« I know that I am young but I am ready for the great responsibility that lies before me. »

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Alright my dear people,

As it is the last article we are writing on this blog, I’ve decided to talk about a very british work. Oh no, not the most famous book ever, but another TV show I have discovered a few weeks ago.

Yes indeed, first of all let me tell you that, it’s not an action-packed and bloody one.

Ladies and gentlemen here comes the famous Queen Victoria of Great Britain. And as you can guess, this show deals with her life, but not only about her duty…

Indeed in this period drama, you’ll follow her from the beginning of her reign, whenRésultat de recherche d'images pour "victoria tv show" one day, people annonced that she was the Queen. Not as a direct heir, because some are dead, some can’t, so yeah everything now lie on Victoria’s shoulders, a 18-years-old young woman. As you can imagine, that’s far from being easy tu rule a country when you are a young, energetic and capricious person.
That’s pretty easy however to identify yourself as her : you can easily fancy what it takes to be the ruler of an organisation like the United Kingdom ! She had to be brave to support it all. We may not agree with the ruler’s ideas and actions, but here you can’t deny that it was a hard position for her : an aspect that the show shows pretty well.
And of course, when you’re young what are you thinking about most 
of th and so (and you know they were close since they had 9 children !! No time to chill heh).

Résultat de recherche d'images pour "victoria tv show"

Thus with everything that happened they had matters to make a good show and they did. Nice scenes, well-filmed and pretty funny with a touch of History : a good result to sum it up.

What’s pretty interesting too is the fact that they used Victoria’s personal diary so theyRésultat de recherche d'images pour "victoria tv show dash" could make the show closer to reality, and to show some scenes of her intimacy with her mother, her prince… And her dog, Dash : the cute aspect of the show. A good story is rarely good without a dog you know. Just kidding but dogs are always a positive point in storys. Hahaha that’s only my point of view though !

In a nutshell, Victoria is a worth-watching TV show if you want to know a little more about an important personality in Great Britain. There’s only 1 season now, but they are working for the second-one as I am talking to you. This was for me a great discovery, with very skilled actors moreover. Have no regrets and am waiting eagerly for the next season !

Over. 🙂

The Man in the High Castle

Résultat de recherche d'images pour "le maitre du haut chateau"

Seeing that you may be as intrigued as I was when I first saw this poster. What the heck happened to NY city ? Let’s discover that together !

“The future belongs to those who change it”

Hello dear people,

Today’s an important day since it’s the first time ever I’m going to write about a TV show. The first-one I succeeded in finishing, that’s a red-letter achievement in my little life.

But let’s stop talking nonsense and focus about the amazing thing I’m going to deal with. As you read it in the title, this is called “The Man in the High Castle”. Did you know it was based on a sci-fi book written by Philip K. Dick ? No ? now, you know at least.

Well, summarizing the story won’t be easy but I’ll try to make something spoiler-free and a lit’ entertaining.

Right, imagine that something in our history drastically changed, I mean an important event.

What if the Allies didn’t win WWII ? And if the Axis (aka Germany, and Japan mainly) did ? Well you’ve got the context of The Man in the High Castle. That’s what you call “alternate history”.

Now in these dark times, where the world is ruled by the german “Reich” (=Empire in Résultat de recherche d'images pour "the man in the high castle"german), the story that interests us is set in the USA. No, not the usual USA you know, rather the USA that is split in 3 parts :



In this TV show, you’ll follow the story of several characters, and besides what makes also the strength of it, is the fact that you don’t follow only one type of person. Clearly, you’ll face the story of a Nazi man, a Japanese inspector, resistance‘s activists, parents and so on.

I assure you won’t get lost and that is really interesting to have different opinions about what’s going on, and sometimes you know things that others ignore… That is really well done & convincing since all the stories have a link ya see, it adds a great dramatic intensity to the show, sometimes the suspense kills you ! It’s freaking well made, you’ll shiver I guarantee !

« Each one of these films shows a reality like our, but not ours ». Here the link, the Man in the High Castle produces films. But not ordinary films, it shows something different, that is considered as a threat for Hitler (he’s still alive in this world since the story is set in the 60s)… You’ll discover why.

