Madoc by Robert Southey

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I’ll talk to you about a forgotten poem (or almost).

Foremost, who is Robert Southey ?

Robert Southey (1774-1843) is the indefatigable writer of literary period to which it belongs. Besides a large number of small pieces, he composed a series of epic poems today strong forgotten, but that earned him the office of poet laureate.

Then, from what speaks this poem?

Madoc is an 1805 epic poem composed by Robert Southey. It is based on the legend of Madoc, a supposed Welsh prince. Southey finally completed the poem as a whole in 1799, at the age of 25. It was finally published in two volumes in 1805 by the London publisher Longman with extensive footnotes.                                                                                         The story tells about  Madoc, a young Welsh nobleman, whose family breaks down into a series of bloody disputes over royal succession. Madoc, unwilling to participate in the struggle, decides to journey to America to start a new life. When he arrived in America, he met many Aztecs and decides to convert them to Christianity. Then he come back into his country to find more recruits for his new colony. But when he come back in America Madoc returns to find that the Aztecs have returned to their human sacrifices. After long and bloody warfare, Madoc is able to defeat the Aztecs and exile them. (yey! ^^’)

I hope that this lil explaination has interested you to read other Southey’s works !

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Joyland by Stephen King

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I have chosen to talk about Joyland, a best seller signed Stephen King. He is an american born on 21 September 1947. Stephen King write again nowadays. This book was published on 4 June 2013 in the United States of America and on 30 April 2014 in Paris.

On the front cover, there is this sentence:

« Who dares enter the FUNHOUSE OF FEAR? »

PS : If you are sacred of clowns, just one word : Flee !!!


Hi everyone !

I’m going to speak about Hamlet a great tragedy written by Shakespeare. This work was written between 1599 and 1602 when Queen Elisabeth 1st was alive.

Hamlet is the main character of this theater play, he is the Prince of Denmark, we have as well his father (a ghost) and the uncle (Claudius). Shakespeare is also appears to be inspired by the Danish historian Saxo Grammaticus’s medieval Scandinavian tale called Gesta Danorum or Historia Danica of choice.

I like this story because tragedy is the root of the actual horror story in cinema and in litterature. It’s very moving and malicious at the same time. Hamlet play the role of mental patient in the play of this tragedy for make his uncle believe that he is not bright, and kills him for revenge his father ! So cool !

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Romeo and Juliet

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I’m going to speak about the great story of love : Romeo and Juliet ! This story was written by Shakespeare in 1595 or in 1596. It’s a romantic tragedy, a beautiful romantic tragedy.

Romeo and Juliet are the mighty lovers in this story, a lot of people knows this relationship. The mighty lovers are teenagers, their families hates theirselves and a feud breaks out. Shakespeare is also appears to be inspired by the Arthur Brook’s poem (3.000 lines narratives) called The Tragical History of Romeus and Juliet written in 1562.

I like this story. This work is very interesting because we have a beautiful love story between hatred and pressures of family. Although murders and the tragic end it’s a great story full of love and honour.

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