« Bridget Jones’s Diary » by Helen Fielding

I would  like to speak to you about the novel « Bridget Jones’s Diary » writing by Helen Fielding in 1996. Helen Fielding is a famous novelist in England which is especially known for the novel that I will speak to you. This novel is rather ironic, it tells the story of an unmarried young woman who works in a company newsletter. The main character, Bridget Jones, tells his story as if she wrote a diary. She seeks the prince charming who will change his life, his vision on itself and on the world.
This novel was adapted out of film by the English director Beeban Kidron who made film comic.

« Lord of the Flies » by The Simpson!

The episode 14 of season 9 of Simpson is inspired by the book “Lord of the Flies” of William Golding. The children find themselves abandoned on an island, Bart represents Ralph, Nelson represents Jack and Milhouse represents Piggy.

I leave you with an extract of the episode! If you are curious to see the episode, will know that it’s really quite carried out!!

« Billy Elliot » by Melvin Burgess

Billy Elliot is a little boy of England which dreams to become dancer. But his father wants that he plays like him, boxe. He will have to fight to become what he wants. It is a touching novel which explains us how is the society between parents and children in the 20th century in England.
There is a film adaptation of this book which exists.

Paddington, the bear of England.

The bear named Paddington is preferred English children, they learn how to read with to his literature. It’s very known in England and of the statutes of him exists everywhere in London.

A film is leave on the history this small bear, I leave you with the band of advertisement.

« Rampage » by Uwe Boll

Rampage, sniper in freedom is an action film canado-German, carried out by Uwe Boll, directly left in DVD in 2009. This film isn’t really at all known because it’s a film very disturbing for the government of America. And it’s even incredible which this film isn’t censured!! I wanted to speak to you about it because I find this subject rather interesting. Brendan Fletcher plays the main role perfectly, it plays a man very disturbed who is completely against the society, against American lifestyle etc. It’s a film which almost wants to be shock like documentary with images of files, which denounces that one is of agreement or not with the ideas of the character. It’s not a film which wants to be implicit!
Then if you are not afraid of the firearms and that you like the action, and the denunciation; don’t hesitate to look this film !

Playing for change

Playing for Change is a musical project which puts in scene musicians of the whole world to diffuse a message of peace. The Foundation Playing for Change is an organization intended for the development of music schools throughout the world. In 2008, a first music school is created in the suburbs of Cape Town, in South Africa. In 2010 two built and opened music schools: The Music school and of Dance Bizung in Ghana, The Music school in Mali. The Foundation Playing for Change develops also educational programs in Nepal and Rwanda in collaboration with other organizations.
I particularly like this foundation, you can only smile by seeing their videos. I really hope that you will have time to go to see them! And that you will like!! They have an official site, don’t hesitate to go to see!! Their songs are always very original mixing the origins of each one, of the instruments which we don’t have the practice to hear in France.

I leave you with a recovery of Bob Marley “One love” Good listening! and especially leave a comment to say to us what think you 🙂

PS : Sometimes, of the known musicians unite with them, then look at the vidéos well!!!

The last « Hobbit » !

The last “Hobbit” named “The Battle off the Five Armies” arrives finally, before Christmas! On December 10 exactly!! I’m really excited because it one of my favourite trilogies! It mixes as well the fantastic, as the adventure and too the action!

The Hobbit is a saga carried out by Peter Jackson, inspired by the novel “the Hobbit” of the British writer John Ronald Reuel Tolkien

Before last film of the « Hobbit » had stopped when Thorin and the Dwarves, helped by Bilbon the Hobbit, succeeded in recovering their kingdom and their treasure on the solitary mountain. But they also awoke the Smaug dragon. What you it then will occur? I leave you with the band of advertisement of next film!!

« Blowin’ in the Wind » by Bob Dylan

Robert Allen Zimmermann (alias Bob Dylan) is an author, type-setter, interprets, musician, painter and American poet from the XX century. He has been one of the major figures of the popular music for five decades. He has several kinds musical like the rock’n’roll, the folk, the blues, the country and the country rock’n’roll. Bob Dylan plays also several instruments: the guitar, the harmonica, the bass and the piano.

I chose to speak to you about his song “Blowin’ in the Wind” because it is one of the major songs of Bob Dylan. It’s a protest song. Bob Dylan is like a spiritual guide of the movement of the civic rights.

I think that everyone should know this music because it’s very important but also beautiful at the same time. I propose to you a video, don’t be missed!

« This is England » by Shane Meadows

I chose to present the film « This is England« .
« This is England » is a British film directed and written by Shane Meadows in 2006.
This film presents the story of Shaun, a young boy who befriends a group of skinheads from a culture that appears in the late 70s. They teach him how to dress and think like them (Dr Martens boots, jeans and shirt).
The film also shows the birth of a new england skinhead culture, which promotes Nazism, racism and fascism. The group will then separate because they have different opinions about this new culture
I loved this movie because I love the English punk this period and this film has very good culture movement.
I recommend it because it is a very interesting period in England!

« Good Morning England » by Richard Curtis

“Good Morning England” is a comedy germano-franco-British carried out and written by Richard Curtis in 2009.
The film is inspired by the true story of Radio Caroline, a boat anchored to the limit of British territorial water to face the interdict issued by the authorities to prevent the free radios from emitting. This film tells the life of a crew of Djs which diffuse of Rock’n’roll and of the pop music in the United Kingdom.

I liked much this film first of all for his originality, it is very humorous. Moreover, I like much the music rock’n’roll of the Sixties!! So, if you are like me, I advise it to you!!!

London – Piccadilly

    Piccadilly is a major London street which runs from Hyde Park Corner to Piccadilly Circus. I chose to present this place because I visited it the last holidays and I liked much !
This street is very busy with a lot of tourism because there are many famous shops and as it goes to Buckingham Palace. The place of Piccadilly is very famous for its establishments with the mode at the XIX century. There are the Criterion theatre, the old ballroom of London Trocadero and London Pavilion (an music-hall) which are now transformed into a shopping mall.
Its name comes from « picadils » which is the name of a jacket collar which made ??the reputation of an English tailor.
    If you have opportunity of going to London I advise you this beautiful place.

Mike Hill : The Maker of monsters!

Mike Hill is an artist and a portrait sculptor. He appreciates, in particular, the horror genre, but he also ventures into the world of Comic Books, Superheroes, etc. It created several sculpture as by example that of Regan McNeil, Quasimodo, Superman and the subject which we treat in this moment: the Monster of Frankenstein. I join you some impressive pictures.


Don’t hesitate to give your impressions over these pictures.