Résultat de recherche d'images pour "the man in the high castle"

Last but not least my dears, the actors in this show are AWESOME, but really. They’re playing their role and it’s great. It’s not the average TV show with shitty (sorry) actors. They may be no famous like DiCaprio, Will Smith (I don’t say they’re bad actors 😉 just an
example ! I’m talking about the fame) but really Rufus Sewell, Joel de la Fuente, Alexa Davalos, Luke Kleintank and the others are just simply amazing. The same for the filming, the shots, the set, the props, the visual effects, the story : everything will blow your mind. Ahaha but don’t expect it to be funny, it’s not.

In a nutshell, even if you don’t like history, you may like this TV Serie since it has many, many qualities. What could be even better than a show, in which you can hear english, german & japanese ? 3 in 1, that’s a good deal, I say 😉

The Strange Library – Murakami

Hello !

Alright Kids, it’s New Year, time to take good resolutions and…
No wait, don’t change, stay yourself.

Well, today I’ve decided to speak about one of my christmas present, a little book called « Fushigi Na Toshokan » or « The Strange Library » in english. That’s a short story written by Haruki Murakami a famous japanese writer. See ? I don’t only read mangas !

This little book had a big impact on me you know ? No, don’t think it’s exceptionally clever or something that denunce something. It’s more of a fantasy or a-totally-what-the-hell-is-going-on book ! Yeah that’s the least I can say, it’s pretty disturbing at first, but then it becomes usual.

For the story, a boy named… Er who has no-name if I’m right, goes one day to the local library to borrow some books about a question he wondered about during his way-back home : how taxes were collected in the Ottoman Empire ? With that you already understand the context and the genre of the story ! That’s what he does, but it turned out to be more complicated… To read books about it, he has to go in a special room, in some underground tunnel… where he’ll find himself trapped ! Here he’ll meet strange characters like a sheep man (who’s really good at cooking donuts…) and another crazy psycopath ! I don’t tell what he does ’cause it’s important in the story -and pretty gore. Of course, then he’ll try to escape this strange library…

This book although short was really rich in madness ! (But don’t think all japanese are writting crazy things !) It was moreover entertaining and pretty funny at some moments. Because it’s a short story, all things aren’t equally developped and sometimes and it seems to be said quickly, but it stays cool to read. The character tries to find a way back to normality and that’s really interesting, you’re totally with him when you’re reading the book (plus it’s told with 1rst-person narrative) so you’re fully in it.

In a nutshell that’s a nice little story to pass time for example.

Well, that’s all for me, see you guys !

The Spook’s Apprentice – Joseph Delaney


Alright people, today the book I’m gonna present you is pretty different from what I’ve done before. Indeed that’s a scary book, a dark fantasy one. As you maybe know I’m really fond of fantasy books (just like my dear Harry Potter) and this one I discovered wandering in the library was my new crush. That’s one of the reason that explain why I really love libraries, since you can find things that you wouln’t find normally. On the book was written « do not read at night » what I found really attractive, I took it and read it late in the night (you can call me crazy I accept it). That was freaking disturbing and scary (not so much but a little anyways) therefore I loved it so much ! What’s strange is great for my mind, I can’t explain it :’)
So this book is the first in a serie of 13 called « The Wardstone Chronicles ».

Tom Ward is the main character and is the seventh son of his father (who’s himself a seventh son), what makes him different from his brothers or sisters. Thus he has special abilities that allow him to see things that others can’t just like ghosts, witches and things that aren’t real. When you are like that, you can be a Spook, which mean that you hunt magical and demoniacal creatures and save people from these of course.
We’ll follow his adventures as the Spook’s apprentice, because he has to learn the job naturally. Living with him, he’ll learn all he has to know to become a good Spook. Of course his life won’t be a bed of roses…

For the moment I didn’t read everything but sure I’ll do it someday because the story was very catchy and… spooky (I had to do it excuse me). Yeah really some phrases and sentences weren’t reassuring ya know, so that was a kind of tense and really scary atmosphere. When you start reading this book, when the action is fully launched you’re totally in it and you’re eager to know what’s going to happen next ! To be honest I was really stressed while reading that but in a good way. Yep really entertaining it was.

In a nutshell go to the library, borrow this book, read it at night and you’ll live a great fantasy adventure. Aw that’s true, there’s a film adapted from the book called « Seventh Son »… I heard it was a dung. Just with the trailer you understand that they transformed it into an action-packed film with too many SFX.
Yeah as always books are better !

