Alfred and Emily

« Alfred and Emily » is a book whose theme are youth and self construction.

This book was written by doris lessing. She was a british novelist, who received the nobel prize of literature in 2007.

In this book, doris lessing wanted to talk about what life would have been if her parents hadn’t known the world war 1. In the first part; her father is always available, and her mother isn’t traumatized. Then in the second part she discribes us her parents as they were during the war. The writer put the reader in their intimacy.
« Alfred and Emily » is a book that really touched me because of the tenderness of Doris Lessing when she described her parents. I also liked the diversity of the words she uses when she evokes her parents and their past life. Throught this book she was able to trace the condition of women, poverty and injustices. Her parents seem to have opened the doors to all the themes. A pleasure to read.

Lisey’s Story.

I would like to share a novel with you.
This novel is entitled Lisey’s Story and was written by Stephen King.
This man is an author that everyone has already heard of and who is a reference of the fantastic and mystery literature. He has’nt lived a happy childhood and he was passionate for book since he was very young.

During twenty five years, Lisey have shared the secrets and the anxieties of her husband, who was a successful writer named Scott Landon. He was also a tormented men. When he died, Lisey found a treasure hunt in his stuff and she discovered that he had made it for her.

She also had to face the disease of her sister and was confronted to her history and her husband’s which she had repressed. She also had to face a man who wanted the manuscripts of her husband.
In his novel, King explore ideas such as death. He also mention in a very original way the secret language that a couple in love can use.

This love story is very different  from the ones we are used to. The author brings the reader into the intimacy of a couple and immerses him in an very realistic oneiric’s world, far from the horrors. We, readers, are put in a strange atmosphere with a lot of suspense. Which brings us a psychological terror. The story seems to be self conscious but still, it remains easy to understand. It is a very touching book.

Mrs Dalloway, The Hours.

The Hours realized by Stephen Daldry is an adaptation of Michael Cunnigham’s novel, like this movie, he inspired himself by Virginia Wolf. She is a memorable figure of literature londoner society in the 20th  century. She is a feminist.

The principle in the Hours is to tell the three days of three women. Their life are in  different time, in the different place but they are link to one another by the history. This movie began in London’s suburb during the twenties. Virginia Wolf struggled against  madness, decided to start the writing of his novel Mrs Dalloway.

More than  twenty years later in Los Angeles, Laura Brown read this novel. It is a large experience so she decided to change his life…

In New York, today, Clarisse Vaughn, is a modern version of Mrs Dalloway, she helps his poet friend, who is affected by the aids.

The hours is a movie about art. It shows the need of creating, the feelings produced by the creation.  It is a challenge of the Hours, to materialise the plastic type of literature movement in order that make this story cinegenic

It is a beautiful movie, very well established with a fabulous casting. It is a moving testimony.

English Passion.

I want to share this authors with you. The English novelist from the 19thcentury. We present an another vision of the woman, personages and authors struggling with violence and madness. Even the heroine is more that a pasionate militant.

Mary Shelley that we know thanks to « Frankenstein », but she has written  other novel like « Mathilda » which approach the term of the incest and the suicide. She evokes the inside monster. The Mathilda’s mother is dead during his labor, his dad was very sad, he decided to disappear. When he comes back, Mathilda became a pretty woman. The incest is in the Father’s spirit. He admits this impossible passion and he suicided. Mathilda chose to exile..

The characteristic of romanticisme is in the evocation of battering of the nature which is symbolize with the inside chaos. The universe of the novel become the soul’s image. This book is an autobiographical metamorphosis.

George Eliot is a novelist who translated the reality as she watched. But without prejudice, without be concerned of the victorian sociaty. She took a male name for the publication of his work.

Janes Austen is a initiating. This novelist was the first at impose the point of view of the woman. She had shown the birth of woman during the teenage years. But Austen did not admiration for nothing. Neither the monarchy, nor the morals or the church, nor reason. She had a critical look. However she would like to believe in the love, the benefit of the civilization, the ladder and the christian charity. But she shows the falsity of his sociaty. She brought us to think, we can be ourselves.

The Bronte Family had played a important role in the literature’s history. Charlotte, Emily and Anne. They published poems then novelist. At first they used male pseudonym. Their books attract the attention because they are originals and their passion. Their work include the secret of their world. This stories create a lot of imagination among the teenagers.

This authors were important in the literature. They bring of the innovation. Despite that are the women of the 19thcentury.


A photographer like no other.

Stephen Shames is an american  photojournalist who he is not famous. During 45 years he used his photographic passion to expose the american society problem. He takes a fresh look at the child poverty, the difference and the racism.

He has worked very much in the Bronx which a quarter very violent and it is  very poverty. He follows a band of young man during thirty years. since their childhood at their adult age.

He had created a sucession of photography very touching. We can account the living conditions of this population. His creation is In the « Bronx Boys » , a book published in 2014.

Apocalyspe Now- The Heart of Darkness.

Since that i saw the  » Apocalyspe Now » movie i’m interest at this story. And i discovered that it was an « The heart of Darkness » adaptation. This story tells the Charles Marlow’s travel who is a english mariner appointed by a belgian company. In order to find Kurtz director of ivory market in Congo because he disappeared. 

