Tom Sawyer in the japanese culture

You know Tom Sawyer by Mark Twain ? Here I’m going to talk about Le nouveau Tom Sawyer , a recent manga published in 2014 , by the editor KOMMIKU in France.

I’ve discovered this adaptation one month ago, and some references can be seen. But for me, it’s a bad adaptation. Why ?
Save for the character and the fact he is resourceful and adventurous , the similarity stops here. There aren’t enough mystery and adventures to be a good adaptation from the work of Mark Twain. There isn’t a real main theme.

My point of view about this work is that I can’t call this an adaptation. It’s better to say that the manga is inspired by the novel of Mark Twain.
Nevertheless, connoisseur of manga can be interested by this !

Animal Farm – Animation !

Last year I’saw the movie entitled « Animal Farm », adaptation from the novel with the same name, by George Orwell. Here, I’m going to talk about the animation adapted from this novel.

It’s a full-lenght film directed by John Halas and Joy Batchelor, released in 1954. It’s a British animation known to be the first full-lenght film released. Even if it’s an adaptation, it’s not the children who are targeted, because of the serious and the ethical of the story. This one talks about the denounciation of the totalitarium regim, using animals, like in fables of Jean de La Fontaine.

Personally, I haven’t seen this adaptation, but I’ll try to watch it ! And you, have you seen it ? => link to see a cover from the animation.

Pride and Prejudice by Marvel !

Marvel, the famous studio of comics books, completed an adaptation of the famous novel, Pride and Prejudice from Jane Austen ! I found it searching on Internet, and I was surprised by the fact that Marvel did this adaptation of an artwork about english literature.However, this comic book’s only in english and there isn’t any translation in french. I’ve read some pages I found, and read some articles about it. People said that the story’s perfectly adaptaded and even all characters are respected. Besides, I’ve found the drawing great, also the decor and the costumes. We’re completly plunged in the story and the atmosphere of the period.

Although this comic book hasn’t translation in french, I recommend it to all who appreciate Pride and Prejudice !

Some pages of this comic books :

Into the Wild

In class, we are studing the notion of  » the initiatory journey  » , and I want to talk about a artwork which belong to this notion. I’m going talk about  » Into the Wild  » , a biographical novel written by Jon Krakauer and published in 1996.

The story relates the life of the adventurer Christopher McCandless , who wants to return to the wild life , going in Alaska. The novel talk about his expedition during his across of United States as far as Alaska.

The author pays homage to Christopher McCandless in his novel , with a lot of details about his life, like his family. This novel was adapted to movie in 2007, by Sean Penn. I recommend this book , it’s great !

Oliver Twist, the comic book !

The famous work of Charles Dickens, Oliver Twist, has got an adaptation in comic book ! This comic book is edited by Delcourt, and made by Loïc Dauvillier, Olivier Deloye and Jean-Jacques Rouget. The first volume was published in 2007.

The story is the same that the novel, exepted some details. The comic book is according to the original work. I’ve read the volumes 1 and 2, and I was satisfied by the work. It was very interesting and rousing, even enriching.

There are five volumes of this comic book, and the serie is finished.

Here, a link of the cover from the volume 1 

The Maze Runner

Not long ago, I’ve seen the movie  » The Maze Runner  » , directed by Wes Ball , producted by 20th Century Fox. It’s a science fiction action dystopian thriller, and an adaptation of the novel of the same name by James Dashner in 2009.

It talks about Thomas, a boy who wakes up in a strange place, without memory of himself and why he’s here. In the place where he ends up, there are just boys, not girls. The place is delimited by a giant wall, surrounding this one. But at the night, the walls open and provide room for a mysterious labyrinth. Everybody want to find the exit of this labyrinth to meet up with the outside world.

I recommend this movie, it was very interesting and the story is original, it’s a great film !

I Am Legend

«  I Am Legend  » is a movie directed by Francis Lawrence and diffused in 2007. It’s an adaptation of a 1954 horror fiction novel  » I am Legend  » by the writer Richard Matheson and a remake of the movie  » The Omega Man  » by Boris Sagal in 1971.
The film had a lot of success and they envisage a sequel.It talk about an post apocalyptic atmosphere, in New York. Everybody is dead and had turned into mutants, because a mortal disease spreaded by a vaccine against cancer. But there is a survivor, Robert Neville, who is a doctor. He search a cure to save humans changed in mutants.The first time I’ve watched this film, for me, it was the best movie I’ve never seen ever. Since, I’ve watched this film several times, and I always found it great.I recommend this movie for everyone who like originals stories of zombies, or like Will Smith. Because yes, the character of Robert Neville is perfomed by Will Smith !

Sherlock Holmes by Mikuriya & Miyazaki

There is an italian-japanese serie based on Sherlock Holmes by Arthur Conan Doyle. It has started in 1981 , but it was stoped cause of rights of author , and took up again in 1984.

In this serie , the all characters are anthropomorphous animals. Sherlock is a fox and Watson is a dog. The professor Moriarty , him , is a wolf.

It’s an old serie , but I’ve saw some episodes and I’ve found it good. To see !

– An adaptation of Hamlet –

Hamlet was adapted in japanese anime too , in an OAV from the manga Black Butler. It’s an special episode in the serie , and each character have to play a character of Hamlet.

The main character of the manga , Ciel , plays the role of Hamlet , and the typical sentence  » To be or not to be  » is present of course.

In my opinion , this adaptation isn’t really good , but it’s funny.

Romeo × Juliette by Fumitoshi Oizaki

I know an japanese anime TV series about Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliette. It producted in 2007 by the director Fumitoshi Oizaki of Gondo’s studio. There are 24 episodes.

The anime is based on the play , but the story isn’t the same. In the anime , Juliet is called  » The Red Whirlwind  » because she fights to protect the population of Neo Verona. More , there is surnaturals things in this adaptation , like the Dragon Steed or the Great Tree Escalus.

This adaptation is special , but funny.


« Ciel in Wonderland » inspired by Alice in Wonderland !

The Alice in Wonderland’s story inspires in every field ! Even in the univers of mangas ! I’m going to talk about a OAV of the anime « Black Butler », entitled « Ciel in Wonderland ».The main character, Ciel, plays the role of Alice, and was envoyed in the Wonderland following the White Rabbit, plays by Sebastian, the butler.

All characters of the manga play a character from Alice in Wonderland, and the story is the same !
It’s a funny adaptation of the novel !

Here a link of a picture to illustrate this adaptation :


Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland

We saw in class the first adaptation of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. It was created in 1903 by Cecil Hepworth, and it was a silent movie.

The movie was well-done for the epoque, and the story, decors and costumes corresponded to the novel. The special effects were well-done too, even if in 1903, we were in the debut to the movie !

It was interesting to see !


The Picture of Dorian Gray – Oscar Wilde

I’m reading the novel entitled The Picture of Dorian Gray, write by Oscar Wilde and published in 1890. It’s a fantastic novel, but philosophical too. It’s the unique novel of Oscar Wilde.

This novel tell about Dorian Gray, who wants keep his beauty. His wish is granted, but it’s his picture which ages.

I haven’t finished the novel, but it’s very interesting and fascinating.