Stranger Things By The Duffer Brother

Stranger Things is an american series where the story take place on Hawkins in 1984
A strange vanishing of a child after surnatural event sows panic on the city. The friends of the missing search him with hope. They met an etrange shaved girls who have got telekinesis power and who says know where is their friends. She maybe is the keys of the mystery that hides the Hawkins city.

It’s an original Netflix series realeased in 2016 and again on production. Very insteresting by his filmic method very aesthetic on an 80’s atmosphere. I find the actor play very good.

I advice this series at the amator of fantasy and suspens.

Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them By David Yates ; J.K Rowling

« Fantastic Beasts and where to find them » is the new David Yate’s  fantasy movie, written by J.K Rowling. It was realeased on November, 16.

We are on Harry Potter’s universe but on an other continent, the USA, and 100 years before. Wizard’s world are in danger, they are threatened by « Salem’s Faithful » wich is an organisation who want to killed all the wizards. Furthermore, a mysterious force sows chaos in the streets of New-York. We met Norbert Dragono, a british wizard, who arrive in N.Y with his bag filled with fantastic animals. His bag reminds us of Dr Who’s tardis. She « is bigger inside » and abound of many recesses for his Beasts. Many things arrive to him, he is arrested, to showing his power at « No-Maj », muggle for us, and to have lost some fantastic animals. He is suspected to be the origin of the chaos in new-york by the Magical Security Percival Graves’s directess.

It’s a fabulous story where I was able to find all the Harry Potter’s universe and spell like « actio » « pertricus totalus », my favorite things when I was younger. If you want to became a child, go see this movie now !

Harvey Milk

Harvey Milk is a movie created by Gus Van Sant. He was released in 2009 in France. This movie deal with Harvey Milk, an politician who fought against inequalities for homosexuals in 70’s. It’s the story of Harvey Milk, the first homosexual politician who was elected to the San Fransisco’s  town hall ans murdered with the mayor by Dan White.

On this movie, we can see how the homosexual were repressed of the society and how people, who includes police, politician,doctor,.. saw the homosexuality like a disease, we can also see how homosexual fought against that alongside Harvey Milk.

It’s a very beautiful historical film, who does not have a happy end like the real story of Mr Milk.

Women’s season – Leena Yadav

Women’s season is a movie created by Leena Yadav in 2015. This movie deal with emancipation of the women in India. The scene take place « in our time » like we can see at the beginning of the movie. This movie shows that how the women in India are treated, with violence, defiance and no respect.  In a small village, four women dare to oppose the men and the ancestral tradition. A widow, a fifteen years old girl  forced into mariage, a hooker, and a young lady who can’t had baby.

We follows these 4 strong women, who leaved hell to the everyday life, and who support themselves between her. It’s a very. It’s a very beautiful movie, who give us an opportunity to consider the women’s condition.

The Arab of the Future

Hi everybody!

Today i’m going to tell us about an autobiographical series of comic who tells the unforgettable story of Riad Sattouf’s childhood. Born in 1978 of a Syrian father and a Breton mother, Riad Sattouf grows up  at first in Tripoli, in Libya, where his father was named a professor. We follows him in his life of little blond boy in Syria with his child’s perspective.

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This comic is very humorous in whom we take pleasure to look at the world through the eyes of small Riad!

Inglorious Basterds

Yo Everybody ! I’m going to speak about my favorite film at the moment, a cinematic jewel created by the great , the unique Tarantino!

Inglorious Basterds is a movie created by Quentin Tarantino in 2009 with Brad Pitt, Mélanie Laurent and Christoph Waltz. The story take place in France while the WW2. We follows Shosanna Dreyfus (M. Laurent) a Jewish young women who assisted to  the murder of his parents by the Nazis. She run away in Paris, where she became owner of movie theater. We follows also, Sergeant Aldo Raine (B. Pitt) who formed a Jewish soldier for punished bloodily The Nazis’ act. Their destiny met in front of Shosanna’s cinema, where two hundred Nazi came see a movie. 

I advice realy this movie, there is the Tarentino’s film talent, and a realy hatred of the Nazi, It’s an other version of the WW2, a very good version where all could have be better

This is England!

Hi everybody

Yesterday, I watched very good movie, is named « This is England ». It is a Brtitish movie, written by Shane Meadows. The scene take place, in England in 1983, the story follows Shaun, a little boy without friends and affected by his father’s death, dead on Falklands War. One day, Shaun meets Milky, Pukey, Kez, Gadget et Woody and he get in skinhead current.

This movies centres skinhead cultures, musical, clothing, and the England in eighteen’s with Margaret Thatcher’s philosophy in opposition to the skinhead’s mentality.

I adviced this movie filled with history, accompanied by ska and punk-rock music !

Good Watching !

Fauvel’s novel

Today, I am going to speak about « The Flauvel’s novel ».

This novel was written between 1310 and 1314 by Gervais Du Bus, he speak about « Flauvel » a donkey who becomes king. His name is an acronym from six of his defaults: flattery, avarice, vileness, volatility, envy, cowardice.

Flauvel has the power by chance and especially thanks deceit. He punishes the innocent and he rewarded hypocrites. This novel take place in the world where human acted like animals. This novel is satire of policy on this century and denuncuation from people who abuse their power.

I like this novel because Flauvel look like at some people in our present world.

Dr Who !

 Dr Who is a British series of Syfy created by Sydney Newman and Donald Wilson. Dr Who is the longuest world series, she has 813 episodes and is still in production.

This series follows the adventures of « The Doctor « . He travels in time and space on board the TARDIS (Time And Relative Dimension In Space). It is often accompanied by young women who are her friends. (Rose, Clara, .. ).He fights to save the planet from attacks of its worst enemies, the daleks, and other extraterrestrial. When the Dr is mortally casualty, it can regenerate and thus change appearance and sometimes personality, this is why this series has forteen doctor.

Throughout the series the name’s Doctor is not said.  

My favorite Doctor is the thirteenth, the actor is Matt Smith. This Doctor meet Emy Pound, Clara and lot of other caracter. I love this program because it refers to the problems of our society in a world extraterrestrial surrounded and threatened by the conflicts of the time war.

This serie is the best serie ever !