Bridget Jones diary’s, film directed by Sharon Maguire

Bridget Jones diary’s is based on the book by Helen Fielding.                                        It’s a British romantic comedy film, released in 2001, stars with famous actors like Renée Zellweger as Bridget, Hugh Grant as Daniel Cleaver and Colin Firth as Marc Darcy.                                                                                                                                   This film is one of my favorite romantic comedy because of the excellent dramatic performances and the plot pleased me.                                                           What also pleased me is that Bridget is an awkward and frustated character, where the spectators can identify and compare themselves as Bridget’s attitude.                   She illustrates the lifestyle of an early thirties woman, both love and career, where she has to make decision which will have consequences on her life and her state of mind where she will learn of her errors and will restore a well-being.

And you ? What are your feelings about this film ?

The diary of a young girl, Anne Frank

This book was written by Anne Frank, a thirteen years old Jewish girl.                             In 1942, Anne and her family ran their home in Holland to go to hide, during the Nazi occupation.                                                                                                                            For the next two years, they lived in an old building, more specifically in a « Secret Annexe », and Anne started a diary on 12 June 1942 and she stopped writing it on August 1st 1944. She died of typhoid at Bergen-Belsen concentration camp in March 1945.                                                                                                                                            His father, Otto Frank, the only survivor, decided to publish the diary of his daughter.

This diary tells about their impressions, their experiences during this difficult period.     It’s a testament of human spirit.                                                                                          It is important to say that this book was translated in 70 languages, published all around the world because this testimony is the most moving about the everyday life of a Jewish family during the Nazi occupation.

Book of Haïkus, by Jack Kerouac

Book of Haïkus is a collection of Haïkus poetry by Jack Kerouac.

First, an Haiku is a small poem of senventeen syllabes, in three verses, of Japanese origin, evoking the feelings and the moods.                                                                     From the twentieth century, several western poets tried haiku in their own languages.                                                                                                                                                                               In the United States, haiku is used by the poets belonging to the movements « imagism » and the « beat generation », because it’s , for them, a form to express the modernity, and they also appreciate his suggestive power.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                So, this book was published in 2003 by Regina Weinreich, there is 500 poems selected from a corpus of 1.000 Haiku who where written by Kerouac in a smallbook.

Free fall by William Golding

This book is the fourth novel of the English writer, William Golding, published in 1959.                                                                                                                                      It’s about a talented painter, named Samuel Mountjoy, who is a prisoner of war in Germany. A Gestapo officer, Dr Halde, asks questions to Samuel to find out about escape organisation, because some prisoners managed to escape from the camp. But Sammy denies, so the officer decided to locked him in a small room.                                                While he is lock in the darkness room, he wonders how he got there and particularly how he lose his freedom.                                                                                                                 I think that this book is really interesting because it show the conditions of war, espcially in camps, and how people tried to survive and still have hope.

The private diary of Mr Darcy, by Maya Slater

After read Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen, It will be interesting to read this book.        We can know what Mr Darcy really think by discovering his secret about his life in Georgian London, have more details about his relationship with Elizabeth Bennet by describing us how he gradually fells in love with her.                                                         This book is a captivating novel of love, pride, passion and of course prejudice.               The story is, of course, told in the first person narrative where Mr Darcy tells us his thoughts and observations all along the book.                                                                      The most famous romantic hero describes us his own story and their points of view.

Animal farm, by George Orwell

Last year, in English class, we saw a film named Animal Farm

This film (which is also a book) describe a farm in which animal don’t want be control by human anymore, so they decided to rebel by taking the power and to disappear human being. But later one pig is going to be a dictator, they will kill others animals which disobey. He obliges the animals of the farm to work hard by promising a better life.                                                                                                                                              This film can be compared as USSR regime, where animals stand up for their ideals.      He do a summary of the methods used by Stalin, because there are cult of personality and propaganda.

1984, the film by Michael Radford

In class, we saw a film which is called, 1984.

For me, the atmosphere of this film is very alarming and it can affects us psychologically.   It show us how the society was before, during the totalitarism.                                                                                                                                         There is no colour and no happy ending. There are scenes which particularly shocked me like the scene when Winston is tortured. This act of violence is capable of changing the way of thinking of a man because he has to think and do what the society wants and I find it really unjust.

The great Gatsby

Last year, we saw a great movie, for my part, it was The great Gatsby, with the famous actor: Leonardi Di Caprio.

I really enjoyed this film because there is an attractive love story between the main character, Daisy and Gatsby, where we can think that it’s an impossible love because Daisy is married as another man while Gatsby always love her.                             Throughout this film, Gatsby tries to lure back his beloved.

