The Book of Joe by Jonathan Tropper

The Book of Joe is a book wrote by Jonathan Tropper and it was published in 2006. I am going to make you a little summary of this novel :

On the first hand, Joe Goffman has everything he wants : a perfect flat in the best Manhattan districts, a lot of sentimental adventures, a beautiful car and to much dollars. This young author found succes very fast with his first best seller, Bush Falls.

For write this novel he was directly inspired by his teen is a city in the Connecticut and his best seller ridicules the mores of province of his former citizens. In this book, he denounces their hypocrisy, their narrow-mindedness and their depravities. But one day, he must come back to Bush Falls because of his hill father. He is confronted face to his memories… On his own against all the city and his past, Joe will be obliged to find his place…

This work is the Joe’s return story in his teen city after 17 years of absence…

I’ve read this book and I really found it interesting ! If I can give you a tip, you should read it ! And you ? Do you know this writer or this novel ?

The Long walk by Stephen King

Today I would like to tell you what The Long Walk is. It’s a novel by Stephen King published in 1979 which shows a near future where there is a Selective Service each year : one hundred of young men (18 years old or less) must go from the State of Maine to the South. The Long Walk’s winner will receive what he wants from this day to his death. The long walk’s rules are easy : no contact with the others walkers, don’t deflect of the planned road and you can’t stop. The walkers who stop once receive an advertissement. The walkers can receive three advertissements and after, they are killed.

100 walkers, 1 winner and 99 losers… That is the hard law of the Long Walk, a perverse entertainment. In his novel, Stephen King denounce the possible reality TV drifts with a lot of ferocity. What has marked me the most is the fact that the author lets us identify us to the characters : we can see all the complexity of the characters psychology. Then, every character’s reactions about the walk and facing death.

In his novel, there are a lot of suspens, horror and anxiety. Moreover, dialogues are reals and sometimes they are comics.

This novel is, in my opinion, a real masterpiece. And you ? Have you already read this novel ? What do you think about it ?

White Fang by Jack London

Jack London was a 19th century American author and journalist, best known for the adventure novels White Fang and The Call of the Wild.

This a short summary of the story :

Two men are out in the north’s wild. Their dogs disappear as they are attract by a shewolf and eaten by the pack. They only have three bullets left and Bill, one of the men, uses them to try to save one of their dogs, he misses and is eaten with the dog. Only Henry and two dogs are left: he makes a fire, tries to drive away the wolves. They draw in close, and he is almost eaten, saved only by a company of men who were traveling nearly.

The wolves are in the midst of a famine. They continue on, lead by several wolves alongside the shewolf, and when they finally find food the pack starts to split up. The shewolf mates with one of the wolves and has a litter of pups. Only one survives after several more famines, and he grows strong.

They come to an Indian village where the shewolf’s (who is actually half-wolf, half-dog) master is. He catches her again and White Fang, her pup, stays nearly. Soon, she is sold to another Indian, while White Fang stays with Gray Beaver, her master. The other dogs of the village terrorize White Fang, especially one called Lip-lip.

White Fang becomes more and more vicious, encouraged by his master. He kills other dogs. Gray Beaver goes to Fort Yukon to trade and discovers whiskey. White Fang is passed into the hands of Beauty Smith, a monster of a man. He fights other dogs until he meets his match in a bulldog and is saved only by a man named Scott.

Scott tames White Fang and takes him back to California with him. There White Fang learns to love his master and his master’s family and even saves Scott’s father from a criminal that escaped from the nearby prison. White Fang has puppies with Collie, one of the master’s dogs, and lives a happy life.

I really loved this movie, and you, did you see it ?

Short Stories by Rudyard Kipling

Rudyard Kipling is an English author (1865-1936). He was famous for his works : Just so stories (a lot of short stories for children) and The Jungle Book. He received the Nobel Price for Literature in 1907.

His Short Stories are « stories like that » for children. These stories were published in 1902 and they were written, at the beggining, for help his « best beloved », his daughter Josephine, to sleep well but in 1899, she died because of a serious disease. Each story is with a poem. The most famous is this :

« I keep six honest serving-men

(They taught me all I knew);

Their names are What and Why and When

And How and Where and Who. »

– « The Elephant’s Child »

You can find all his stories on this website, I hope you will appreciate like me !

Did you know this author before ? And another of their works ?

James Blunt – No Bravery : a protest song

The year of the « Brevet » -our GCSE  (at school, when I was fourteen), we had to choose a protest song to present for the History of Art. I have choosen a protest song by James Blunt (a pop rock and brisith singer) untitled No Bravery. In his song, he talks about the Kosovo war where he was a soldier. The song received a positive reception from music critics.

I really love this song, and now I often listen it.

And you ? What do you think about this song ? And about James Blunt ?

The Great Gatsby (1974)

In literature in english we study The Great Gatsby so I would like to talk about an adpatation of this novel I saw (with Robert Redford !).

This movie was published in 1974 and realised by Jack Clayton. It is starring by Robert Redford (Jay Gatsby) and Mia Farrow (Daisy).

The scene takes place in the Roaring Twenties (the 20’s) in Long Island, and talk about a mysterious and extravagant man’s life. But who is this man ? What kind of man is he ? What does he want ?

Step by step, we will discover this man and his attentions.

I have really loved this movie and I have seen the other with Leonardo Dicaprio too (2013) and I think that both adaptations are really good but I maybe prefer the most recent because I really love the soundtrack and the atmosphere !

And you ? Which one have you seen and which one do you prefere ?


