Cast Away

Today i’m going to speak about Cast Away who is a adventure drama film directed by Robert Zemeckis. In this film, Chuck Noland (Tom Hanks) a FedEx employee, is stranded on an uninhabited island and tries to survive after his plane crashed in the South Pacific. This film is very interesting because we really share the routine of the character on the island, as his deceptions, his daily problems… Despite those negatives points, there is funny moments as when Chuck talks to Wilson a volley-ball. Wilson is Chuck Noland’s personified friend. In my opinion « Cast Away » is a really good film, because we can seen the character’s evolution all along the story: at the beginning we have a poor, lonely characters who is overtaken by the events he lives. And at the end we have a little bit foolish character (who has a volley-ball as partner of island’s escape). And to finish I think this story is a readaptation of « Robinson Crusoe », indeed Tom Hanks reminds us a modern version of Robinson. I advice this film !

The Ark of the Kerguelen

Today I will talk about my latest reading, « The Ark of the Kerguelen » written by Jean-Pierre Kauffmann in 1993. In this travelogue the author recounts his journey in the Kerguelen Islands with soldiers. His main activities are to visit this very remote archipelago of the France. Through this journey, the author travels to various locations on the islands. He tells the history of these places and gives us interesting anecdotes on these isolated lands and ignored by many people. I recommend this book for those who want to improve their knowledges in geography. This story has for main theme, the loneliness which is very present on the Kerguelen.


Today, i would like to introduce a book that we studied in French, last year this book is: The Regrets. This a collection of poetry by the French poet Joachim du Bellay (1522-1560), published in 1558. There are 191 sonnets that make up this book who is written with using alexandrines. These poems express the disappointment Du Bellay experienced during his travel to Italy from 1553 to 1557 with his uncle. At first, Joachim was very enthusiastic to go to Italy because of it’s in Italy that the Renaissance was born but he was disappointed by what he found and he quickly missed France. After have studied some extracts of this book, i bought it and i read it… My opinion is confused because some poems are too hard to understand whereas many of them are beautiful and well written!

Mark Twain – The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn

Last week, we studied in class an extract from « Adventures of Huckleberry Finn » by Mark Twain. I bought this book (translate in French) one month ago  and i read it, and i find that it was a very anti-racist book (in the story Huckleberry help Jim, a slave, to go in the free states, so they travel on the Mississippi on a raft) so this is why i love this book. I love too this because it is a well written book, and Mark Twain’s humour is very pleasant. I advise you this book.

My favorite protest song !

Today i would like to talk about my favorite protest song who is : Power to the people, sing by John Lennon (1940-1980). This dynamic rock song (with fantastic saxo ans drum’s break!) is an anthem who ask the power to the people. In this song Lennon talk about revolution, this engagement against the Vietnam war un the seventies and hé begins to talk about feminism (her wife had particullary influence him on this subject). I love this song because it’s a protest song ans because John Lennon writte it and on this track i find that his voice is perfect he yells and i love it ! Hope you’ll enjoy 🙂

Who is your favorite English character ?

Today i’m gonna to speak about my favorite famous english character who is Winston Churchill (1874-1965) ! He was a politician, a writer, a painter… During the second world war he resisted to the nazis attacks and he helped the British not to lose morale. After the war he receives the literature nobel prize. I like this man because he never gave up, he was an action man and he had a lot of humour… And you what are your favorite famous english character ?

What are your favorite English novels ?

Today, i would like to speak about my favorite english novel, who is « The Island of Dr. Moreau ». This fiction-novel was written by H. G. Well in 1896. The novel tells the story of Edward Prendick, a shipwrecked man rescued by a boat who goes on Doctor Moreau’s island. This man creates humans from animals via vivisection. The novel deals with many philosophical themes (like human identity)… I like this novel, cause i love fictions and in the book we find many suspense and surprising passages and i love it ! And you what are your favorite english novels ?

B.B King and Eric Clapton

In the evening I discovered one piece of two famous blues guitarists. Eric Clapton featuring B.B. King. They sing a songs, « Riding with the King. » The word « King » of the title refers to BB King is considered the king of the blues. I love this songs where the two guitarists are in perfect harmony. Their voices go very well together. This is a great blues songs! What do you think ?

John Lennon and nonsense !

If you love literature and John Lennon I advise you, his first book « In His Own Wright » which you can read in French and English. In this small paperback, there are poems, short stories and drawings by Lennon. It contains a lot of humor and some nonsense, (that’s why I’m talking about this book). The title is a pun on the English expression « in his own right » and « in his own write ».

The Valley of Fear

During the weekend, I read: « The valley of fear », by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, which is an adventure of Sherlock Holmes, narrated by his friend Dr. Watson … I found the story very interesting and well written, with two stories in one. There is suspense, humor and surprises. I advice you to read this book !

Robinson Crusoe, a lonely figure …

For a month, I read Robinson Crusoe by Daniel Defoe. In my opinion Robinson’s character is very fascinating because during 28 years, this man has managed to live alone on a desert island, (he could have become mad) and with « Friday », with the help of nature. Personally I loved this novel because, as Robinson, I would love to live alone on an island, take care of myself and live many adventures. I also think this novel encouraged many people to explore our world as Neil Amstrong or captain Cousteau…

Song’s about Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde

If you are a music lover, you probably know the adaptations of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde in the popular song. Serge Gainsbourg was the first artist to talk about Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde in a song  in 1966. Two years later The Who wrote a song inspired by the novel. Since 1968, many artists have composed  songs inspired by the novel as Renaud or the BB Brunes. To conclude, we can say that this novel is well known, even in the music industry …

The Gothic Novel

Among the extracts that we have studied this year,  I prefered « The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde » by Robert Louis Stevenson,  in: « Characters: from Evolution to Metamorphosis. »  I loved analyze the passages of this novel, because it’s easy to recognize the Gothic elements.  For instance : the stranges events,  the darkness and transgression moral codes like awe.  I found this extract very interesting, I would like watch the two movies  (the first who has made in 1931 and the second who dated from 1996).