The end of the movie is very compelling, we don’t expect it necessarily.

But all the same, it’s a beautiful film

Pride and Prejudice, by Jane Austen

In class, we studied an extract from the book, Pride and Prejudice, by Jane Austen

I read this book in french personally and I enjoyed it. At the beginning it’s difficult to understand who are the character and their feelings but step by step I better knew the characters and their own personalities.

It’s a really good story who illustrate the condition and the differents behaviors of the characters.

Funeral Blues, by Wystan Hugh Auden

In class, we study a poem, Funeral Blues,written by Wystan Hugh Auden who is an Anglo-American poet, born in York on 21 February 1907 and died in Austria on 29 September 1973.

In my opinion, I love the poem because he used simple word to express what he feels and we understand quickly what he talks about.

There is an expression of grief because he used the past to express his feelings and everythings stops around him, he feels nothing more.                                                            We have the impression that he lost everything.

I like the way he express his feelings despite of there are sad.

William Shakespeare

William Shakespeare, a famous poet, writer and playwright, is born in April 1563 at Stratford Upon Avon and dead the April 1616 in the same town.                                           He was one of the few playwrights who praticed comedy than tragedy as well.                   He is mainly famed for writing the most famous works like Hamlet or Romeo and Juliet.

During my school trip in England 2 years ago, I visited the Globe Theatre and the Shakespeare’s house, it was a great experience for me because it’s like to live like Shakespeare, it’s a good memory.                                                                                       During the visit, I saw his bedroom, dining room and his kitchen, this is a different house compared to our also I can imagine how he live a that time.

Alice in Wonderland

In class, we saw the Alice in wonderland’s film dating 1903.

I was very surprise about the representation of that movie, first it was very short, about 16 minutes instead of nowadays movies that  are about 1-2 hours.                                                      We can also see that there are no special effects but we can understand what happened when Alice becomes large and small when she drinks the potion.                                         Thanks to this film, we can see the cinema’s evolution and another production about Alice by Lewis Carroll.

Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein, the movie

In class, we saw a movie named Frankenstein, with a famous actor, Robert de Niro.

For me, I liked it because there strangeness all along the film despite of blood’s scene which can be hard.

It’s the first time that I saw a movie like Frankenstein and I’m not disappointed because it’s a good story which is well interpret by the actor. It’s both sad and scary so can create differents emotions for the spectators and can’t be bored by this film.

Gulliver’s Travels, by Jonathan Swift

Gulliver’s travels is a novel written by Jonathan Swift.

This novel is divided into four parts who tells about four travels of the character, Gulliver.

Before the first part, in the preamble, he gives us a short outline of his life and his love for travel. So, after a shipwreck, Gulliver is on the Island of Lilliput, and finds himself prisoner of a race of little people, less than 6 inches tall. After giving assurances of his good behavior, he had a residence and become the favorite of the court then he helps the Lilliput’s people to subdue their neighbors, the Blefuscudians, by stealing their fleet. But after, Gulliver refuses to reduce the Island of Blefuscu to a privince of Lilliput, so he is accused of treason, he finds an abandoned boat and sails to be rescued by a passing ship.

In the second part, after sailing, he finds a farmer who is 72 feet tall, the farmer brings him to Gulliver’s Home and cares by his daughter. But Gulliver is too small for using their hugs chairs, tables. So the Queen commissions a small house for him. Then, his house is seized by a giant eagle which drops Gulliver and his house in a sea where he is found by some sailors who returns him to England.

In the third part, Gulliver’s boat was attacked by pirates and he was desert in an island near India. Fortunately, he is rescued by the flying Island of Laputa and then taken to Balnibarbi for wait a trader who can drive him to Japan. After he go to the Island of Glubbdubdrib, where he visits a magician’s house and discusses with him. Then, he finally arrives to Japan by asking to the Emperor to « excuse my performing the ceremony imposed upon my countrymen of trampling upon the crucifix ». So he go home determined to stay ther for the rest of his days.

In spite of his intention to stay at home, Gulliver returns to the sea but must finds new addition to his crew because he thinks to have turned the rest of his crew against him. But he is abandoned in a boat which sails him in an Island who people are save humanoid creatures, the Houyhnhnms. Gulliver admires their lifestyle, but they thinks Gulliver is an danger to their civilizations and expels him. Then he is rescued by a Portuguese ship and returns to England, at his home. He is unable to live like his family and think all the day about the Houyhnhnms up to be crazy.