitrose’s children have to take a decision: stay here and risk to be attack by adults or join their forces in an adventure in hopes of finding a place better but who could not be real ?

Every Day

Every day a different body. Every day a different life. Every day in love with the same girl : Rihannon.

Every day, A wakes in a different person’s body and also in a different person’s life. He has no sex, he can be a male or a female, there is never any warning about where it will be or who it will be. He can be a drug-addict girl or a well-born young man. A has made peace with that, but he established some guidelines by which to live:

  • Never get too attached

  • Avoid being noticed

  • Don’t interfere

Everything was fine until the morning when A woke up in the body of a teenager named Justin and met his girlfriend : Rhiannon. For that moment, the rules established by A were not longer apply. Because, after this meet, he knew he had found someone to be with day after day. He had just one thing on his mind, find Rhiannon everywhere she can be, admit his love for her and show who or what he is really.

David Levithan is the author of this book that went of in 2012, it’s a youg-adult and supernatural fiction.

It’s my favourite novel about love or knowlegde about the world which surround us. David Levithan has written a beautiful novel and a captivating story that fascinated me. He succeded in helping to understand the complexities of life and love in A’s world, this is a really touching love story. Usually, I hate love stories, but when I read it I have felt a strange effect that helps me to change in my way of thinking love and felt it. It’s a novel full of hope that really good explains the feelings that we feel in the adolescence. I advise you to read it strongly.

Addams Family


Addams Family

 Hello everyone, today I just want to share with you one of my favourite characters in TV-show. Okay, you are going to say « again an Halloween theme ! » and I would answer you « no » ; let’s go ?

The Addams Family is an American TV-shown in 64 episodes and 2 seasons created by David Levy and broadcasted by ABC.

Characters are inspired by Charles Addams at the beginning of the 90’s in the New Yorker ( a news paper) and he gives them his name.

The characters are :

  • Gomez Addams, the father and an affectionate husband. He loves is wife of passionate love, both never hesitates to dance a tango as soon as the have the opportunity. He is also a descendant of the Spanish nobility and that why he used sometimes spanish expressions like «  Querida, Cara Mia ».Gomez is not very close to his children but a little with is son : Pugsley.

  • Morticia Addams, the mother and Gomez’s wife. Of a mysterious beauty she is the symbole of a femme fatale, she loves also her husband by often compliments him on his flexibility. Her main activities are her greenhouse and her plants : an African carnivorous named Cleopoatra and a poison ivy.

  • Wednesday Friday Addams ( like we leanr in an episode when Wednesday ran away) is a little daugther who loves play with uncle Fester’s dynamite. She had three dolls during the show : Marie-Antoinette, Marie Stuart and The little Red Ridding Hood that they have been beheaded after an history lesson on the French revolution by Grandma Addams. She has for pet a small tarantula named Homer.

  • Pugsley Uno Addams,the elder son. Tubby man and creative, he knows how to create a guillotine for Wednesday or an antigravitational device. He is particularly greedy and in the show he eats slugs. Pugsley has for pet a small octopus named Aristote and also one jaguar female.

  • The thing. It’s a servent of the family, it’s a hand wich moves alone and she knows write and communicated. In the serie of 1960, the thing is either a right hand that is a left hand.

I love all of this characters, they are funny, charming and so mysterious. This TV-show is really original and he is going to create several movies about this family like : Halloween with the New Addams Family in 1977 and The Addams Family in 1991

Jack the Ripper !

Jack the Ripper

Hello everybody ! Today I am going to talk about scary, and terrifying things that are blood freezing : The mysterious Jack the Ripper ! Bouh !

Jack the Ripper is the nickname given to the biggest serial killer of London. He is an unidentified serial killer who have been active in the street of Whitechapel in London between August and November 1888.

According to the investigators, he could have killed five person : only prostitutes named : Mary Ann Nichols, Annie Chapman, Elizabeth Stride, Catherine Eddowes, and Mary Jane Kelly who worked in the district of Whitechapel.

He didn’t really disemboweled his victims because they have all were found the clear-cut throat and the removal of internal organs from the least three victimes led to propose that Jack had some anatomical or surgical knoweldge.

In 1888, letters were recieved by medias and Scotland Yard from one of several writers wich told to be the murderer. But, a letter was received by George Lusk of the Whitechapel Vigilance Commitee entilted « From Hell » in whom the really Jack the Ripper claims his murder.

Investigators have never found the real killer but they have some names like Joseph Barnett the partner of one of the victims Mary Kelly or Jacob Levy.

One thing is certain, whe shall never wich was really Jack the Ripper.

This myth inspires many authors like Alan Moore and Eddie Campbell who wrote the excellent comic book « From Hell » apparead in 10 volumes of 1991 to 1996.



It’s Halloween week and I wanted to speak about one of my favorite monster of this season : Vampires !

  Vampires have an important place inside the pop culture, they are shemering, captivating, terrifying and very interesting. 

 Poeple have developed a kind of fascination for vampire because this myth is really mysterious. We don’t know when this myth began but he was made famous in Europe in 1725 during a war opposing the Austrian Empire and the Ottoman Empire, two austrian soldiers named Amold Paole and Peter Plogojowitz must have come back after their death in vampire to haunt the villages of Medvegia and Kisiljevo.

The most popular vampire is that of Bram Stoker’s epistolary novel called : Dracula

This Gothic novel went of 1897 and it’s written by Bram Stoker.

The story is about Jonathan Haker a young notary which is sent in Transylvania to meet a new affluent customer. This customer is a new owner of an area in London. Jonathan discovers a country really mysterious and the residents warms the notary against a dangerous man named Dracula. 

Jonathan is received by this Dracula wich proves that he be a gracious host, but after a moment Jonathan is going to see that his mail is monitored and his doors closed behind him.This earl is simply a dangerous vampire who empty their victims of their blood, a vampire who has no reflect and a vampire who is going to haunt the London’s streets.

Hunger Games

Hunger Games 

I am going to talk about my favourite book: Hunger Games. It’s a triology of books named Hunger game, Hunger games catching fire and Hunger Games the mockingjay. They have been written by Suzanne Collins. But here I just want to present te first, the blurb is:

After a nuclear war, the worl is divided in thrirteen district and citizen by the Capitol and all of the essential resources are shared. But a rebellion was organized by the thrirteen district , they where massacred by the government and this last one decides to do games to hold in place the fear and avoid any new confrontation with the district. All year a tribute male and female between twelve and eighteen years are choose in all of the twelve district to fight for their life in an arena and all it’s at the television: just one can be win, one words dominates SURVIVE. We follow a young girl named Katniss who live in the poorest disctrict the twelfth, she had a little sister called Primrose. When she heard the name of her sister just aged of twelve years, Katniss decides to be volunteer for the seventy-four Hunger Games. Helped by Peeta Melark the baker’s son they are going to try to survive beteween powerful enemies and the fury of the Capitol.

Suzanne Collins is an american writer, she was born in 1962 in the Connecticut. She doesn’t was famous before the Hunger Games saga who gives to her a impressive fame. Four films are adapted by her novel and billions fans have seen the three first ones.