Sherlock Holmes « CRIME ALLEYS »

Not long ago I have read Sherlock Holmes Crime alleys written by Sylvain Cordurié.

The story takes place in 1876, Sherlock Holmes was spent his time to solve inquiries. He will meet his largest ennemy when his flatmate will be removed, his name is Moriartry….

I appreciate this kind of comic because it’s suspensful and we can’t get loose of the story when we have started. In this comic, drawings are precises and crowded of details, that returns the story more and more interesting through the pages.


Saga is a serie of comics strips written by  Brian K. Vaughan, designed by Fiona Staples. Alana and Marko are falling in love but there are alien and their different sort of alien are ennemy. the story is inspried of the famous saga « star wars ». The couple has got a baby which name is Hazel, this baby is a sign of hope for fight and conquer the « cosmos ».

I have loved this comics because the characters are charming and courageous, we could look into the story and identify the characters to us.

The Fault In Our Stars

The fault in our stars is a novel written by John Green, it was published in 2012. This novel was an international successful, it was in the head of the New York Times Best Seller list while seven weeks.

It’s a tragic story because two teenagers are affected by the cancer.

They loves a same novel so they going to Amsterdam to meet the writer, while the travel, they fall in love.

But at the end, the young man dies.

The Enchanted April

The Enchanted April is a novel written by Elizabeth Von Arnim, published in 1922, Lotty Wilkins find accidentally an announcement to a rent of a castle in Italie. She finds three joint tenants for share this castle : Mrs Rose Arbuthnot a dependent woman of her husband, Mrs Fisher an old rich woman and Lady Caroline who wants go away of her close friends.

This novel tell about the adventures of these four woman who do not know each other and will have to live together. Each of them avoid different persons for different reason, she avoid aslo their everyday life…

happy birthday

it’s a novel written by Danieelle Steel. She explain the life of a woman and her daughter who are born as the same day. April, the daughter, has got a restaurant in New York and she is 30, she hasn’t married and baby. One day, a man went in her restaurant and they have a relation. They heva a baby bus the man disappear. April’s mother meet a famous man and she decided to married with him. At the end, April and the baby’s father will be married to.

ten little niggers

Hi everybody,

I’m going to speak about a novel entitled ten little niggers written by Agatha Christie.
This novel talk about ten characters are invited in the famous niggers island where was bought a wonderful house. But the characters are murder one by one describe by a mystery song.
But the last characters discover that the murder is one of them.
I think it’s an intersting novel because the story is very mastered by the author.
We discover the story in the same time of the characters.