V for Vendetta

How to find peace and freedom in a place where everything is forbidden ?

Well, this movie could answer to that question, thanks to one letter and a number : V          V For Vendetta is a british, american and german film released in 2006. It is also based on a comic book wrotten by Alan moore and published in the 1980’s. The story talk about a world post-apocalyptic rule by a fascist government that use concentration camps, in order to exterminate opponents, and also, black people and homosexuals. One night, Evey is going to go out, and the state secret policy, called  » the finger  » will try to rape and kill her. But V will appear, he will keep her during a year. It comes to a complicated relationship, sometimes painful, but very resistant.


In that story, V could be compared to a terrorist but also to a real hero because he gives hope to the londoners and he manage to save them, although a hero doesn’t kill anyone since it’s not in his principles. However V is mainly an idea. An idea that lived for a thousand years since that a historical person named Guy Fawkes tried to explode the parliament on November 5th 1605 :  » Remember, remember, the 5th of november the Gunpowder treason and plot; I know of no reason why the Gunpowder treason Should ever be forgot.  » V is like the emblem of freedom. When he was captured by  » the finger  » and  tortured, he turned into an other person ; stronger, more intelligent and more charismatic. His mask  represent the face of Guy Fawkes, it is used by many associations especially the Anonymous. Evey is his apprentice, his friend and the only love of his life. To make her stronger, V will  » use a lie to tell the truth  » ( I can’t say what he is going to do because i don’t want you to reveal anything, it’s the only clue that i can give to you ) When she’s reborn, she said one of my favorite line : «  God is in the rain  » So both are important for each other  : V can find his human part thanks to her and Evey can be stronger thanks to him. He is also born in the fire and she is born in the rain. their relationship was very sought.

We just can’t stop reading or watching this because we can find new things everytime. And personnally i had to watch the movie at least two times to understand everything. V For Vendetta is a treasure among all of the works of art of the seventh art. Of course i have chosen to talk about it because that’s my favorite movie, i love the characters, the story, the music and everything else.
If you don’t know V For Vendetta, i can only advise you to watch the film or read the book.


Requiem for a dream

Requiem for a dream is a drama directed by Darren Aronovsky, released in 2000. It is based on the novel of Hubert Selby in 1978. The purpose of this work is above all, to alert against the addiction of drug.  This film talk about four people; Harry Goldfarb, his mother Sara Goldfarb, his best friend Tyron, and his girlfriend Marianne. All of them dream of a better life. They will be locked up in the world that they will create, to escape from reality. And for that Harry, Tyron and Marianne will chose drugs, and, also, they will be involved in drug trafficking. Sara is obessed by television and she wants to participate to her favorite show and also wear her red dress. Finally, she will decide to go on a diet, but unfortunately she will become addicted to her pills.

During the movie, we follow the four characters into their madness and destruction. I found it so deep and dark, i remember that i felt so sad and desperate. This movie is incredible, the music represent exactly the atmosphere and the state of mind of the characters. And if you watch the movie until the end, i assure you that the urge to touch the drugs leaves you immediately. However i don’t suggest you to watch it when you feel already bad.

Man into Woman

Man into Woman is an autobiography written by Lili Elbe and published in 1933. This novel talk about the transformation of Einar Wegener into Lili Elbe, one of the first transgender. Einar Wegener was a famous painter born on the 28th december 1882, he was married to Gerda Gottlieb who was also a successful painter whose her paintings shows mainly a woman : Lili Elbe, and during the exhibitions this one was introduced by her wife as Einar Wegener’s sister.

Wegener always knew that there was a woman inside of him. One day, his wife asked him to pose for her instead of Anna larsen, a friend of the couple who couldn’t come, and when he dressed as a woman, he felt that something changed. He felt more confortable, more confident. Later, Anna arrived and when she saw Einar as a woman she called him Lili. From there, Lili was born.

This autobiography inspired an other novelist named David Ebershoff, who wrote a novel based on the life of Lili Elbe, entitled The danish girl, published in 2000 and whose this novel was the subject of a film adaptation entitled The danish girl too. The movie is released in 2015 and directed by Tom Hooper.
I choose to talk about this book because the life of Lili Elbe touched me. I think that she was a very strong woman for that time.
It is hard for most people to assume who they really are. It is as if we always wear a mask with the other people, just for being accepted. But sometimes we can see that there is some people who dare being themself even if they are judge by the others, just like Lili. I know that this is rather a taboo subject but i found that this is an unbelievable and beautiful story. 

the host

The host

The Host is a science fiction and romance novel, written by stéphenie Meyer, and published in 2008. The book talk about a new world on earth where the aliens took control of everything. they killed most of the humans.They enter into their body and they dominate the earth. There is some survivor, but one of them, Melanie Stryder, will be catch, however her mind will stay when « the soul » ( that’s how the aliens call themselves) entered
into her body, and we will follow her adventures all along the novel.                                         The movie was made in 2013.

I found the story so beautiful, i liked the mix of romance and sci fi. i learned many things thanks to that, first, it is important to stay open minded, and not to reject the difference. And second, family is one of the most important thing on earth. This novel has a very deep sense and the characters are so appealing. i love the relationship between Melanie and Gabbie, (the soul inside of her) , and especially at the end when they said ; « my sister » together. I cried a lot at this moment…