Saving Mr.Banks

Saving Mr.Banks is a fim directed by John Lee Hancock and written by Kelly Marcel and Sue Smith.

The story takes place in California at the begining of 60s. Pamel L. Travers the noveler of Mary Poppins is going to meet the famous producer Walt Disney. He wants to get the rights of film adaptation of Mary Poppins. Thus, the studio begins the adaptation of the novel. The team of the scriptwriter is confronted by Pamela’s requirements that are more and more difficult. But this work recalls to Pamela memories of her childhood.


Steamboat Willie by Disney

Walt Disney is the famous american cartoonist well-known for his famous character Mickey Mouse. And do you know one of the first animated short films where appears Mickey Mouse ?

It’s a matter of Steamboat Willie. Thus, it’s on the first short animated by Disney. It was produced in black and white by Walt Disney Studios in 1928. It was the third of Mickey’s films to be produced. This cartoon is considered as the begining of Mickey Mouse and her girlfriend Minnie.

This animated short film was considered as the film marking the Mickey’s Mouse birth and also the first cartoon with synchronized sound. We must know that at this time it was still the first beginnings of cartoon.

Disney was also knew for his others animated short films like Alice Comedies, Osawald the Lucky Rabbit, Silly Symphonies and of course his animated full-length movies whose the first was Snow White and The Seven Dwarfs in 1937, Pinocchio, ect…

The Red Violin

The Red Violin is an italian-english-canadian drama film directed by François Girard. The story talks about a violinmaker called Nicolo Busotti who finished a violin in 1681. He intends to give this violin to his son who will be born. Unfortunately, his wife Anna dies with the baby during labour. Nicolo falls into a deep sadness and  decides  to varnish his violin with the blood of his dead wife. Thus, the soul of his wife will accompany the destiny of this instrument. During all the film, the violin travels through time from hand to hand to various musicians. Thereafter, in 1997, the violin will be to put up for auction in a company in Montréal. I find it’s a great film with an interesting story and good musical pièces.

Exit Through the Gift Shop ( Banksy)

I’m going to talk about Exit Through the gift Shop that is a documentary film concerning the street art, urban art in America. It’s a Banksy’s film, the famous english anonymous street artist whose nobody has seen his face. He mainly makes stencils we can see on the numerous walls of American’s streets. The film tells the story of Thierry Guetta a frensh immigrant who lives in Los Angeles. He is very obsessed by street art. He presents hiself as being the Space Invader’s cousin, another famous street artist. Thierry Guetta spends his time to film what he does, he brings his camera everywhere. He feels like meeting Banksy, and finaly he is successful to meet him. Thereafter, Banksy encourages him to be a street artist too. Thus, Thierry Guetta becomes Mr. Brainwash. I really liked this film ! I like so msuh urban art, if you like it, I advice you to watch this film !

Norman Rockwell

As we mentioned him in class ,I’m going to talk about Norman Rockwell who was an American illustrator and painter born in 1894 in New York and died in 1978 in Massachusetts. More precisely, he was a figurative painter; he painted American life of the 20th century. From 1916 to 1960, he has illustrated the covers of magazine Saturday Evening Post, thank to that he became so famous. Concerning his studies, he went to the National Academy of design and then to the Art Students League of New York. In 1935, he illustrated the novels of Mark Twain, Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn ( as we saw in class ). In 1950s, he is considered as the most famous of American artists and moreover he realized some portraits of famous people. In fact, he belonged to hyperrealism movement. Also in 1960, he painted Triple Self-Portrait. This is one of my favourite paintings. I like so much what Norman Rockwell has done and his graphic style.

Triple Self-Portrait, 1960 :

The great Gatsby

The great Gatsby is an Australian American drama film directed by Baz Luhrmann in 2013. Starring Leonardo Di Caprio and Tobey Maguire.The story is based on Scott Fitzgerald’s 1925 novel.Nick Carraway is a young man aged thirteen who is Middle West. He leaves his region to work in New York in the field of finance. Then, he moves into a house next to Jay Gatsby. He is the main character. Nobody really knows him or his past.He often organises some parties at home. People like doing parties at Gatsby’s. They can listen to music (it’s the jazz period), drink (period of prohibition). It happens during the roaring twenties.

Animation on Pulp Fiction Soundtrack

I would like to show you a short animation that I did. I posted it on Youtube, you can watch that!

I like drawing and animation. So, I decided to begin my first short-animation. I began this project this summer. At the finally, I did 102 drawings concerning the violinist and 24 drawings for the woman who dances. Then, I realized a stop motion. In order that you understand how I did, I took in photo drawing by drawing. After, I made a montage with a simple software. In this clip, I used 852 pictures.
Concerning the music you are probably recognised that it’s the Pulp Fiction Soundtrack. It’s an American black comedy crime film realized by Quentin Tarantino and he also co-wrote the screenplay with Roger Avary in 1994, starring John Travolta, Samuel L. Jackson, Bruce Willis and Uma Thurman. The story mixes violence and humor that refers to pop culture. This film was much successful, it was awarded the Palme d’Or at the Cannes Films Festival in 1994. It was considered as a prime example of postmodern film.
So, I chose to use the soundtrack of this film. It inspired me to play this music on my electric violin to finish my project. I wanted to mix music and animation.
If you have some comments to do, don’t hesitate!

