I am Legend

                I am legend -Richard Burton Matheson 


Biography :

Richard Burton Matheson was born in the 20 Februar 1926 in Allenda in New Jersey and he was dead in 23 June 2013 in California. It was a writter and american scenarist. Richard Matheson like the style of science fiction and horror.                                                 Richard Matheson going in the school in Missouri of Journalism . Then have his diplom of journalism he going in California in 1949 and begin the writing. His first success with the first novel, is « Borns of Mar and woman » in 1950. And his secondly success is « I am Legend » writting in 1954 . Thoses book was suitable at the movie.                                         Richard Matheson will also in the cinema and television. He was writte too the text of the series sciences-fiction the « Star Trek » . Richard Matheson inspired lot of artist of sciences-fiction.


This story tells, that a doctor to find a cancer vaccine. But this remedy is effective. But this vaccine quits the laboratory and he go circulate all over the world. Many peolpe going to die. Nobody peolpe find the remedy for to stop this infection of virus.                                     However, there is a one survivor in the city of New York since 3 Years ago. This is a one Doctor, and he is immune against the virus. He has on house with laboratory and with this he would like to find an vaccine with his blood for the virus. Against 3 Years ago this man hunting of animals in New York, make a different experiments, and to find a foods in different appartment abandoned and he circulate an message in the radio in case there were someone else in the same case as him.                                                                         But one days, he falls in the trap make by the humain mutant, and his dog is contaminate. The Doctor try to save a dog. Sadly his dog is dead and the Doctor can’t respect the laws and will kill many mutants to avenge his dog. However in action a one woman survivor save a life and doctot. But will they succed in find the andidote ?

The adventures of Huckleberry finn – Mark Twai

 ( I really like this film, and after seen it in the classe, i wanted very much to                present it to here !! )

   The adventures of Huckleberry finn – Mark Twain :

biography of Mark Twain:

The real name of Mark Twain is Samuel langhorne Clemens. He was born in 30 November 1985 in Florida and he was dead in 21 April 1910 in Redding. It was a writerand also a humorist.

At first time he was in the army, and Then he was a printer and journalist. He will start by becommung famous with the roman The adventures of Tom Sauyer. This book was published in 1876. and this is a story of a little boys in United States and he has a lot of adventures. There is a element autobiographic because the sotry passed to the same place of life of Mark Twain. However he has a secondly sucess, this are the Adventures of Huckleberry Finn , at first this book was published in 1884 in London, and then in New York. In 2007 this book is the fifth best book of the time.

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          This is a story of little boys. He’s name is Huck. He lived in a widow, Douglas  because his father is dangerous. He is alcoholic and he is violent with his son. Huck find a little friend and withh them going in the forest to game with other friends. When he go home Mm Douglas is worry for him because he is dirty and he did’nt eat . One day after this same scene huck going at his bedroom and he discover his father. He is effrayed ! And his father resquet money because he see than Huck  has a lot of money, for this beautiful clothes. And now, the little bo was kidnapped by his father, the horrible man. There are many spat because the father is strict , but Huck succeed in escaping that this badly home. And he make believ in his father, he was dead with a blood in the wall.

He has an another friend, he is Jim, what he discovered when he made a walk in this island. With him, Huck to going with raft in the Mississipi River. And his friend he’s black and he would like find a state free because he is research. Huck would like away from his father. There is a eventful life in the Mississipi. River, isn’t rest. In the Mississipi they two friend meet a lot of peolpe, or boat… The goal of Jim is to going as far as Cairo but on the way he would like to sell the raft for them to take a steamboat. Jim wants to be free and he wants earn money fo his family. But Huck want to denouce Jim, because he is black and a slave. Huck hasn’t allowed, to have a slave with him. However Huck doesn’t do that because he is friend.

One day they two friends gather two gangster, LouisXVII and the other Duc of Bridgewater. The two gangster this make pass for brother and wants to take money of all peolpe.( it was the first of their adventures) . Then, Huck want again accused Jim, because he is a slace free. Huck go to writte one letter and he will send it to Miss Watson. After this Jim is stopped. But HUck isn’t better with him. Huck trie to save his friend from slavery.

When they two friens are free,what we can see them to other adventures? (for know this, watch the film ! )




Damien Chazelle was born on 19 January 1985 in Providence (Rhode island). It’s a realisator and scriptwiter american. He realised his first film in 2009   » Guy and Madeline on a Park Bench » , his subject is, he main talk about jazz music. But this just with writting, that he will find a place in the world of cinema. He is the scenarist of the horror movie « exorcisme, Part II » .