See you later 😉

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child

Hey there !

Let it be said, let it be done.

Now it’s time for me to talk about the book that shook the world ! This new phenomenon is the Harry Potter new play.Afficher l'image d'origine

Don’t worry, for sure I won’t spoil you, I’ll just give my opinion (as we know it’s not the truth x’D) as a reader, a Potterhead and just as me. Or some aspects of the story… In fact you’ll see a few lines under.

It was written by J.K Rowling (if you don’t know her, shame on you !), Jack Thorne & John Tiffany. So, so, so let’s point out that first : because of these different authors, as you can guess, that’s not completely as « Harry Potter » as it was with Rowling’s books. The story generally was interesting but sometimes, I  was like « would really this character say so in the books ? » or « is it really the Harry -or someone else- I used to know ? ».

So yeah sometimes that was disturbing for me but I thought that the main playwright was Thorne, and he isn’t our J.K Rwoling. Therefore I & you can understand these differences.

About the story, the main action is time-travelling thanks to a Time-Turner, if you read the book (what you should do anyways) you’ll see. This object is present all along the story ; it plays a very important role. So because of time-travelling some details can change… If you try to prevent someone from dying, maybe that’s someone else who’s going to die. I drew a conclusion of all of this : we should not travel back in time. It’s too complicated and dangerous, but that’s what the characters understood before me, of course ! And last but not least that’s impossible for the best, and for the worst…

Then seeing alternate reality was really interesting though, I really liked it. If you do like these kind of stories about time travel, time machine, timelines, you’ve go a very good and interesting anime called « Steins ; gate » about the science of travelling in time. That’s freaking well-done and the only thing about science I like 😉

Finally if you love Harry Potter, of course you’ll love & enjoy this play but be ready for something different. However we still have a lot of humour, you won’t  be rolling on the floor laughing but that’s nice. Ah ! An important point : you can read it in english (I wanted to read it in english first but seeing that the english version was less expensive than the french one… Of course I took it) there isn’t a very complicated vocabulary so this book is not out of reach if you have a good level (just like all HP books).

There it is, now it’s time to come back to Les Faux-Monnayeurs… Good things always have an end ! ;’)

Curse of the Mummy – Fighting Fantasy

Ahoy guys !

How do you do ?

Originally I wanted to talk about the Harry Potter’s new play but hadn’t enough time to finish it so I had to plot something else… Therefore I remembered I read an amazing book which was called « Curse of the Mummy ».

Wait, no, not so fast it’s not an usual book with a demoniacal mummy that wants to kill ya. Nope, that’s a Fighting Fantasy Gamebook, in other words « a book where you ARE the hero ». It sounds interesting doesn’t it ?

All the things you need to start your adventure is a pencil and a dice. (Yeah sorry we still can’t use swords or magic wands to set sail for an adventure… – I wish I could.) And of course the most important thing is « luck » otherwise you’d die (Because your character has differents stats : Stamina, Health and Luck. You established them at the begining of your journey with your amazing and magical rolling dice.)

With that said let me tell you more about this book. If you know narrative games or visual novel it works approximately the same. You are reading the story but at some moment, you have to select where you want to go, how to fight your ennemies, what you want to buy, etc… You have several options, and for exemple, let’s say you take « option 1 » you’ll have to turn to page 220 for exemple. So you are travelling all across the book but if you are sent to the last page it doesn’t mean that’s it’s the end of the story… To be honest I have never reached the end (for the moment !) and never met a mummy. But i’m pretty sure it’s awaiting for me to come and show how unskilled I am.

All joking aside I find that it’s a cool way to read a book. Indeed, you have to face ennemies (even if you are fighting them with a dice and numbers) and have to make choices to save the country -or your life.
What I loved too is the way other characters are dying : it’s so fierce and your character is just like « oh that’s sad, I will cry for a minute but then let’s resume this adventure as if it had never happened. I’m going to beat’em all yahouu » no time for apologies or sorrow ! Er, of course it’s an hyperbola but it’s almost that… !

Seriously if you have time (since using a dice isn’t as easy and fast as using a sword) and if you are eager to live your own epic adventure, you have to read/play one of these books. That’s really funny and you’ve got many different storys (with wizards, dragons, or mythology, etc) that you’ll inevitably find one you could love. Ian Livingstone and Steve Jackson are the two main guys behind these books and trust me, they’ve done an incredibly good job with this series. Their worlds are often dark – but you are here to enlighten them after all – serious and there’s always an interesting story in which you can easily integrate yourself.