Cool World

I want to talk about an American animated fantasy film Cool World directed by Ralph Bakshi in 1992, starring Brad Pitt, Gabriel Byrne and Kim Basinger.
The story begins in 1945 at Las Vegas during the Second World War, Frank Harris (Brad Pitt) and his mother are ridding on a motorcycle, but suddenly they are knocked down by a car causing. This mother dies and Frank survives, then he is transported to Cool World. Many years later, Jack Deebs (Gabriel Byrne) who is the famous creator of the comic strip “cool world” is in jail because he had killed a man. Anytime the reality changes totally to transport him in the universe he has created. In fact, to understand, he is in a cartoon world. There, he meets Holli Wood (plays by the actress Kim Basinger when she is in the reality world), she attracts him and they become friends, then they go together in the real world.He meets too Frank Harris who is a detective for a long time in this universe, unfortunately he is a prisoner in this world.
I enjoyed watching this film, and liked the graphic. I like cartoons or animated films and I find it’s a good idea when the films mix animation. If you like too watching cartoons, I advice this movie.

The Help by Tate Taylor

The Help is an America drama film starring Emma Stone, written and directed by Tate Taylor in 2011. It’s the film adaptation of Kathryn Stockett’s novel.
This story happens in 60’s  in a town in Mississippi. There is a white woman called Skeeter, she just finishes her studies of journalism and she would like to become writer. She is interested in black housemaid’s living conditions. She looks for positive or negative testimonies concerning them. At the time, these black women look after children’s education and housework. Subsequently, Skeeter meets Aibileen and Minny who are two black housemaids, one is insolent and the other obedient. She asks them to tell their story to make a book. But it’s choking to ask that because black people aren’t allowed to tell their experience, it’s a taboo subject. Then a friendship grows between these three women. Skeeter is totally different of the others, black and white can’t see.
Thanks to this story, the audience can feel what black people have undergone at this period of America. This film includes emotion, nonsense and caricatural points but also humor.
I saw this film some time ago and I find that it’s an interested story to show the state of mind of America concerning black people, even if nowadays there is still racism. Moreover, I find that this movie is pleasant to watch and the actors play well!

Invictus by Clint Eatswood

In English class, we saw Invictus by Clint Eastwood realised in 2009. The story happened in 1995, South Africa organised the World Cup Rugby. At this period Mandela began to be president of country. He staid 27 years in jail and he spent his life to struggle against apartheid. He thinks that thank to sport black and white people could be a national union. There is a team called Springboks, it’s a symbol for a long time of white people of South Africa ; “one team, one country”. White people govern apartheid. Mandela would change mentalities to make live the Rainbow nation.

As you like it, Shakespeare

In class, we read an extract of Shakespeare’s play As you like it. It’s a comedy written around 1598-1600, during the last years of Elizabeth’s reign. In our extract, there are two characters : Rosalind and Orlando. Rosalind is the daughter of Duke Senior, she disguises herself as a young man named Ganimede. As to Orlando, he is a younger brother of Oliver and we know that he falls in love with Rosalind. Into the passage, they are alone together in the forest.
Last Monday, we saw three video clips of this play. These three clips were totally different. The first extract was the oldest, the setting was very simple as the character’s costume. Moreover, the actors were away from each other during all the extract. Personally, I found that this adaptation theatrical was nothing special! Concerning to the second extract, the staging was better as the setting, the actors played well and their costume were really not bad! And to finish, the third extract was the most modern, the characters smock on stage and their costume are both well, the setting is more realistic. Among these three different representations, I preferred the second.

Alice in Wonderland

Last Monday, in class we saw the first film adaptation of Alice in Wonderland dating 1903. At the time, it was the cinema’s birth. I found that it was rather well done for the beginning of the 20th century. Otherwise, I’ve already seen Alice in Wonderland by Tim Burton dated back to 2009, I liked it. Moreover, Johnny Depp plays in this film and I like this actor.

The Island of Dr.Moreau

I want to present the Island of Dr.Moreau that is a novel of science fiction written by H-G Wells and published in 1896. This story talks about a crazy scientist called Dr. Moreau. He is obsessed about the vivisection and the blood transfusion. Montgomery is his assistant. Both men do several surgery interventions on many animals whose goal is that these animals can speak and think like humans. Edward Pendrick is the only survivor of a shipwreck and he meets Montgomery and Dr. Moreau.
This book makes me think about Dr.Jekyll & Mr.Hyde because in both stories there is a scientist who likes doing some amazing experiences.

Frankenstein or the Modern Prometheus by Mary Shelley

We read an extract of the Chapter 5 of Frankenstein written by Mary Shelley then we saw a film adaptation. The actor Robert De Niro played in this movie. I didn’t really like this film even if I like the story. Nevertheless I found that the actors had played well. Moreover I didn’t see the play of Frankenstein who took place on Monday, January 6th. If I had seen this play may be that I would have liked.