In English class we have seen an extract from Animals Farm, a novel written by Georges Orwell. So I wanted to look into the autor’s bibliography and I saw 1984. I already knew this novel, obviously (as a lot of people I think !) but I never read it.

I think I will because this novel looks really interesting. I will write a little summary for you and it maybe will convince you to read this book.

The story takes place in London in 1984 (obvious ahah). The world, since the nuclear wars of the 1950s, is divided into three « blocks » : Oceania (Americas, the Atlantic islands, Oceania and Southern Africa), Eurasia (Europe and URSS) and Eastasia (China and its southern regions, islands of Japan, and a little but variable portion of Mongolia, Manchuria and Tibet) that are in perpetual war against each other. These three great powers are directed by different totalitarian regimes required as such, and based on different ideologies but almost similar : Angsoc (or  » English Socialism « ) for Oceania , the « neo- Bolshevism  » for Eurasia and the  » cult of death  » (or  » obliteration of me ») to Eastasia . All these parties are presented as Communists before their rise to power, until they become totalitarian regimes and relegate the workers they claimed to defend the bottom of the social pyramid

The concepts and characters invented by Georges Orwell (Big Brother, Doublethink, Newspeak, O’Brien …) became archetypes, which are almost part now of the nomenclature of political science jargon.

And you ? Have you read this book ? What is your opinion ?

The Notebook

Looking into this blog, I have read an article about The Vow, a movie with Rachel McAdams, an actress who I particularly appreciate.

Consequently, now,  I would like to talk about an other movie starring her and Ryan Gosling. This movie is entitled The Notebook, (« N’oublie Jamais » in french) and it was released in 2004.

It is the story of a woman who have the Alzheimer’s disease and who live in a retirement home. Each day, Noah reads her the same book. This is the book where Allie has recorded its own story when she learned her illness. Not to forget her feelings, she wrote, and Noah reads to her her own words.

Behind them, we will discover Allie (the old woman) in the thirties, madly in love with a young man, Noah (the reader). Her mother will do anything to keep her, her situation is not considered good enough.
After years of separation, at the end of the Second World War, Allie is ready to marry a rich lawyer. When she reads the newspaper, she learns the return of Noah, the mood takes him again. Escaping a life of convenience, the two young people meet and discover that their love remained intact. They spend the rest of their lives together, until Allie lost memory..

I must say that the end of this movie is not really cheerfull and I could cry each time I see it ahah. But, for people who like drama and romance, I really recommend you to watch it !

And you ? Have you seen this film ? what is your opinion ?

Pride and prejudice, the movie

Hi ! I would like to talk about the movie Pride and Prejudice directed by Joe Wright and starring by Keira Knightley, Matthew MacFadyen and Talulah Riley.

In a small English village in the reign of George III, Mrs.. Bennet wants to marry her daughters to provide them with a peaceful future. The arrival of new neighbours, Mr. Bingley and his friend Mr. Darcy will result Jane and Elizabeth in tumultuous love affairs. Elizabeth will discover love by meeting the beautiful and aristocratic man, M Darcy.

However, both will ignore their pride that ensue before falling into the arms of the other.

I have seen this movie and I enjoy it ! I could see it numerous times and I particularly enjoy Keira Knightley in the role of Elizabeth !

And you, have you ever seen this movie ?

Frankenstein, the movie

Last monday we began to watch Frankenstein‘s movie in literature in english class. It is a movie starring by Robert De Niro and Helena Bonham Carter, for example (I love so much this actress).

Althought I love actors and how they play, I definitly don’t love this movie and this story, particularly. I don’t like this kind of stories and I think it is quite special… So, this movie was not my cup of tea but it was still possible to watch !

What do you think about this movie ? Did you enjoy or not ? Why ?

Talk about the illustrator ( Bilbo and the Lord of the Rings) too

Hi people ! I am going to tell you about Bilbo‘s and The Lord of the rings‘ illustrator because a lot of people don’t pay attention to him but he is an artist as the autor ahah. AND he also was in all movies of the Saga The lord of the rings !

So, I will start with a short biography of him : Alan Lee was born in 1947 in England. He studied art of illustration at the Ealing School of Art. A few years after he discovered a real passion for J.R.R Tolkien and he chose to illustrate his books for their 100th birthday.

You can see the others elements of his life here :

And a lot of illustrations by Alan Lee here :

I hope you will enjoy !

Talk about Frankenstein (a play )

Last monday I have seen a play about Frankenstein. Each person (except the man who played Victor) played differents characters. I think it was a good production for a little band of four actors. The young woman and the young man seemed to be particularly involved in the play.

I was surprised because I think I understood a lot of things and it helped me to understand Frankenstein’s story and the character’s relationships. I am so happy that I could see this play only for ten euros. Thank you for this idea, it was a good one !

And you ? Have you seen this play ? What is your point of view ?

The lord of the Ring, written by Tolkien

J. R Tolkien wrote a lot of books as The Hobbit and I love particularly The Lord of the Ring (The Fellowship of the Ring) : it’s a fantasy story and there are beautiful images in the adaptation made by Peter Jackson.

It’s a film starring  Elijah Wood, Viggo Mortensen, Liv Tyler, Sean Astin, Ian MacKellen, Cate Blanchett, Orlando Bloom and others…

I am going to tell you about the sypnosis of this film :  The scene takes place in the Middle Earth during an unkwonly era. Hobbits were living in peace, when one of them owned the only ring which fabulous powers. Sauron uses the Bad Powers to resume it.

This film Is our family film because when my parents were expected my older sister my father was reading this book and it is why she Is called Galadriel, as the elves queen.