So now go grab one of these books, and start your adventure (while sitting on your bed) to beat’em all and become the hero of your own story !

That’s all for me guys, see you next time ! 😀 

White Fang

Hullo everybody !

Today I’ve decided to speak about a book I read a long time ago after founding it in an old wardrobe. I guess it was my father’s !

So because you read the title, you must now that I’m going to speak about Jack London’s White Fang, another famous wolfdog. Yeah I really enjoy this kind of story, especially when I was younger and crazy about animals (I’m still but less !)

Then I tkink that almost everybody knows the story. Anyways we follow the adventures of White Fang, a wolfdog who was at the beginning wild. Indeed that was the beginning of his wolf’s life with the famous law of the nature : « eat or be eaten« .
After being take in by an Indien he will experience later the cruelty and madness of humans.

Now I don’t really remember all the details of the story and so, however I remember myself crying at some parts of the book, because that’s a really touching and well-written story. What’s great with Jack London’s book is that you can believe in the story, because you’ve the impression that it has really happened in real life. After saying or writing all these things, I only want to read it again to have a new and fresher opinion ’bout it !

Yeah, so I don’t have much to say right now, but what’s sure is that it’s a must-reading book no matter what, with an amazing, funny, sad and deeply realistic story ! 😉

Soul Eater

Hi there !

Today I’d like to speak about something I have discovered during the vacation. Yep I read a new manga. I mean new for me x’) Because it’s already finished since 2013.

In a nutshell, Soul Eater is shônen manga (so it means adventure, frienship, fights…) written and drawn by Atsushi ?kubo where the main characters are Maka Albarn and Soul Eater (that’s a nickname as you can guess !).

To be honest I first saw the animated version (which is not the same than the manga up to a certain point) and I thought it could be boring or irritating : but it was just because they were introducing the characters.
So when the story really started I discovered a really new insane but amazing world. We can easily compare Atsushi ?kubo’s drawing style and universe to Tim Burton ! Knowing I’m a huge fan of this guy as a lot of people, it was really a great and pleasant discovery !
This story is set in the town of Death City, and the first time I saw it I was like « Oh it souds like Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas » ! and I had stars in the eyes !

Well, now here is a little sum-up of the story of the madly amazing Soul Eater manga. So in Death City, you have a school (everything seems normal until here, doesn’t it ?) named Shibusen… Or Death Weapon Meister Academy (DWMA shortly) for the english version.

Here you have two types of students : meisters and weapons. Weapons are humans who can turn into a weapon and meisters control them. Together, as a team, they must collect 99 bad guy’s souls and a witch’s soul to allow the weapon to become a Death Scythe (a stronger weapon to fight against the evil forces !).
That’s just what they are supposed to do because of course the story isn’t only about that.
Because of the numerous characters we have different stories since they have different goals… We have a lot of funny moments, but also amazingly well-drawn fight scene, and the fear of becoming insane… Insanity plays a major role in this world because Shibusen’s students fight to prevent their world from the return of the Kishin, a demon that spread this insanity.

Finally I have to say that Soul Eater is a worth-reading manga if you love laughing, seeing crazy, amazing and unbelievable events.

Moreover nowadays, if you know where to look you can find what we call “scans” so it means that you can read chapters online for free… (It’s like streaming so you guess that it’s not really law-abiding… But times are though !)

Well there are so many good things to say that I can only advise you to read this manga if you like it after trying !

Bye people and remember that « a sound soul dwells within a sound mind and a sound body » ! 😉

The Call of The Wild

Hi everybody ! Today I will speak about a book I really enjoyed when I was younger and which has still the same effect nowadays.

This novel is from Jack London, a famous American writer, well-known for his books about animals and adventures, especially about wild animals, like wolves (or here wolf-dog), bears…

The Call of the Wild is, as White-Fang one of his most-famous books in that genre.