Then in 2014, he realised the film Whiplash. The theme is jazz music and this is a succes for him.


Andrew is a young drummer of 19 years old. He would like going in the better conservatory of New York and later he is remarked by a teacher, conductor Flether of this school.

But Andrew work hard everyday for to be the best. Flether isn’t staisfied by Andrew, and he wanted push itout of his limits with injure, violence… For Andrew now, he doesn’t anymore a private life he has just a drum for him.

There is a differnet level in the yime of Andrew when he will be in this conservatory. Because he will put his life in danger. After a accident his father want taht Andrew witness for Fletcher, for harassment. Andrew sotp the drum and he find a normal job. One day, with hazard Andrew meet Fletcher in room who there is a music. After Fletcher geut andrew at the very important concert and we can see a true complicity.

I advise you this film because, it show that to get whatyou wnat you have to work hard !

Central Park Guillaume Musso




Guillaume Musso was born in 6 june 1974 at Antibes and it is a French writter. Guillaume begin writting at the age of 19 years old. He is fascineted by USA and he live in New York some months. At 1999 to 2003 he becomes professor of Economic and Social Sciences, in Phalsbourg.

In may 2001 his first novel was published, this is Skidamarink , a trhiller. After a serious accident, he imagine in 2004 a story of a children who is come back of the death. This is a big succes. Guillaume Musso is a first French novelist most read and his book are translated into several languages.

The book Central Park was published in 27 march 2014, this is a detective novel.

Central Park:

New York at 8 o’clock ! A young woman Alice is a policeman of Paris and Gabriel is a jazzman pianist american and they wake up handcuffed, on a bench of Central Park. They don’t know each other and they don’t have a memory of their evenig. Alice make a party with her friend in Paris and Gabriel was doing concert in Dublin. Alice and Gabriel ask many questions of this situation? But Alice remark a task of blood in his skirt and she has a one ball less in his pistol. So ALice and Gabriel will have to work together, for discover the thruth.They will cross a many steps for understand waht is happened. At the end we are going discover the thruth and we can know the past of Alice upsetting and we can suprised by the story and the end change the story of character.

If you like an enigme we can learn this book and there are very suspense !

The affairs of others

              The affairs of others, Amy Grace Layd :

Biography : Amy Grace Loyd write one book, this is The affairs of others. After she worfk for playboy Magazine and she lived in Brooklyn.

The main character is Celia, whi his husband is dead a disease. She owns an apartment and she has 3 dwellers ( a couple whitout children, an old man he is a captaine and Goerge a teacher, he take a travel for going to France and leaves his apartment in Hope,  she separed from her husband.

Celia doesn’t want to have contact with society, because she is sad with the death of his husband. She take a pharmaceuticals ans alcohol for exemple to sleep.

Hope has lover who beats because she ask it. Then she organized a Party for welcome. Celia doesn’t want to go to the Party but she going .One days, Hope go to the hospitla, because she did a hard Party . His lover has too much drink alcohol and he going to Celia home and he knock a door and Celia too but head of HOpe lover’s. Then Celia has want relationship and she find with Hope. At the end there is a Party and there is a final description of his dwellers.

Celia come back to life!

The morals of this book, is they people can’t live alone. There is a mixe of Celia story the past with the present.

Oliver Twist

      Oliver Twist :

  Charles Dickens was born in February 7, 1817 next to Portsmouth in England and he was dead in june 9, 1870. He was romancer and dramatist but too journalist. His best book is Oliver Twist, and he was published beetwen 1837 at 1839.

  Oliver Twist is an Orphan, her mother is dead. He was to receive by parish.He is educate by Mrs.Mann, she is hypocritical and selfish women. At 9 years old, Oliver go in workhouse and Mr Bumble change a rules. The children fail food. Oliver going in dungeon because he want to food with his friends. Oliver will be take like chimney sweep but then he will dispatched at workhouse. Ahfter he will be take by in undertaker’s but he isn’t happy and he don’t have best life. Oliver will a conflicts in family who he is receive. Oliver decide to escpae in London. He make meet different people who help him to survive. He fall by people where he will « free » but he will to be steal. Mr Brownlow will help Oliver after different event in this story. Whil the story Oliver will be again a different problem but he discover the thruth and then Oliver will be happy.


Ther is very emotionein this story because that touch a live of children . And we can see the reality in the old days.