     So Marlow began to navigate in the African continent’s heart for discover this men that everybody says that Kurt is exceptional and visionary but Malow don’t know why. This trip to take her in the wild’s forest and a lot places extraordinary whose the atmosphere is oppressive who exercise the Malow personnage to reflect on himself ,the life’s value, and his existence reason. He had to forget the world of the Occident. Kurtz rest deliberately cup off from the world. The reader discovered this personnage same time that Malow. I will not say more.. The book we talk of the human wild party’s in each of us and which is wake up by the nature. This book is complicated to read but  is possibly.

Now i will like to present you the movie of Francis Ford Coppola ( his daughter is Sofia Coppola the director of Virgin Suicide.) was realised in 1979 which it is a not correct adaptation of the book » The Heart of Darkness » and it was censured by the american army.The realisator after the vietnam’s war replaces the team of Malow for a team of american soldiers on the congo river. They research a kurtz too because he had lost the reason and he execute freely. He will not listen order of his ladder. His malow mission is to kill Kurtz.

But on the river the tension in progress in their shift. The images are sublime in this movie. Coppola criticize american interventionism in Vietnam that we learn in history. It is not a war movie but it is a movie which to talk the war. The director shows us the life conditions of soldiers. He shows us a trip between the madness and the horror incarnate by Kurtz. The Soundtrack is perfect with the sound created by the Doors entitled The end. The movie is spectacular. I can lend you the movie and the book.



Scene of movie.

To be seen absolutely!


The last week i saw the SIN CITY 2. It is the second movie entitled « A Dame to kill for »  realised by Robert Rodriguez in 2014. This Film is an adaptation of the comic book written by Frank Miller.

The story tells what’s happening in a metropolis nicknamed Sin city that was destroyed by the crime. The justice is helpless. There are the horrible criminals. The spectators follow different characters during the movie. This movie is very considerable because it is a combination between drawing and film. It is in black and write except some detail. The atmosphere is strange but it is fantastic. Though some scenes are violent there is  black humour. And the casting is very good with Eva Green, Bruce Willis .. This movie we show the comic strip’s world. I suggest you watch this masterpiece. It is very original.


Gustave Doré.

I went to the gustave Doré exhibition at the Musée D’orsay on 10th of May in Paris. It was very interesting because I didn’t really know this artist. Gustave Doré was a painter, sculptor and an illustrator of 19th century . He illustrated many fables of La Fontaine, François Rabelais, Victor Hugo. He was famous all over the world because he was very talented. I was very impressed by this exhibition.

Ps Julien Doré is a member of his family.

Midnight In Paris.

It is a movie realized by Woody Allen. The main character is an american writer who comes in Paris in order to have more inspiration for his book. Moreover at midnight in the street he returns in Paris during the 1920s. Thanks to this movie we can discover famous artists who lived during the 1920s like Hemingway, Fitzerald or Man Ray. I advise you to see this movie because it is really amazing.


You know certainly the famous Hannibal Lecter who is a character in Thomas Harris’s Novels or you know the adaptation of these novels to the cinema.

 Since a moment i look the series developed by Brian Fuller in 2013.  The story is based on novels. The character Hannibal is played by Mads Mikkelsen. In the series Hannibal is a psychiatrist.  Will Graham has the capacity to think as a killer and he is recruited by the FBI. But his gift is very hard to support for him.  So the FBI decided that Will would be followed by doctor Hannibal Lecter.

It is a very beautiful police series who is very surprising. There is a very good casting. Mads Mikkels is a perfect Hannibal. A very strange atmosphere with many suspense. A very good  realisation with an exceptional esthetic. But some scenes are violent.



Dead Man.

I would like to share with you my new treasure.

I discovered a film by Jim Jarmusch was directed in 1995. It is a exceptional western. The soundtrack composed by Neil Young who is great musician. In this movie Young improvised the music. This film is  in black and whrite and the shots are wonderful.  The story takes place in 1870,William Blake (Johnny Depp) a naive young man goes in the lost city who is very strange  for work in Mr Dickinson’s compagny. But when he arrives the job is alrealdy took. He meets an old prostitute and the problems  begin. He becomes a rebel, he is pursued and he is hurt. So he meets Nobody an indian who is rejected by his tribe. This man thinks that William Blake is the poet and he decides to save his soul. 

The director in his film we show an interpretation of the death. It is  special.

The landscape is beautiful. The music is rock’n’roll. This film is very original.


Perfect Illustration.

I want to present a picture who represent Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde. It shows the caracteristics of characters. We can see that Dr jekyll is a respectable man so that Mr Hyde is represented as the evilside of Dr Jekyll. Moreover we can deduce  that the characters are a threat thanks to the deadface. I think this photo illustrate this story.

TCM (Turner Classic Movies )’s ‘Summer Under the Stars’ Poster :


Alice By Tim Burton.

In class, we watched an adaptation of « alice of wonderland » it dated back to 1903. So I would like to introduce the Burton’s version from 2010. I liked this movie because he « respect » the original story by Charles Lutwidge Dogson. And His movie is comic but it is very moving. Special Effects are very spectacular and beautiful. I suggest to watch this modern version product for Walt disney pictures.