The story is set during the Gold Rush (little wink to the English cinema ! But it wasn’t my purpose at the beginning). So wa have the context of the « how the West was won » with Natives and so… 😉

All along the book we follow the evolution of Buck, a normally dog who (I won’t say “which” because he’s not a thing, and in this book we have his point of view but I know that in general we use “which” instead of using “who” for animals… But when you love them you can just not do that because you know animals worth more than being considered as things without spirit and emotions…) will gradually become a wild wolf-dog because he discovers a new world and realised that life wasn’t always happy.  He passed throughout different hardship and always keeps going. Buck follows his instinct and gets back little by little his wildness and freedom. For instance he was sold to someone who made husky (I found we said that for dogs who make race with sledge) sled races and because of running everywhere in the wilderness he came back to his basics instincts. He faced many things in the wild and therefore he had to become a real husky to survive in this tough world. It was a fight to survive. This philosophy develops throughout the novel, as Buck’s life becomes a very hard struggle for existence in which he must either kill or be killed.

One day his new and good master was killed by Indians so Buck, who was totally mad with rage killed his master’s murderers. That was at this moment that he became a Wolf again.

I know the plot could be pretty hard to understand and you may think that it’s not really interesting; however we have a very meaningful and denouncing story. Here Buck is like a “wild and fluffy” human to my mind and that’s why I really loved this book. Moreover the story really catchs your eyes and is entertaining.

See you soon ! 🙂

Escape from the city ?

Hey everybody !

Today I decided to speak about something else than a book. Yes it’s great to change sometimes!
First I wanted to tell you about another novel, but I read it a long time ago therefore I don’t really remember the details. That’s why I will read it again soon and the next article will be about it.

So I have chosen a song that I like to listen while I’m in the bus to go back home. This song is called “Escape from the city” and because I do not live in the city, it’s pretty appropriate for me ! It was composed by Jun Senoue and performed by Ted Poley and Tony Harnell.

(If you want to listen to it while reading, it’s under the text at the end !)

It was played in Sonic’s Adventure 2, but it’s not the main theme, just a stage music of the game.
We always say that Sonic has not the best games, but sure the best musics ! That’s pretty true because it’s a little chaotic when you play… However most of the music are freaking awesome.

If you don’t know Sonic the Hedgehog who is as famous as Mario it’s not a problem, but checks it out on Google 😉
In a nutshell he’s an anthropomorphic blue hedgehog who can run faster than the sound (which is a pretty useful and cool ability, isn’t it ?). He has to save his world from a crazy genius named Dr Eggman who wants to control it with giants and terrifying robots (huh not really freaky anyway…).

You know this song is really energetic and it refers really well to Sonic who “can’t stick around, have to keep moving on”.  Moreover I’m a bit like that too, I’d rather move fast (or not !) instead of staying seated in a bus… And yet it’s impossible, of course. So that’s quite opposed.

As a result I only have that kind of music to escape the daily routine, to feel better after a bad day (when you got bad marks for instance !) or to go in my “bubble” to not hear the crazy and childish guys in my bus.

Indeed this music takes me in another world and I feel free to do what I want because it’s entertaining. Unfortunately every great thing has a problem, here it has a very irritating default : it’s too short ! Even not 3 minutes though it’s not really significant.

Otherwise I think this music’s genre can be loved by –almost- everybody since it’s not too classical or not a metal song. To me it’s the perfect middle. And the way he is singing is not too slow or too fast. The music behind is pretty cool and we don’t have huge basses which mess it up.

So here you can listen to this song and tell me what you think about it, if it’s the kind of music you like to listen to or if you like more another genre 😉
->The original-one : the best !
-> Modern version

Comment what you think : it does no matter if you like or not, just share your opinion with us/me ! 🙂 See you soon !

« Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone. »

Hey Guys, what’s up ?!

For the second article of this blog, I’m going to speak about a book more well-known. If you don’t know… Er… you must live in a cave or in an another galaxy…

Of course, people who knows me should guess what i’m speaking about. I mean a famous wizard… Yeah there’s no more suspens, that’s Mr Potter ! However, which one ?

I decided to speak (or to write !) about the fist-one, because that’s where everything started.

« Harry Potter and the Philospher’s Stone« . Of course the author is the famous J.K Rowling. It was published on June 26 1997 by Bloomsbury in London.


To sum up quickly the story, because almost everybody knows it, I can say that the three main-characters are Harry, Ron and Hermione, also known as the golden trio. Together they’ll fight against… You-know-who, the one who can’t be named, followed by the Death Eaters : Lord Voldemort (Uh I wrote his name !).

However he’s dead, for the moment. We also know that he tried to kill Harry when he was a baby. No one knows why, but Voldemort failed, and Harry survived and just get a lightning shape scar.

So during the first book, Harry discovers his Magic Powers, his new school : Hogwarts, School of Witchcarft and Wizardry whose headmaster is Albus Dumbledore. In this school, there are different houses : Gryffindor, Slytherin, Hufflepuff and Ravenclaw. You just have to put the sorting Hat on your head, it will read in your mind, and it will know in which house you have to go, but it’s said that you can choose : as Dumbledore said « It is our choices, Harry, that show what we truly are, far more than our abilities.« 

The hero will also discover the class, like Potion-class, Spells-class… And so many others !

He also met his friends and ennemis (like Draco Malfoy) and he’ll try to save our world from Voldemort, because he’s the chosen-one.


I wanted to speak about Harry Potter, because it’s a really important book to me. It gaves me my biggest dream : write a book.

The story amazed me the first time I read it. We have so many details, and a lot of places, therefore you can easily imagine the world in your head. What’s also great is that the story is not boring and sometimes it’s funny.

To my mind, the story is really well developpt, there are some critics of our society, you know, for exemple with « us » the Muggles, we’re inferior to wizards.

There is a kind of discrimination lead by Voldemort against us because we haven’t magical powers.

I even share the point of view of some people who say that Voldemort is like Adolf Hitler. At the end when there is the great magical war, it refers to World War II. And it’s also showed by the discrimination (and also the facts that the Bad Guys kill a lot of Muggles) and the fact that Voldy (his funny nickname among the Potterheads ? fans) wants to dominate everyone, to be like a dictator. As opposed to Harry and the others who can be seen as the Allies.

So I think that it’s already good but you when I’m writing, it’s so hard to stop me because I’m really fond of it. Even in english if I made a lot of mistakes, I find that it is funny and I like it, tha’ts all.

Okay so, if you have never tried these Books, you should (no, you HAVE to !) try because it’s worth it ! If you want to have fun, to escape the daily routine, to imagine something unbelievable, read it ! And you won’t regret it !

See you next time friends ! 😀

Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone Book Cover.jpg(Cover of the British edition)


Hello everybody !

Today I’m going to speak about a book I found by pure chance at the School Library…

You know I’m really a curious person, so when I saw this word on the spine of a book, I was totally asthonished.

Maths ? A book about maths, it must be borring…

Actually, I look closer, and it was written « Mathis« , not Maths… Oh okay, everything changes now ! What a funny coincidence.

So now, let’s speak about the book itself. « Mathis, l’enfant qui venait du froid » (no english title, sorry !)I think it’s the goal of this article. Yeah it’s must be that.

Well, the fist thing I did, of course, was to read the blurb. Moreover it was really interesting !

If you want know, the story is set in the futur, where the Earth in unhabitable, because of all the problems we have now. (I mean our present ! ? So because of the Global Warming, Deforestation, Polar Ice Cap Melting, etc… All the problems we are trying to solve nowadays !). Here, the Earth got its revenge.

In that future, humanity lives under the groung in huge caves. It’s like gigantic ant-hills (the place where ants lives) where eveyone is desperate, since (= because) the life is borring, always the same. However we discover it after…

At the beginning, we meet Mathis who is waking up. After… 154 years ? He slept for 154 years because he has been frozen
You ask me why ? He had the cancer in 2008 so his parents wanted to save him by frozing him. Therefore he could be treated in the futur and continues his life without thinking about that illness. And this is what happened. It has worked ! 154 years after beeing frozen, he comes back to life, and the story starts here…

If you want more information, you can browse the internet to find other summarys ; what I said was just the outlines of the story.

I forgot to describe you the book. So, it was written by Éric Sanvoisin, and it was published in 2008. The book’s genre is Sci-Fi.

To me this is a worth reading book. In general, the story is interesting and entertaining. The subject wich is  described is something that could happen in the futur. There are also a lot of criticism.
There are not a lot of characters, therefore you are not lost.

However there is also an useless love story… It has no interest for the rest of the story.
To me it was perhaps a style that was too easy, you know, not developp enough. And, the end is really disappointing : it was stop too early. I mean there was not enough details.
Luckily, there is a sequel !  I didn’t read the volume 2 for the moment, but I think I will do it soon ! Because I want to know what’s going to happen next !

See you everybody ! 🙂